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On a bright and beautiful day on the Island of Harmony, school has just ended and the start of another free weekend has begun. For most of the little ponies that attend, they have their own plans for the next few days. However, one little princess named Starlight was invited the other day by her best friend Candy Apple to spend the weekend at her home of Applelulu, the great farming community of the northern part of the island.

    Thrilled that she will be having a sleepover at her best friend's place, not to mention this will be the first time the little alicorn princess will be setting hoof outside the city, Starlight packed her bag and after school gets out, she joins Candy and her mother Cheerilee as they board the carriage bound for the north. Oath Sworn also joins, as per her duty to protect the little princess at all times.

    The two stallions that are tasked with pulling the small carriage that carries the two fillies and two mare, start so and make their way north toward the great golden gate...and out into the wide, open island filled whatever the young princess will soon see. To her, this will be as exciting as her first day at school.


    "This is so exciting!!!" Starlight admits in a clear, but excited tone, "This is the first time I'm going to see the outside of the city!!" The little pink alicorn looks all around as the carriage moves off the golden road and onto the gravel path before them.

    "Eeyup! Ahm as excited as you are, Star. It's gonna be nice havin ya stayin with me and mah family at Applelulu!" Candy expresses to her best friend, before turning to her mother, "Tanks again momma, fer lettin Starlight stay da weekend with me."

    Starlight remembers her manners and turns to Mrs. Cheerilee Apple, "Oh yes, thank you so much for inviting me, Mrs. Apple."

    Cheerilee smiles and gives a polite nod to them, "You are both quite welcome."

    Oath Sworn smiles and is proud that her favorite little filly remembered to thank the Apples for inviting them for the weekend at their farm, "Thank you as well, Mrs. Apple, for letting me come too."

    "But of course, Oath. You are as much welcomed as any other friend of our family."

    The young guard appreciates the kindness shown here and hopes that both she and Starlight will enjoy their weekend together.

    "Although, I really wish Mommy and Daddy could come too..." Starlight confesses sadly.

    "Me too, Starlight...but an important meeting came up and they have to attend," Oath explains, but then cheers her up, "But dont worry; They said they will come visit tomorrow and spend some time with you before heading home."

   That cheers Starlight up a little, and knows that her parents are always good on their word, "Yeah."

   Oath lets Starlight relax next to her as the carriage continues to roll on down the road toward Applelulu. Candy rests alongside her mother and cannot wait to show her best friend around her home...once they arrive in the next hour or two.


    After around an hour and a half of traveling on the gravel road, passing by many trees and others passing carriages, the Apples and their guests finally at the entrance to northern community of Tambelon Island. Starlight is in awe as she and the others pass under the brown entry arch where the sign that reads "Welcome to Applelulu" hangs. But now, what Starlight sees next astounds her even greater.

    "By the Light...this...this is..." She is speechless as she now sees before her a large settlement of lovely cottages, big red barns, and stables where most of the animals are kept. To Starlight, this is something she has only heard about in pictures books she has looked at within her parent's library...but never has the little alicorn actually seen a real farmland like this, " beautiful."

    "I am so happy to hear you think so, Starlight," Cheerilee expresses, "This has been my home, as much as Candy's, for some years now. I am truly proud to be apart of the Apple family."

    "As am I! Eeyup!" Candy proudly states along with her mother.

    Starlight smiles and cannot wait to see whatever this beautiful place has in store.

    As the carriage comes to a full stop in the center of the town, the two mares step off, while helping their little ones out as well. Shorty after, the stallions pull the carriage away to park it, leaving the group to walk into the village...where the busy folk of Applelulu wander about.

    "Wow..." Starlight mutters in awe. Much of this place is like home, but different. It not only interests her further, but confuses her a little. She sees no guards, nothing big or fancy like what she is use to seeing. This whole place is...strange to her.

    "You alright, Star?" Candy asks when she notices the confused look on the little alicorn's face.

    "Huh? Oh...well..." Starlight does not know what to say on what she has seen so far. But before she can, an orange coated mare walks up to the group to welcome them.

    "Well howdy dere, Apple Family!" The beautiful mare with the flowing blond mane greets as she tips her brown hat, "Glad ta have ya'll home!"

    Candy smiles and hugs the mare before her, who is undoubtedly a member of her family, "Howdy, Aunt Applejack!"

    "Howdy ta you to, sugarcube," Applejack hugs her favorite niece, "So, did ya'll have a nice ride home?"

    "Eeyup!" Candy answers proudly.

    Applejack smiles and is proud to be the aunt of the daughter of her brother, Big Macintosh Apple. The honest earth pony turns to Cheerilee and hugs her too, "Glad ta have ya home as always, Cheerilee."

    "Thank you, Applejack," The cheerful schoolteacher expresses, "It's always nice to have you here to greet us when we come home everyday."

    "Dats what we Apples do. Yee-Haw!!" Applejack woots as she tosses her hat up into the air a bit, and catching it on the way down. She then notices the other two alongside Cheerilee and Candy, "Oh, where are mah manners. Welcome ta Applelulu!"

    Oath Sworn bows her head properly and smiles, "Thank you so much, Ms. Applejack."

    Applejack chuckles a bit, "Ah shucks. No need ta be so formal here. Just Applejack is fine with me."

    Oath understands and tries again, "Alright. Thank you for the wonderful welcome, Applejack." She smiles once more, then looks to Starlight, hoping she will thank her as well.

    Starlight notices the look on Oath's face and turns to the other mare before her, "Thank you very much for allowing me to stay for the weekend, Ms. Applejack." He bows her head a little, wanting to show her best manners.

    Applejack smiles and assures the little princess that it is nothing, "Not a problem, sugarcube! Although it was mah brother dat allowed it, since he is da Head Farmer of Applelulu round here." She informs them, then quickly adds, "Oh and of course it is Cheerilee's decision too."

    The sweet light purple mare nods and smiles, grateful that her sister-in-law remembers that she has a say around this place too, since she is Big Macintosh's wife.

    "Well...thank you again. I really appreciate it..." Starlight shows her gratitude once again.

    "Think nothin of it, Starlight. You are my best friend's daughter, so allow me to give ya da grand tour of our "home on da range!" Applejack proudly declares, and starts walking into town to give them the tour.

    Starlight and Candy rush on ahead to catch up with Applejack, while Cheerilee and Oath walk together, with the later carrying the small bag of her little sister figure.

    As the group of five ponies walk on through the town of Applelulu, the little princess witnesses so much already: Ponies of all ages and sizes walking about and playing around. Some are even hauling carts loaded with haystacks and other fruits and vegetables.

    "So, dis here is our home sweet home...away from home if yer from Equestria," Applejack makes a small joke, which earns her a few giggles from the group she guides, "We built dis here place up from da ground in only a years time!"

    "Only that long?" Starlight asks, completely surprised.

    "Eeyup!" Candy confirms, "Mah mama, papa and da rest of mah family built it from scratch...and all before Ah was born!"


    "Darn right!" Applejack reveals, "Right as we finished, mah big brother Big Mac and Cheerilee here were blessed when they gave birth to the very first foal born in dis here paradise we built." She rubs the head of her little niece, referring to her.

    "Aww, tanks Aunt Applejack..." The little pink earth filly blushes.

    "Wow..." Princess Starlight is once again in awe, "That is an amazing story."

    "Ahm glad ya liked it, sugarcube~" Applejack thanks, "There'll be plenty more where dat came from soon enough. But fer now, let us continue on with da tour."

    They all nod and resume with their tour before they would arrive at Candy's cottage.

    Applejack leads them further into town, where more of the townsfolk, pony and otherwise, are enjoying some fine, delicious apple cider and some good old country music to raise their spirits to take their minds off the hard work that everypony must do to help keep the town flowing.

    Dancing among the others were two familiar mares: One is a yellow coated teenage mare with red hair. She is wearing a pretty red bow and hat, and has a cutie mark of a fancy apple. The other is an elder green mare, who has a pie for a cutie mark. They continue to dance with their friends and relatives, until Applejack calls their names out...

    "Applebloom! Granny Smith! They're Baaaaaaack~"

    Hearing the call, the teenage mare and her grandma move out of the dancing circle and rush on over to greet their family and guests.

    "Glad ta have ya back, Mrs. Cheerilee," Applebloom gives a warm "welcome home" hug to her former teacher-now-sister-in-law.

    "Thank you, Applebloom," The wife of the Head Farmer hugs her back, but says, "You know, you can just call me Cheerilee now."

    Applebloom has been asked this before many times over, but for her and her best friends, it is hard to do so, "Sorry, Mrs. Cheerilee. I've been so use ta callin ya dat, It's hard not ta."

    The pink maned mare with the happy flower cutie marks understand and returns to hugging her former student whom she helped get to where she is today.

    "Glad ta have ya both back," Granny Smith says as she feels the urge to continue dancing, "Now dat you and my great-granddaughter are back, how abouts we shake our tails n' get dis here party goin'!"

    Candy wishes to join in and show Starlight how they celebrate around her hometown, but Cheerilee sadly informs them otherwise, "We'd love to, Granny Smith...but it is getting late and we have to get home in time for dinner, and later get the girls in bed."

    "Awww..." Candy fusses a little.

    Starlight feels a little saddened too; The way the ponies over yonder are dancing to the music played by others is something she has never seen before...and it makes her want to learn more about it.

    "We can tomorrow, Candy," The caring, but responsible mother reassures her daughter, "Right now, let us get home and see your father."

    "Yes, mama." Candy obeys and says goodnight to her family, giving her Great-Granny Smith and Aunt Applejack and Applebloon a hug, "A'll see ya'll tomorrow!"

    "Nighty-nite youngin'!" Granny Smith bids goodnight to her great-granddaughter and returns to the party, "Now lets dance, Apple Family!" 

    Applejack, Applebloom, and Cheerilee all giggle when they see the elder mare so full of energy and joy, "Ever since she had her hips, and a few others, replaced...Granny Smith has been so full of life," Cheerilee mentions.

    "Darn tootin!" Applejack agrees, "I remember da days she could barely do anythin...but now she looks as though she is thirty years younger."

    "A'd say forty," Applebloom giggles.

    The three mares do have to agree with that and share a hearty chuckle before they would part ways for the day and return home to enjoy a delicious meal before bed.


    Arriving at the great farm house that resides in the middle of Applelulu, Candy smiles and runs up to the porch where a big red stallion, with a piece of wheat in his mouth, is awaiting for the return of his wife and daughter. Once he sees his little pink filly running up, he hops out of his chair and opens his front legs for her.

    "Papa!!" Candy cries as she embraces her strong, loving father, "We're home!"

    "Eeyup~" He replies happily as he hugs his precious daughter. He then smiles when his wife walks up to him and kisses his cheek, causing his cheeks to turn redder than all the apples in Applelulu, "Welcome home, pumpkin pie~"

    "Thank you, sugarbear~" Cheerilee coos at her handsome stallion while nuzzling his cheek.

    Starlight watches the three hug and is so happy that Candy has such a loving family like her...even though their way of life is so much different than hers from what she has seen thus far.

    "Schmoopy...our guest, Starlight, is here~" Cheerilee informs her husband, referring to little filly there have brought with them.

    Big Macintosh Apple smiles and greets the little one that he once saw long ago when she was very young. He is surprised to see how much she has grown the same as his daughter, "Welcome ta Applelulu!" 

    Starlight smiles and replies back properly, "Thank you, Mr. Apple."

    He gives a polite nod in return and hopes that the best friend of his little filly will have a fun and joyous time here in his hometown that he helps run as the Head Farmer.

    "So, can we have dinner now, papa?" Candy asks as he belly rumbles a little.

    "Eeyup!" He replies, opening the door to allow the ladies all inside.

    Candy and Starlight rush on in with Cheerilee following behind them slowly. Oath Sworn follows in shortly after.

    "Thank you, sweetie pie~" The loving wife thanks her kind gentlecolt as she walks on inside the house.

    "Thank you, sir," The protective bodyguard expresses.

    With all the ladies inside, Big Mac enters last, shuts the main door along with the screen door, and heads into the kitchen with his wife to help prepare a delicious meal for their family and guests. 


    As the day slowly draws into the night, the Apple Family gather around the table and sit in their own chairs. Starlight and Oath are given the chairs that the other family members use when they come over for dinner at least once a week. As they all sit at the table, Cheerilee and Big set the plates out and serve a nice loaf of warm apple bread, along with some fresh vegetable salad, mashed potatoes, and a nice glass of apple cider.

    "Wow. It all looks really good," Oath Sworn admits.

    Candy takes a wiff of the aroma coming from the meal before her and sighs contently, "It smells so good, mama."

    Starlight takes a bite into her apple bread and even though she has had something similar to this back home, it taste so amazing, "Wow...this is so delicious!" 

    "Why thank you everypony," Cheerilee appreciates her guest admiring her cooking. This proud wife and mother knows much more than just teaching, and she is always happy to have others compliment her cooking, "I spent some weeks perfecting my own recipe for Apple Bread...but I hope it came out just right." She turns to her husband and asks if he likes this new recipe, "Do you like it, dear?"

    "Mmmmm...EEYUP~" Big Macintosh answers as he admires the taste of his wife's delicious he always does.

    "Awww...thank you, sugarbear~" She gives him a big kiss on his cheek and sits at the table next to him.

    With that, the group of family and friend all enjoy a nice, hot meal while conversing on whatever comes to their minds...and hope to get to dessert soon.

    "I can't wait fer tomorrow, Starlight!" Candy excitingly informs her best friend sitting across the table from her, "A'm gonna show ya mah favorite hangout dat no otha pony knows about; I'll even show ya where we grow our best apple trees, and later we can even-"

    "Candy, thing at a time," Cheerilee interrupts, letting her daughter know not to get ahead of herself, "Besides, let's not forget you still have a few chores to do tomorrow."

    "What?! But mama-"

   "Candy..." Big Mac snaps when his daughter tries to argue.

    Candy quickly remembers the rules of this house and family, and with her ears hanging low, she nods slowly, "Yes mama..."

    Cheerilee smiles and is happy to have her husband always here to support her in raising their daughter, and teach her proper manners...especially in front of guests and friends, "That's my girl. Just remember: The sooner you get your chores done, the sooner you and Starlight can play."

    Candy nods and wants to spend time with her friend, but she cannot ignore her daily chores for fear of getting more as punishment. She continues to eat and plans tomorrow to get them done quickly.

    The others resume eating and try to put this little almost-family-argument behind them...and get ready for some tasty apple pie.


    Around the fillies bedtime, Candy is tucked in bed by her father and mother. Starlight sleeps in a small floor bed that was prepared for her, and the two parents tuck her in as well.

    "Goodnight, my little ponies~" Cheerilee whispers as she turns out the lights.

    "Eeyup~" Macintosh Apple whispers as he and his wife close the door behind them.

    As the two fillies lie in bed in the dark, with only the brightness of the moon and stars shining into the bedroom window like la flashlight on low batteries, Starlight whispers to her friend, "Hey Candy?"


   "Are you alright?"

    The little earth filly sighs, but answers truthfully, "Ah dont know, honestly. Ah really wanted ta show ya around tomorrow...but Ah do have chores that need gettin' done."

    Starlight feels a little bad for her best friend, but then thinks up of an idea that can work both ways, "Would it be alright if..."

   "If wha?"

   "...if I gave you a helping hoof on your chores tomorrow?" Starlight finishes, and awaits Candy's answer.

   "Ya...ya really mean it, Star?" Candy questions, seeing if what she says is true.

    "Yes. You are my best friend. I will gladly help out...that way we can still have some fun, and you can show me around."

    Candy Apple smiles and says, "Wow, Starlight. Yer a really good friend. Thank ya so much."

    Starlight smiles and says, "You're Welcome, best friend."

    The two smile and before they can continue talking, a knock is heard from the bedroom door, "Lights out means "no talking" you two..." Cheerilee informs her daughter and guest.

    The two fall back into their beds, cover their heads, and try to go to sleep. Cheerilee smiles once it is quiet again and walks off, to join her husband and Oath in the den for a nice chat before bed.

    As the two fillies drift off to sleep, they look forward to a wonderful day tomorrow...even if it will begin with chores.


    Dawn is finally approaching; The sun begins to rise over the horizon, bring forth a bright and glorious morning for the town of Applelulu and the rest of the Island of Tambelon.

    Although it is still early, the few roosters all over the farms stand upon their perches and clear their throats. Then, after taking in a deep breath, the early birds crow high into the sky...signalling all to arise and start the day anew as always.

    "AAAGGHH!!!" Starlight shrieks when the rooster next to the house crows so loud it makes her jump out of bed and fall onto the floor. She falls into a daze from the hard landing, and sees stars...and wishes they were real and it was still night, "...ugh..."

    "Mornin, Star!" Candy greets as she yawns and hops out of bed, "Ready ta start the day?"

    The princess rises back up and shakes the daze off. She looks at the clock on Candy's end table and gasps when she sees it is: "6:00? It's so early..."

    "Eeyup. That's the way we do thing 'round here," She informs her best friend, "Now come on. Mama and Papa should have breakfast ready...then we can get to da chores before we can play!"

    Starlight yawns and follows the slightly taller filly to the kitchen, where a nice heavenly smell of fresh baked apple muffins, along with some warm oatmeal, await them.


    After breakfast comes to an end, both Starlight and Candy rush on outside the house and to the barn nearby. It is now time for these little ones to get the chores done so they can have the rest of the day to play.

    "So, what exactly are we going to do?" Starlight asks as they enter the big red barn that is filled with piles of haystacks, some farming tools, and other things that the little princess does not know of.

    "We're gonna be feedin da pigs," Candy answers as she grabs an empty bucket with her teeth, "Fwowo we..."

    Starlight nods as she follows and watches as Candy scoops the bucket into a trough and then carries it over to the pig pen nearby, and pours the stuff on into the trough there. She then walks back to repeat the process, "So...this is how you feed pigs?" 

   Candy puts down the bucket for a moment then replies, "Eeyup. It's mah daily chore 'round here."

   "Can I help?"

   Candy is not sure what to think. Although she appreciates the assistance, Starlight is smaller and probably not as strong as her, "Ya don't have to if ya don't want to..."

   Pleeeeeeeeease. I said I would help~"

   Candy smiles and decides to give her a shot, "All right den."

   Starlight smiles big and then picks up the nearest empty bucket with her mouth.

   "Uh, Star...can't ya use yer magic ta do dat?"

   She puts the bucket down and shakes her head, "My magic is not fully developed yet. Even though my mother is a very powerful magic caster, my father has no magic. So...right now, i'm kinda in the middle."

   Candy understands, "Alright. Well come on, lets get to dis."

   Starlight nods, picks up the bucket with her mouth again, and does the same thing Candy does: Filling it with the pig's breakfast and carrying it to their trough.

    For the next ten minutes, Candy easily fills the trough, returns to refill the bucket, and carries it back to empty it. Since she has done this for some time now, this is easy. However, she notices Starlight having trouble carrying the bucket since it is so heavy to her; Starlight is a smaller pony than Candy.

    "Need some help?" The filly with the pink bow in her mane asks the struggling filly.

    Starlight sets the bucket down and catches her breath, "Its...*pants* heavy..."

    Candy nods and picks it up easily and carries it to the trough to finish filling it. Afterward, the pigs continue to eat the rest of it as Candy sets the bucket down and returns to her best friend, "Ah guess it was too much fer ya, huh?"

    Starlight wipes the small sweat off her forehead and sighs, "I'm sorry..."

    "Fer what?"

    "I just...I'm just not strong enough..." Starlight admits sadly.

    "Ahh, think nothin of it, Star," Candy tries to cheer her up, "Dis is somethin A've been doin fer a long time now. Even Ah had trouble on my first day."

    Starlight understands a little.

    "Come on, why don't we go do mah last chore, which is much easier den dis?"

    Starlight smiles and takes Candy's word for it. She still feels a little tired from the attempts at carrying a full bucket of pig slop, but can still walk, "So what is it?"

    "Well, mah Aunts Applejack and Applebloom are down in da apple fields, bucking and harvesting apples. Ah have to give dem a helpin hoof,  so would ya like ta see da heart of our entire plantation?"

    Starlight smiles and finds that idea to be far more interesting than feeding pigs, "I think that sounds like fun!"

    "Alright! Let's go den!" Candy insists with much excitement. 

    With that, the two head out of the barn and on into the Apple orchards that reside not too far from there. Oath goes with them to make sure the Princess and her friend are kept safe.


    Arriving out in the apple orchard, where over hundreds of apple trees stand filled with delicious apples of different varieties, Starlight and Candy see the two Apple sister working hard in the fields, bucking apples from one tree to the next; Together, they make a great team that no other pony can compare with.

    "Well howdy, Candy!" Applejack greets her niece, "Howdy ta you too, Starlight!"

    "Hi!" Both fillies return the greeting with their own at the same time.

    "Howdy ta ya too, Oath." Applebloom greets the Royal Bodyguard.

    "Thank you, Applebloom," The protective unicorn guard appreciates the warm welcome.

    "So...what brings ya'll out here? I know Candy has ta help us, but what about you, Starlight?" Applejack asks with curiosity.

    "Well, she wanted to show me the fields where the apples grow...and maybe lend a hoof if I can," Starlight answers, hoping that this time the chore will be easier.

    "Why of course, sugarcube~" Applejack approves, "Da two of ya'll can work together ta help pick up da rotten apples lyin all about. Deir gettin crispier dan Granny Smith's Apple fritter on a hot summers day!"

    "Alright, I think I can do that," Starlight guesses as she joins her friend in picking up said rotten apples.

    "Well alright~" Applebloom says with a smile, "Just pick em up and put em in dat dere bucket and we'll take em away later on."

    "Alrighty, Aunt Applebloom~" Candy replies as she and Starlight get to work on a much easier task than the last.

    Oath joins in to give them a helping hoof, but only if the need is dire. So for now, she helps the mares around her age buck the trees and even levitates some apples out of the tree with her own magic...helping to make this apple harvest go that much quicker.

    After an hour or two, The three mares have gathered plenty of apples and the other farm ponies come by to retrieve them. They load them up onto their carts and haul them off into town where they can be cleaned up and readied to be shipped out across the island for all to enjoy.

    Candy and Starlight finish gathering as many rotten apples as possible. In the end, there is about a bucket full...which is not as much as one would think.

    "Wow...that was a little tiring work, but it was kinda fun," Starlight admits.

    "Eeyup. I usually have ta do it alone, but it was nice of ya ta help me out," Candy thanks her best friend with a pat on the back, "Thanks, Star."

    Starlight appreciates the kindness and smiles back.

    "Boy howdy, dat was quite a workout fer all of us," Applejack confesses as she wipes the sweat from her brow, "Its amazin how fast dese here apples grow. Its all tanks to da magic dat resides in da soil below our hooves."

    "There' the soil?" Starlight questions; Her interest greatly peeked.

    "Darn right!" Applebloom confirms the question, "Deres magic on dis here island, and its all around us."

    "Dats right, Applebloom!" Applejack agrees with her little teenage sister, "Deres much ta learn about dis here island dat your mother and father helped restore, Starlight."

    Starlight smiles and has been told much of the island, but there is still so much to be learned...especially from these amazing ponies of Applelulu that live in way that is so different than what the little princess has been use to, "Wow...I have a lot to learn."

    "Ya sure do, but right now we should be gettin back into town fer some lunch...because Ahm starvin!"

    "Eeyup! Same here!" Candy admits, feeling the need to have a sandwich or something.

    "Me too!" Starlight joins in, wanting to partake in a delicious meal.

    "Me three!" Oath giggles, wanting to take a break from her duty to have a snack.

    "And me four!" Applebloom admits.

    "Then what are we waitin fer? Let's head on back!" Applejack suggests proudly as she lifts her niece onto her back, while Applebloom does the same with Starlight.

    Together, the three mares gallop out of the orchard and back into town, with the two fillies riding along...enjoying the feel of the win in their faces from the speed of these fast ponies. But as they do, they hear trumpets being blown from within town, and go see what all the ruckus is.


    As the group arrives in the town square to see what the commotion is about, they become surprised when they see the Royal Carriage of Tambelon rolling into the center. This can only mean one thing:

    "My mommy and daddy are here!" Starlight says with much anticipated surprise.

    The Royal Guards that wear the royal silver and gold armor step off the carriage's top and stand before the carriage door, in proper form. They open the door for their beloved rulers.

    The entire town gasps and kneel before the two ponies that exit the carriage, and honor their town of Applelulu with their presence: Princess Twilight Sparkle and Prince Courageous Heart.

    As they exit to greet the kind and hard-working citizens of Applelulu, the proud parents smile when they see their daughter...along with their dear friends.

    "Mommy! Daddy!" Starlight shouts with joy as she runs up to embrace them.

    They hug her back and are so happy to see their daughter well, if not a little sweaty, "My goodness, Starlight. Have you been working or something?" Twilight asks.

    "A little," She answers with a big smile, "Candy and her family let me help them in the apple fields."

    "Oh? Is that so?" Courageous asks as he notices his friends approaching to kneel.

    Applejack, Applebloom, and Oath Sworn all kneel before their best friends and rulers of their home. Even Big Macintosh and Cheerilee show up in time and do the same. "Welcome, Your Majesties."

    Both Courageous and Twilight appreciate the warm welcome by all the ponies of this fine town. They allow them to rise so that they can speak freely, while the other townsfolk rise and listen.

    "It's always good ta see ya'll come ta visit us, Twilight and Courageous," Applejack proudly says, "Yer daughter and mah niece have been playin and workin together all afternoon."

    The parents are happy that their daughter and her best friend have been having a fun time before they got there. Twilight smiles at her own best friend, Applejack...then turns to her daughter and asks, "I hope you were on your best behavior, Starlight."

    "Yes, Mommy. I was." Princess Starlight says truthfully, "I have been having a great time since I got here. They also showed me around their home, cooked me some wonderful food made of apples and more, and they showed me what life is like around here. I have seen and learned so much...including an important lesson."

    "You have? Care to share, sweetie?"

    Starlight nods and speaks the lesson she has learned today, "Today, I learned an important lesson on Friendship: I have such wonderful friends, but to see how their way of life is within their own homes is just as exciting. I have seen so much here in Applelulu and have noticed how different it is from the life I know. is not all that different as I thought..."

    Everypony listen in as the little princess continues on.

    "This place and the ponies living in it are just like any other one may find: They work hard together, have such caring friends and family, and always find the time to have fun. matter how different a family, or the place they live in, may seem...there is always magic to be found here, just like Friendship."

    Once Starlight finishes the lesson, the entire town cry applaud by stomping their hooves and cheering for the little princes who will someday take the throne when she gets older.

    "We are so proud of you, Starlight. This lesson you have learned is an important one for all to learn," Courageous admits as he praises his little daughter.

    Twilight and the others are proud as well and praise her the same.

    "Boy howdy, that is something we could all learn," Applejack confesses then reveals, "Ahm mighty proud of ya, Starlight...just what A'd expect from a member of da Apple Family!"

    Starlight smiles but then seems a little confused, "Wait? What did you say? I' Apple?"

    Twilight stands by her daughter and tells her something she has not been told yet, "That is correct, Starlight. You see, Applejack and I have been friends for a long time. My friends and I were all welcomed into their family, as we welcomed them into our own."

    Courageous smiles and then tells his part, "As for myself, I was considered a member of the family LONG ago after spending time with the earth ponies of old...and the one stallion that was gifted with the magic of growing and harvesting apples like no other pony could: Appleseed, the first Apple."

    Starlight is astounded by both her father and mother's story of how they each came to be apart of this great and wonderful family of ponies, "Oh wow..."

    Candy is happy to hear that Starlight and her family are considered apart of her family, "Dis is so cool! But wait...if yer apart of da family...den dat must make you and I..."

    Starlight gasps and is thinking the same thing as Candy. The two then hug and scream excitingly:


    The two fillies never thought this could happen, but it is...and right now. It is just as Starlight admitted in the lesson: "Magic can be found in anyplace, just like Friendship."

    With Starlight now an official member of the Apple Family as her parents are, Applejack cues the band to start playing some fine music to start a celebration for this momentous event.

    "Come on, Apple Family! Let's get to it! "YEEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAWWWW!!!!"

    The band pick up their banjos, fiddles, and more and start the music; Courageous pulls out his flute that he happens to have with him, and joins the band.

    Every other pony grabs a partner and start to dance together. Candy and Starlight dance together, as Applejack and Twilight stand side by side. Soon, everypony cries out as they sing the song of their hometown of Appleulu:




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MLP: Apple for a Day by Courageous-of-Light

/ / / / ©2014-2016 Courageous-of-Light
Princess Starlight is invited to spend the weekend in Candy Apple's hometown of Appleulu. As the little alicorn admires much of what she sees in this farming community, so much of it is different from the way of life she is use to. Can Starlight come to understand the difference, as well as the similarities, of this wondrous place? Find out!

"Apples to the Core" Finale (I JUST LOVE THIS SONG :love:):…

MLP: Solving a Problem: courageous-of-light.deviantart…  MLP: Wings of Steal: courageous-of-light.deviantart…
MLP: TFIM Story Guide: courageous-of-light.deviantart…

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