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April 17, 2013
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The sun rose over the horizon on this simply amazing day here in Equestria.

A little over a week had passed since the Light triumphed over the Darkness and brought Equestria, as well as the rest of the world, into a new era of Friendship and Harmony.

Already the various denizens of this beautiful land were busy working hard to maintain their friendly ties with the other:

The Zebras were allowed to set up trade in the many cities and towns throughout Equestria. They sold potions and medicines to those who were in need of them. Their language and unique skills were also exchanged with the other to help improve understandings.

The Buffalo continued to roam the desert plains, but now their running grounds were expanded so that they may run all over Equestria. Trade was also established with these kind creatures; the selling of their bead necklaces and other fine items quickly became popular to those in search of new styles.

The Dragons, still feared by some, helped proved their good intentions by generously giving gems to those who wished to own some, or simply to use for designing. These noble acts helped the mighty beasts earn the respect they longed for by the ponies.

The Light Spirits were always either soaring through the skies, or appearing out of nowhere across the world. While it was their mission to keep a watchful eye, these benevolent beings could only observe and speak with those that were in need of help should the reason be dire.

So much was being accomplished in such short time, and it was all thanks to six very special young mares…and one brave young stallion.


As the day moved from the morning to afternoon, the town of Ponyville seemed to be the liveliest in all of Equestria. Many ponies, zebras, buffalo and more were out and about, enjoying the beautiful weather, sunny skies, and the friendly neighbors.

After an early morning of cleaning up the library, Twilight Sparkle, one of the heroines of Equestria, decided it was time to go outside and spend time with her friends.

With her baby dragon assistant, Spike, riding on her back, the little lavender unicorn with the multiple star cutie mark opened her front door and trouted out. Upon seeing the friendly faces of her home before her, she felt such joy in her heart and saw it was a good a time as any to sing on this glorious day:

                          “The Light in Equestria Shimmers,”
                         “The Light within Ponyville Shine!”
                          “And I know for absolute certain,”
                          “That everything is certainly fine!!”

With the sound of her amazing voice spreading across the town, the citizens and visitors smiled and waved at one of their favorite ponies as she trouted by, singing with all her heart:

                         “The Zebras are selling some potions."
                         “The Dragons are eating their gems."

                              Spike: “Oooh, I want some!”

                     “In Ponyville, we’re so happy and thrilled,”
                     “For the Prophecy of old is at last fulfilled!”

As Twilight continued to sing as she strolled on through Ponyville, the other ponies and creatures smiled and joined in as she sang the last verse:

                        “The Light in Equestria Shimmers!!”
                       “The Light within Ponyville Shine!!”
                        “And we know for absolute certain!”
                       “That everything is certainly fine!!!”

Once Twilight’s pleasant singing came to its end, those around her cheered and wished her a wonderful day, for it truly was such for everypony there.

“Wow, Twilight. Looks like everypony is having a nice day,” Spike pointed out.

“They sure are, Spike. This really is going to be a fine day indeed,” Twilight assured as she continued on down the road through the town, with the little dragon on her back.

As the young unicorn walked on down the soft grass towards her destination, which had yet to be revealed, Spike noticed some dragons around his age enjoying some fresh gems as an afternoon snack.

The little green and purple dragon could not help but lick his lips and drool a little at the sight of such precious, delicious jewels. Some of his drool fell onto Twilight’s coat and she stopped and gasped, “Spike!!”

“Oh…sorry Twilight,” Spike blushed with embarrassment.

Noticing what Spike was drooling over, she gave a small sigh, “Alright Spike, you can go join them…but be polite.”

Clearly excited, Spike hopped off Twilight’s back and made his way over to the other dragons.

Once he got there, he nervously gave a wave to them, wondering if they would even welcome him. Surprisingly, they gave him a gem and allowed him to join.

Twilight smiled and was happy to see Spike make some new friends; especially those of his own kind. Knowing he would do fine by himself, the little pony continued on down the road.


The birds were whistling such wonderful tunes for all within Ponyville to hear…until another whistling sound was heard that made all the residents, including the birds, stop and listen.

It was a sweet melody of somepony playing a flute. It was coming from somewhere in the park. Many ponies, dragons, buffalo, zebras, and others stopped what they were doing and followed the pleasing sounds.

Applejack, who was busy bucking apple trees, heard the sounds of the mysterious flute and decided to take a break and find out where it was coming from.

Rainbow Dash was taking a nap in the clouds. She awoke to the sound of the music, but did not get angry over it. She grabbed hold of her small cloud and flew down to see who was playing.

Fluttershy was already in the park, spending time with her animal friends. When they all got up and left the pink-maned Pegasus to follow the sounds of the flute, she followed as well.

In Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie was helping the Cakes bake some treats for a few upcoming parties. But once the mysterious music reached their ears, they ceased all their work and left to find where it was coming from.

Rarity and Sweetie Belle were working hard, designing new clothes for their new friends. While Rarity did most of the work, Sweetie tried to help, but as usually was only in the way. The young filly ran out of the room and out of the Boutique when she heard and saw others galloping to where the strange tune was. Sweetie and her sister both decided to join them.

Twilight Sparkle was already on her way once the music reached her ears. She galloped on ahead of the others and arrived at the park in very short time. There, she saw a group of young fillies and colts, of both zebra and ponies, relaxing to the sounds of another pony playing a sweet melody from his flute. But this was not just some random pony that was before the young unicorn: it was her handsome and kind-hearted boyfriend, Courageous Heart.

Seeing him relaxing under a tree, making music with his flute, and allowing others to gather around to listen, brought warmth to her own heart as she walked over to him.

“Hello Courageous,” She said softly as she kissed his cheek.

Blushing from the kiss, the brown stallion smiled and took a break from his playing to hug his girlfriend, “Hello, my dear Twilight.”

“That was some beautiful music. I never knew you could play so well.”

“I was taught long ago by a friend. She showed me how to play,” Courageous explained, “The buffalo here were kind enough to make me a new one the other day. I decided to come here and test it out. But, I never knew it would draw the attention of so many others.”

Twilight noticed what he was referring to when numerous ponies and other creatures were gathering around the tree.

“Howdy there, Courageous. A‘ heard yer fine music and decided to come on down and listen to ya play,” Applejack complimented, “By da’ way, hope that dere hut we built fer ya is workin’ fine.”

The brown stallion gave his answer with a pleasing nod. Since he became a citizen of Ponyville, the Apples along with a few others helped build him a small hut on the outskirts of Ponyville, by the river. Although he had many choices to where he could have lived, Courageous was fine with this since it made him feel close to home, and to a certain beautiful unicorn he held deep in his heart.

“That little tool shed?!” Rainbow barked sarcastically at the orange Earth pony, “Come one, he should have taken the offer the Wonderbolts gave him. Courageous would have made a fine member of the team.”

“Uh…well…” Courageous tried to speak up.

“Oh please, Rainbow Dash!” Rarity argued, “The Elite of Canterlot were offering him a fine house along with fame and fortune…which I am shocked to hear he turned that down as well!”

“Well I-”

The three mares argued on the subject concerning Courageous and how he now lives. This made it impossible for him to so much as utter a word in his defense.

“Quuiieeeeettt!!!” Screamed Twilight Sparkle, which immediately silenced the mares.

“My word Twilight…” Rarity said in complete surprise.

“Look girls, Courageous chose to live here in Ponyville…and if he also chose to turn down some great offers, I’m sure he had a good reason too…” The lavender unicorn turned to her boyfriend, “…right?”

Courageous Heart gave a simple nod in agreement, “Yes. While I was grateful to be given the opportunity to join the Wonderbolts and the nobility of Canterlot…neither one would work well for me and my duties.”

“But that’s no fun! It would have been cool to have you training along with me to become apart of the best flyers in Equestria!” Rainbow stated proudly.

“Thank you, Rainbow Dash, but I am quite happy where I am right now…and while I am a Pegasus, I prefer to live on the ground instead of in the clouds.”

“Wait a sec. What do you mean Pegasus? I thought you were an alicorn, like the Princesses?” Pinkie Pie asked, slightly confused.

“What? Oh no, I am not,” the Champion disclosed, “While I may look like one, I am not a true alicorn.”

The entire crowd was now in complete confusion by what he just said; it made the brains of a few hurt.

“I’m…I’m confused,” Fluttershy murmured.

“As am I,” Rarity agreed with her dear friend, whom she was able to hear, “Now, Courageous darling…you simply must explain all this.”

“Rarity is right. How does having both wings and a horn not make you an alicorn?” Twilight questioned.

The rest of the crowd awaited to hear the answer from the brown stallion, but he simply shook his head, “There is a lot to explain on this, but the best place to start would be from the beginning.”

“Oh Oh Oh!!” Pinkie Pie piped, “Are you going to tell us a story? I love stories! Is going to be a scary story, with spooky ghosts? Or is it going to be romantic with-” Applejack and Rainbow Dash quickly covered the annoying pink pony’s mouth to prevent her from going any further.

With Pinkie quiet, Twilight turned to her beloved boyfriend and smiled, “Since we are all enjoying a time of peace with no dangers present, I think now may be a good a time as any…to tell us of your past, Courageous,” she suggested.

“You…really wish to know?” Courageous asked Twilight and the others whom were sitting all around him.

“Of course. I especially want to know,” Twilight assured as she held his hoof with her own, “Tell us…tell me…everything.”

Courageous smiled warmly at the beautiful lavender unicorn and saw that everypony there wanted to hear his tale. Giving a nod of approval, the brown stallion turned to face the others around him, while Twilight stayed close by his side.

“This is a story too long and too great to tell with just words…”

The creatures all around felt somewhat disappointed; the Champion’s story was probably too long to be told, and would have to be cut short.

“…so the Light will help not just tell the tale…but actually let you see what exactly happened…four-thousand years ago.”

Courageous focused and emitted a strong source of Light from his horn. As the others watched in amazement, none knew what was going to happen.

The stallion’s eyes glowed bright and the Light spread all over the town, allowing everypony to see the past.

The Light spread all over Equestria, giving many others the opportunity to see and hear the story of the Champion of the Light.

In Canterlot, Princess Celestia and Luna were just finishing the final touches on the new window: It displayed an image of  both Twilight and Courageous, standing together with the six elements all around them…representing the six great species that helped defeat the Darkness and fulfill the prophecy. When the Light reached the castle, the Princesses ceased what they were doing and allowed the Light to show them of the past.

The Light soon reached as far as the Crystal Empire, to where Shining Armor and Princess Cadance ruled. When they felt the vision upon them, they relaxed and gazed into the past along with the rest.

Soon, everypony and creature across Equestria felt themselves leave their own time period and reemerge in a completely different place.


In a time where magic and nature ruled the world, and the ability to craft items out of metal and write words on paper, were only in the first stages. Many creatures roamed the world and lived separate from the other, wishing not to be involved with their ways.

It was a starlit night in this cool autumn month. The Moon was out, and not a peep was heard, expect for the chirping of tiny crickets, and an eagle soaring above a large village inhabited by unicorns.

The huts were made of stone, wood and straw; a river flowed on through;  and out in the plains were where they kept their crops of vegetables and hay. Smoke crept up the chimneys of every hut; a warm fire keeping those inside that slept warm.

The sun was nearing to rise and a new day would come for these magical farmers and spellcasters. Yet there were a few that were not sleeping, for the hour was nearing when a new foal would be born into this world.

On the outskirts of the village by a tree, a grayish brown Pegasus with a cutie mark of a Heart with wings, was pacing back and forth, worrying about his beloved wife. His daughter, an indigo coated filly, was underneath the tree watching him with as much worry too, but more for him.

“What is taking so long?” Stoutheart muttered to himself as he continued his pacing.

“Daddy? Is mommy going to be okay?” Asked the young filly named Charisma.

Stoutheart finally stopped his pacing and turned towards his little daughter and smiled, “Yes. Mommy is going to be alright. Why do you ask?”

“You just seem so worried. I mean, were you like this when I was born?”

The father chuckled lightly and gave his little filly a warm hug, “Yes, honestly I was. Any parent would be when a new foal would be coming.”

Charisma hugged her father happily and looked up at him, “So…I’m going to have a new brother or sister?”

“Yes, my child. You will…hopefully soon.”

As Stoutheart held his daughter close, a sound he had longed to hear finally reached his ears: it was of a baby crying…his baby.

Gasping, the grayish Pegasus helped his daughter onto his back and galloped towards his hut, to where his wife and newborn foal were.

Upon arrival, the two nurses walked out of the hut and smiled a little at Stoutheart, “It’s a colt.”

Stoutheart rushed on by them; he was filled with so much joy he could not contain it. Setting his daughter down, he moved to the bed where his wife, Elegancy, was resting.

The beautiful turquoise mare with flowers for a cutie mark was holding a small brown unicorn in her arms, wrapped in a blanket. Stoutheart approached and sat right next to her, and once he saw his newborn child, tears slowly poured out of his eyes.

“He is so beautiful, my love.” Stoutheart whispered with pride.

Elegancy placed a gentle kiss on the forehead of her son and smiled, “He is. Our little colt.”

Stoutheart smiled at his son, but suddenly noticed something moving on his sides underneath the blanket. He gently unwrapped his son a little to see what it was. He gasped with surprise with what he saw.

“Wings? He has wings too?”

Elegancy noticed and was surprised as well, ”He is both a unicorn and a pegasus.”

“My word…never have I ever seen such a thing. We are truly blessed this day, my beautiful Elegancy.”

The tearful mother smiled warmly at both her husband and son, for this little colt was unlike any the world had ever seen, and he was theirs to love and raise.

Once Stoutheart wiped his eyes free of tears, he asked the most important question, “What should we name him?”

The mare shook her head and looked at her husband, “You name him, my love. I named our daughter, so you may choose the name of our son.”

Stoutheart did not know what to name his son. The newborn foal looked up at his father with his little blue eyes and smiled while trying to reach for him. The proud father held up his hoof, allowing his son to hold it.

“He knows you are his father,” Elegancy smiled.

“He does. He is so brave…so unafraid…so courageous…” Stoutheart stopped and nodded, knowing now what to name his son, “Courageous. Courageous Heart. That is what I shall name him.”

“Oh Stoutheart. I love it,” Elegancy cuddled her son in her arms, rocking him gently to sleep, “Sleep tight, my little Courageous.”

The proud father turned to his daughter who was watching from over yonder and motioned her to come, “Come here, Charisma. Meet your new baby brother…Courageous Heart.”

Once little Charisma came to the bedside, she smiled and saw how cute her baby brother was. She felt so happy to have a sibling to play with.

The three ponies were so thankful this day to have a new member added to their family. As the sun rose, its light shined down brightly than any other day that any had known of. It was a sign that this was a blessed day for this little colt.


As the vision continued on, a few certain ponies were finding this moment so wonderful and heartwarming, it made them cry.

Rainbow Dash found it hard to not cry; trying to keep her cool nature. But in the end, she could not help but blink a small tear from all the cuteness she was seeing.

Twilight hugged her precious stallion close and smiled, “That was so beautiful, Courageous. You were so cute as a newborn colt.”

Courageous Heart blushed a little, “Yes…well…I’m sure you were too when you were born.”

Twilight blushed and kissed his cheek again, then cuddled close to him, letting the side of her face sink into his soft, warm coat.

“What happened next, Courageous?” Applejack asked eagerly.

“I will show you…” the young brown stallion allowed all to see what would come next…fast forwarding a few years, to his years growing up in the village.
The story of Courageous Heart has now begun. There is much to be told in this epic backstory of the Champion of the Light. Plenty more is still to come, so enjoy and be ready for the next part.

OC Pony Stoutheart: [link]

OC Pony Elegancy: [link]

MLP: History of the Hero Part 2: [link]
MLP: FIM Story Guide: [link]

My Little Pony: The Light of Equestria Chapter 1: [link]

Updated Character Profile-Courageous Heart: [link]

Link to Cover Image: [link]
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SuperYuki Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, so far I really like your writing style. It is very smooth and detailed, and flows nicely. Also, I like the effort that you put into keeping the mane 6 in character, and I could practically hear them saying those lines. ^^
Courageous-of-Light Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you. I know it's probably not perfect, but it is the best i can do :D

I am glad you are enjoying it so far. Thanks and enjoy the rest :D
SuperYuki Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem, and I think I will. =)
THIS IS EPIC!!!! ^_^
Courageous-of-Light Apr 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much! :D
Courageous-of-Light Apr 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
lol Thanks :)
Expect a visitor to your page my friend.
Courageous-of-Light Apr 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Cool. Can't Wait :)
This visitor will be wanting help to create some cover art for his story.
Your name was the first to pop into my head my friend.
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