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Within the apple orchard of Sweet Apple Acres, stood a little clubhouse nestled in the branches of a strong apple tree. This was the base of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who were dedicated to earning their cutie marks, as well as helping other young colts and fillies find theirs. At the moment, the four of them were having some fun around their clubhouse, trying to find their hidden talents:

Applebloom, the little sister of Applejack, was trying to come up with a new kind of meal with apples…but in the end, all she ended up with was applesauce.

Sweetie Belle, Rarity’s little sister, attempted to try playing a violin, which she borrowed from Granny Smith. However, her practicing was just making things worse, especially with her friends unable to stand the awful sounds coming from her playing.

Shammy Step, their newest member, tried her best to dance like her parents, but could not master the moves of a champion dancer like her father. The little green filly worried that she may never be like them.

With their current attempts to earn their cutie marks ending in a big bust, the three crossed off the ones they failed on their list, and were going to try with the next one: digging for buried treasure. Just then, they heard a voice call out “Duck” which made the three fillies hit the dirt. What they saw next, was an orange coated filly arriving on her scooter.

“What da hay was dat?!” Applebloom blurted out in question, after getting up and off of her fellow crusaders.

“Sorry, Applebloom. Didn’t want to run into you guys, when I was finishing the perfect landing of my awesome new move,” Scootaloo bragged as she removed her helmet.

“That was amazing!” Shammy praised with great enthusiasm, “How’d you manage to pull that off?”

“Easy…” She smiled and bragged once more, “I’ve had plenty of practice, and was taught a few tricks that only my sister, Rainbow Dash, teaches me…and no other pony.”

Shammy, Sweetie Belle, and Applebloom were impressed and were anxious to see what she had to show off; Since they were having no luck finding their cutie marks, perhaps Scootaloo could turn things around with her new moves.

“Show us, Scootaloo!” Sweetie Belle pleaded.

“Yeah!” Shammy and Applebloom joined in.

Smiling, Scootaloo placed her helmet back on and started up her wings, “Alright then!” She then pointed toward the trees up ahead, “Watch me, as I move through them all, while doing some awesome flips, turns, and more!”

“Yay!!” The girls cheered for their best friend.

Scoots looked straight ahead and grinned; She was ready to show her friends just what she could do. But for some reason, what she saw in front of her was starting to get a little blurry.

“What th-” She muttered as she squinted her eyes.

“You okay, Scoots?” Applebloom questioned her friend when she was acting strange.

Scootaloo cleared her throat as she stopped squinting, “Yeah…I’m cool. Just…uh…savoring the moment before I show you guys my new tricks.”

The little yellow filly nodded and moved back to stand by her friends. Together, they all watched as Scootaloo was preparing herself once more for her big performance. The little pegasus flapped her tiny wings, held on to the handlebars of her scooter, and bolted ahead very fast; She was ready to show her friends just what she could do.

However, once the first tree was coming up, where she needed to move around it, Scootaloo could not see it and assumed there was nothing there. She kept going forward…until she crashed into the apple tree. The girls gasped and ran quickly to their friend. Once they got there, they saw Scootaloo lying on the ground in a daze; She was not injured, but the impact still made her head spin.

“Are you okay, Scootaloo?!” Sweetie Belle asked, hoping her friend could hear her.

“Ugghhh…you’re…soooo…awesome…Rainbow…Brash…” Scoots muttered unintelligently.

“Yeah, she’s fine…” Applebloom reassured.

“We should help her up, and get some help,” Shammy suggested.

The other two agreed and together they carried Scootaloo to the picnic table, where they would let her recover from the crash.

“I’m gonna go get my sister; Applejack will wanna know what just happened,” Applebloom informed her friends. She galloped off towards the farm as fast as possible.

Shammy and Sweetie stayed by Scootaloo’s side, as she laid on the table, speaking gibberish while she slowly drifted off to sleep.


Scootaloo awoke a while later to see, or barely see, a few ponies looking down at her. She moaned and looked up at them.

“You alright, youngin?” Applejack asked once she saw the little filly has awoken.

Scootaloo turned towards the pony and nodded, “I think so, Applejack. I don’t know what happened when-”

“Uhh, Scootaloo…I’m over here…” Applejack informed.

Scoots turned and blushed nervously, “Oh…sorry…”

Applejack moved in a closer and could see something was off about her sister’s best friend, “If I didn’t know better, I say ya’ll can’t see in front of ya.”

Scootaloo jumped to her hooves once she heard that, and shook her head, “What?! I can too see!” She reassured, “I can see just fine-” Scootaloo tried to walk off the table, but did not see the edge and fell off…but luckily, Applejack caught her this time.

Upon setting her on the ground, Applejack shook her head, “I rest my case, Scootaloo. We need ta get Rainbow and go meet up with da eye doctor in town.”


Applejack gave her a quick glare, which the little orange filly was able to see and become silent, “I don’t wanna hear no “Buts” from any of ya’ll. We’re goin to da doctor, and dat is final!”

The cutie mark crusaders obeyed and did not argue with Applejack. They followed her back to the barn, where they would await for Rainbow Dash’s arrival…who was planning to pick Scootaloo up soon to take her out and have some fun.

After waiting at the barn for a while, Rainbow showed up as she promised and was ready to take her little sister with her. However, Applejack needed a moment to speak with her friend about what recently happened to Scootaloo: “What do you mean she crashed into a tree? I crash into things all the time…” She quickly added, “…on purpose I mean!”

Applejack shook her head, “Rainbow, this is serious! I think Scootaloo is havin’ trouble seein and may need ta see a doctor!”

“A doctor?!”

“Yeah, an eye doctor! I think she may be needin’ some glasses,” Applejack suggested.

Rainbow could not believe what she was hearing, and refused to hear anymore, “My sister DOES NOT need glasses!”

Scootaloo heard that and started to worry; to her and her sister, they were too cool to be wearing something as geeky as glasses. She hoped Rainbow would keep her from having to wear them.

“Rainbow…!” Applejack tried to argue.

“Forget it, AJ! Scootaloo was doing just fine the other day!” Rainbow defended her decision, “My sister was probably just not feeling well, but she will be back to normal in no time.”

Applejack had trouble agreeing with that, but hoped that was all that was wrong.

Rainbow then called for her sister and the two left, ready to go learn some new tricks before the day was over.

After they were gone, Applebloom walked up to her big sister, “Applejack, do ya think Scootaloo is gonna be alright?”

“I don’t know, Applebloom…but I sure hope so.” The mare and the three fillies with her all worried for their friend, but hoped that it would get better eventually.


Within the park of Ponyville, Rainbow Dash was explaining the details of a new trick that her sister, Scootaloo, could learn easily: “…and that is how you do, what I like to call, “The Rainbow Torpedo!”

Scootaloo was amazed and could not wait to try this out on her scooter; This new trick Rainbow created was made just for her sister to pull off.

“So, you ready, Scoots?!” Rainbow asked.

Scootaloo nodded and flapped her tiny wings as hard as possible. However, her vision was still the same as earlier; She tried to shake it off, not wanting to disappoint her sister, “I’m ready, sis!”

“Alright, then LET’ER RIP!!”

With that , Scootaloo took off and aimed for the ramp Rainbow set up a ways ahead. But with her vision acting up again, she had to squint to see where it was.

Rainbow followed Scootaloo as fast as possible, and noticed that she was heading for the ramp…but the edge of it; She was going to miss it and crash. “Scootaloo, Look out!!”

It was too late. Scootaloo hit the edge and went flying in the air; She screamed and pleaded for Rainbow to save her. The tomboyish pegasus flew out ahead and grabbed her just in time. They were both relieved that it didn’t end with a much bigger crash than earlier.

“Uhh…maybe we should hold off on practicing until you can see better,” Rainbow suggested as she placed her sister back on the ground, “Perhaps tomorrow would be a better time.”

Scootaloo agreed; She did not want to attempt another go, knowing she may crash again, “I think tomorrow would be best too.” Rainbow picked up her sister, along with the scooter, and took her home. Tomorrow, they would try again, so long as Scootaloo could see where she was going.


The next morning, Scootaloo was walking down the streets of Ponyville, ready to meet her friends at the club house. She wanted to ride her scooter, but after the events of the other day, she decided it was better to walk.

Her vision was still blurry, and she had to squint to barely see what was in front of her. But the little filly took one step at a time as she made her way towards Sweet Apple Acres.

Along the way, Scootaloo hopelessly bumped into many ponies, buffalo, and even objects. Each time made it that more difficult to move on, since she was getting dizzy from the impacts she felt.

After apologizing, twenty-something times, she continued on…only to bump into another pony that caused her to fall.

“What don’t you watch where you’re going, blank flank!” Yelled a familiar voice that put Scootaloo in a very uncomfortable situation.

“Well well well, if it isn’t one of the cutie mark crusaders…” the school bully Diamond Tiara announced to her best friend, Silver Spoon.

“Yeah, but I wonder what she is trying to earn her cutie mark in this time…?” Silver Spoon thought on it, then came up with something humiliating, “Is it…”walking around like a doofus?”

The two fillies laughed as Scootaloo got back up, “Hey! That is not what I was doing!”

“Oh no…?” Diamond Tiara questioned, “So tell me, why are you not ridding your little scooter like usual?”

“I…uh…it’s…getting it’s wheel fixed…uh…”

Diamond Tiara walked around her while Scootaloo tried to cover up why she was not riding her scooter. She noticed that Scootaloo had yet to turn and face her while she was stuttering, “I’m over here, blank flank!”

Scootaloo jumped and turned, but her gaze was a little off, “Don’t do that!”

Diamond grinned wickedly and laughed, “Hey, Silver Spoon, check it out. The blank flank can’t see me!”

Silver Spoon came over and noticed just in time that Scootaloo’s sight was off on both of them; This made them both mock her on the fact that she could not see well.

“I can too see you!” Scootaloo blurted with anger when she turned to where the laughing was coming from.

“Oh yeah, then how many pearls are on my new necklace?” Silver Spoon asked, taking it off and holding it out for Scootaloo to count; The necklace had ten pearls on it.

Scoots gulped and squinted, trying to see but was unable to from that distance. She attempted to move forward, but Diamond said, “No! Stay where you are and answer from there…” She grinned as she chuckled.

Scootaloo was unable to see the number of pearls and guessed, “Uhhh…thirteen?”

Once she said the wrong number, the two bullies fell over, laughing hard. This brought a blush to the embarrassed filly’s cheek.

“Stop…stop laughing at me…” She asked, almost feeling like crying.

The two stopped once they had enough and rose back on their hooves, “It must be embarrassing for a loser as you to not see. I mean, where are your glasses?” Diamond mocked.

“I don’t need them!” Scootaloo snapped.

Silver Spoon laughed and bragged, “You’re right…only the cool ponies wear glasses…not losers like you.”

Scootaloo held in her tears as best she could as the two fillies teased her and her inability to see properly.

“Well, it’s been a laugh, but us cool ponies have more important places to be than be around blind, blank flanks like you,” Diamond Tiara mocked as she and Silver Spoon turned their rears to Scootaloo and started to walk off.

“Just you wait!” Scootaloo blurted, “I can do fine without glasses! You’ll see!”

“Oh we already can…” Diamond mocked, “Too bad you can’t!!”

Scootaloo gasped at that insult as the two walked off, laughing. She tried to run after them, but tripped on a small rock that she did not see. The two mean fillies were soon gone and Scootaloo was left alone, unable to see where she was.


“Scootaloo, darling. What on earth are you doing lying in the dirt like that?” Asked a voice from nearby, which turned out to be Rarity.

Scootaloo got up quickly and tried to act cool, “Uh…nothing. I was just…you know…”

Rarity waited for the little filly to finish, but it seemed that was not going to happen, “You don’t need to lie to me, dear. Lying is never a proper thing.”

Scootaloo was about to defend said lie, but she knew it would do her no good at all, “I’m sorry, Rarity.”

“It’s quite alright, darling. Now please…tell me what is troubling you.”

Scootaloo sighed and explained the whole situation…right down to the last detail. As she did, Rarity listened well and could not help but giggle a little from it all, which made the little filly confused and a little sad.

“Oh…so you’re going to laugh at me too…just because I can’t see properly anymore…?” Scootaloo almost felt like crying again.

“Oh of course not, darling. What I find amusing is that you think glasses are uncouth, which they are not at all.”

“Rainbow Dash says they are unco…uncou…not cool at all,” Scootaloo repeated what her sister told her.

“Oh heavens Scootaloo, do you really think that yourself?” Rarity asked as she sat down next to her.

“Well…I guess…but I don’t want to wear them…”

“Now now, darling. There are many things in the world we do not wish to happen, but sometimes we must learn to endure it because we have to,” Rarity explained, making a valuable point, “Many of us, including myself, have had things happen that we never wanted…but we learned to overcome and embrace it.”

Scootaloo turned to Rarity and continued to listen, finding her words full of interest and possible hope.

“So…despite what you may not want to happen to you, wearing glasses can help you see, and even add a bit of fashion to your style…” Rarity smiled nervously when she said the last line, “…your…”cool” style so to speak.”

“You really think so?”

“I do think so. I myself wear glasses when I work on my projects, and I do not think they make me look disgusting on me. I find they make me look simply marvelous,” Rarity said with pride.

Scootaloo understood, but was still a bit unsure, “Thank you, Rarity. But…”

“But what, darling?”

“If only Rainbow Dash would agree, then maybe…”

Rarity agreed that since Rainbow Dash was Scootaloo’s big sister, it would have to be up to her to help fully convince the little filly that glasses were the best thing to help her see again.

“Come along, Scootaloo dear.”

“Where are we going?” Scootaloo asked once Rarity got up and was on the move.

“We are going to go have a talk with your sister. Now come, we mustn’t dally when there is a matter this important happening,” Rarity explained.

Scootaloo smiled and got up and followed close behind the white unicorn, not wishing to lose sight of her.


Scootaloo rejoined her friends and were told to wait once Applejack and Rarity had a word with Rainbow Dash.

While the cyan pegasus still believed glasses her uncool, she had to agree to convince her sister to wear them…for her own sake. After listening to a long lecture from the two mares, Rainbow walked to where her Scootaloo was playing: near their clubhouse.

“Hey, big sis!” Scootaloo said to Rainbow once she came into sight…which didn’t happen until she was pretty close.

Rainbow Dash noticed this and realized her friends were right, “Hey, Scoots,” Rainbow hugged her and smiled, “Look…I uh…think we need to talk.”

“About what?”

“Follow me so we can talk a little more privately; A sister-to-sister talk,” Rainbow smiled.

Scootaloo nodded happily and followed Rainbow to behind a tree, to where they could talk. Applebloom, Shammy, and Sweetie Belle were curious, and while they could see them, they were unable to hear them talking; They decided it was just best to wait until they were finished.

After twenty or so minutes of talking, Scootaloo returned to her friends and had something to say to them:

“Guys…I’m going to see the doctor, and get me some glasses,” She announced proudly.

The girls were excited and volunteered to go with her, wanting to see what she would choose. Scoots, of course, agreed and together they ran back to the barn to rejoin their sisters as they would head off to the eye doctor.


As the young fillies and mares sat in the waiting room, Scootaloo was in with the doctor, getting her eyes checked out. According to him, it was true that she needed glasses. But while this was true, what really mattered to Scootaloo was what kind of pair she would wear:

There were many different designs and models, and everyone of them looked geeky and just plain…uncouth. The doctor showed her more, but still Scootaloo was uninterested in any of them. Just when she thought this was going to be a lost cause, she spotted a pair of goggle glasses on the display: It had a strap and everything, and looked like something the Wonderbolts wear.

“Is that the pair you want?” The doctor asked.

Scootaloo nodded quickly and had her mind set on those and no other in the entire room.

The doctor smiled and prepared to set a pair up for her immediately.

Soon, the door into the waiting room opened and Scootaloo walked out. The girls all got up and rushed over to her and were quite in awe to what they saw their friend looked like now.

The little purple maned Pegasus was now wearing a pair of sports goggle glasses that rested comfortably on her face. She rotated herself to show off her new glasses.

“Wow, Scootaloo. That is SO AMAZING!!” Sweetie Belle squealed with joy.

“That is some mighty fine goggles ya have dere, Scoots,” Applebloom agreed.

“You look really cool in them,” Shammy complimented her friend.

Applejack and Rarity agreed with their sisters, and turned to see Rainbow Dash with the same expression on her face that the others had. She walked up to her little sister and smiled, “Wow, Scoots. Those really…look VERY COOL on you!”

Scootaloo was so happy that she hugged her sister tight, “Thank you, Rainbow Dash! Thank you so much!”

The two sisters hugged and were so happy that it all worked out in the end. At that moment, they had learned a valuable lesson…


“Change always comes, even though we don’t want it to. Even if we like the way we look now, sometimes we have to embrace the necessary changes in order to see the answers right in front of us.” “Wearing glasses can be a cool change, and as long as one can find the style they like, then everything will work out in the end. Because no matter what, they are still themselves…and can still be the same cool pony they were before!”

“Did you get all that, Spike?” Rainbow asked her dragon friend once she and Scootaloo finished giving the new lesson on Friendship.

“Sure did!” He finished writing the letter, rolled it up, and sent it off to Canterlot for Princess Celestia to read.

Soon after, the rest of the Cutie Mark Crusaders joined up with Scootaloo, as she placed her helmet on, along with her new sports glasses, and stepped on her scooter; She was ready to give the “Rainbow Torpedo” another go.

“Ready sis?” Rainbow asked, once again.

“Ready, big sis!!” She answered, readying her wings.


Scootaloo took off on her scooter and could feel the force of the wind blowing in her face as she sped up. Thanks to her new glasses, she could keep her eyes open the whole time without worrying about the wind getting in her eyes.

The ramp was coming up and she was ready this time. She sped up and came up onto the ramp and flew off it…practically flying in the air. She marveled in this moment, but focused on the next step of the move.Scootaloo stayed as low as possible, allowing for more distance; She felt like she had just been shot out of a cannon, and it was such a thrill.

Unknowing to the little filly, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were sitting on a park bench, enjoying some delicious ice cream. They did not notice when Scootaloo came flying out over them, because she was so fast. The force of the speed blew the ice cream right into the two filly’s faces and mane, causing them to scream and cry.

Scootaloo continued and saw herself starting to make her way downward…towards the other ramp on the other side. She was ready to land and finish her awesome new trick. But once she landed, even at that speed, Scootaloo lost control and fell off her scooter and went flying. She screamed as she was about to fall upon the ground and get hurt.

But for some reason, she didn’t…

“I gotcha, little sister,” Rainbow acknowledged as it was her who caught Scootaloo just in time, saving her from injuring herself.

“Oh, Thank you, Rainbow Dash!” Scootaloo was so grateful, yet saddened, “But…I failed to land properly.”

“Eh, don’t worry about it. Someday, you will master that technique…because only YOU can and no other pony,” Rainbow reminded, “Plus, you almost had it, so you were pretty close.”

Scootaloo felt better and knew her sister was right; She would master the “Rainbow Torpedo” eventually, because it was something that her sister created for only her to master.

Later, Scootaloo met up with her friends again, and told them how she almost completed her special technique. Though she would try again eventually, right now she wanted to spend some time with her best friends.

“So, what do you guys want to do now?” She asked.

“We need to think of a plan to find our hidden talents and earn our cutie marks,” Applebloom suggested.

“What do you have in mind?” Shammy asked.

“We could go try digging for buried treasure like we planned the other day?” Sweetie Belle reminded them.

The others agreed and started galloping off to Sweet Apple Acres to borrow some shovels in order to dig the holes.

“Cutie Mark Crusader Treasure Hunters!!” They all cried out as they ran, “YAY!!!”

Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash all chuckled as they watched their sisters run off on another adventure to discover their hidden talents; They wished them the best and hoped they would stay out of trouble.

MLP: Blind Ponies Can't See by Courageous-of-Light

/ / / / ©2013-2016 Courageous-of-Light
Scootaloo is trying to learn some new moves on her scooter, but soon discovers that her vision is getting all blurry. Glasses may be the solution, but both Rainbow and Scoots think that glasses are for nerds, and she doesn't need them. Can they both understand that Scootaloo needs them in order to see, or will the little filly forever bump into things? Find out!

MLP Karaoke Night: "The Light knows better than I" : courageousoflight.deviantart.c…

MLP: Dancing with Dragons: courageousoflight.deviantart.c… MLP: A Prank Too Far: courageousoflight.deviantart.c…
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ArtisticNinjaCat Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
FINALLY a story about being almost legally blind! & Why can't I get glasses like those? It'll solve my whole swimming issue! LOL
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I didn't even think about glasses at first but they're not so bad to wear once I got used to them.
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I myself had to wear glasses at a younger age. I hated it, but learned to like it. I wear contacts now, but I showed courage during those years :D
Onix-ceptable Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I still wear glasses because contacts are too much work and I barely have time to breathe these days, let alone have to deal with contacts. XP
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Blindness is one of mine too :(

It's ironic I write this on glasses, yet I wear contacts now. I wore my first in the 4th grade, and switched when i got older. Quite an experience :D

I'm glad you love the story :hug: I feel like i could have added more, but i think i did okay
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