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Far to the southwestern side of the vast Island of Harmony known as Tambelon, lies a great area where the many zebras and buffalo have made their homes when they were first welcomed along with the other various creatures that wished to settle and expand. The two have learned to co-exist in the same place, just as every other creature and citizen of the island has; For the past few years, their traditions have been held strong and shared among each other.

    The Southcape Tribe, which happens to rest on the southern cape of the island, is a beautiful open range area with trees all around, with fruits and vegetables growing within or in the nearby fields. All around the center are where the teepees made of hoof-woven cloth and tiny huts made of wood and straw reside, with fire pits all over to keep it's creators warm as they rest and work.

    All over the great tribe, the zebras and buffalo work together to keep their home strong and safe for their little foals; They raise and train them well in the arts of farming, potion making, and so much more. Peace and trade is also a great gift that they share with the cities and farmlands of the island.

   But while most zebra and buffalo live in the tribe, there are those that live within the city and have chosen city life and its ways. While that be their choice in life, they never forget the ways of their ancestors and always remember the way of the herd.


    On a bright and gorgeous morning as the sun rises over the horizon, the Southcape Tribe awakens to get an early start on their assigned duties to help keep their home a'flowin. However, things are going to be a bit different for the family that takes charge of the tribe.

    The mighty buffalo chieftain Thunderhooves, has been given the honor of having his wife Subira and his daughter Shani speak to the Tambelon City Elementary School about their way of life to help inspire the interest of the young foals of the golden city. They have even been given the honor of staying at the home of a friend of the family.

    Once the carriage arrives, the zebra mother and daughter board it with a small bag of items, and take off to the city. The father waves goodbye and will see them after the weekend has passed.

    "Mama, is it really so...?" The young zebra filly questions as she and her mother ride inside the carriage bound east towards Tambelon City, "...and why must I go?"

    The zebra mother with the slanted mohawk and long braided mane look upon her daughter and shakes her head, "That will be enough, little one. This is an important event that must be done."

    The little zebra knows not to argue with her mother, but wonders why she and her must go all the way to great golden city for a silly little presentation at the Tambelon Elementary School. Although she has been wishing to see the beautiful capital of their homeland for such a long time, she wonders why she must go now when she wanted to stay and learn some things from her father: The great Buffalo Chief Thunderhooves...who helped settle this land that his great ancestors from long ago once roamed.

    "It is important for our tribe to share our ways, so that the young ones within will learn much for the upcoming days," The beautiful and wise zebra named Subira informs her daughter as she makes sure both her tribe dress and the one her daughter is wearing look nice and unwrinkled, "Besides, I have good friends within the city, and to not see them after so long would be a pity."

    The little zebra sits still as her mother fixes her small mohawk mane, cleans her face up, and straightens her dress to look presentable for their most generous hosts, "So...when will it start, and what will be my part?"

    "The presentation will draw near...but not until Monday, my dear," Subira informs her little Shani once more, "For now, we will be staying with some friends for the time being; Their friendly faces is what I look forward the most to seeing."

    Shani smiles at her mother and recalls the events of the past of how her mother and father worked together with the heroes of Equestria to defeat the Darkness and bring an era of peace and harmony for all to rejoice in. Even though this was long before she was born, the young filly loves hearing the tale and cannot wait to meet the ones that made all this possible, "So...when will we get there? And when we meet them, how should I prepare?"

    Subira pets her daughter's head gently and smiles, reassuring her that everything will be alright, "You will do just fine, my little wonder. Just be on your best behavior and not try to create a blunder."

    Shani blushes from her most recent accident that made a few zebras back home a little upset...even though she just wanted to try and make them laugh. She nods and will do her best to behave, "Yes, Mama."

    "That's my little filly~" She hugs her daughter and lets her rest next to her as they continue to endure the long ride to Tambelon City for the next few hours.


    Upon passing the large golden gates and into the glimmering city of Tambelon, Shani peaks her head out of the carriage window and gasps at the amazing sights that she now sees before her eyes: 

    Ponies of many colors and sizes are walking all about, dressed in such fine clothing, greeting each other along the way; The buildings are both tall and short, some even thin and wide...but they are all covered in a golden color that shines when the sun reflects upon them. All that the little zebra beholds is a wonder that feels like being in a paradise that many seek but never find.

   "This big so pretty," Shani mutters with such amazement to a world she has never seen before. While she has heard that some zebras and buffalo live here, the majority are in Southcape; She wonders if she will see ones just like her at the upcoming school presentation.

    "I am thrilled you like what you see. This place is a magnificent jewel, my little Shani." Subira smiles and compares to any other city she has seen all her life; Out of all the places she has been, Tambelon City is her favorite.

    "Mama, can we go explore? Riding in this carriage is such a bore..."

    "Not right now, little one," Subira explains as the carriage pulls up to the side of the road, right in front of a great manor covered with sparkling gems, "Now is the time for rest before the rising sun."

    The zebra filly peaks her head out of the carriage once again and looks upon this great big hut that is made out of golden bricks instead of wood and straw...even mud. Her curiosity is peaked greatly and wonders how anypony can live in a place like this. Before she can observe it more from where she rests, Subira hopes out of the carriage and tells Shani to come with.

    "Let us go inside, daughter of mine," Subria says as she walks up the stairs towards the door, with her filly right behind her, "Remember your manners, and you will do fine."

    Shani smiles and will do as she is told, "Yes, Mama."

    Subira nods proudly and once she arrives at the double doors of this great manor, the zebra tribe leader knocks upon the door with her hoof and awaits for somepony to answer. She smiles as her daughter stands by her side.

(commission) Shani by Law44444

    The doors are answered by the family butler. He smiles and happily welcomes the zebra mare and filly inside the home of one of the richest families in all of Tambelon. He takes their bag in his mouth and carries it inside, as Subria and her daughter Shani are lead inside and on towards the parlor room.

    As the mother and daughter arrive, they see a beautiful white coated mare in a lovely dress sipping tea while sitting next to her husband who is a green and purple scaled dragon. He smiles upon seeing their guests, so he stands up and greets them, "Welcome, Subira. I am so glad you and your daughter could join us."

    "Oh yes, darling," Rarity gracefully expresses to the zebra who has been their friend for so long, "It is charming to see you once more, and it is a pleasure that the two of you will be staying with us for the next few days."

    Subira and Shani bow their heads politely to thank their generous hosts for inviting them to stay at their manor for the weekend and wish they could return the favor, but Rarity raises her hoof and shakes her head lightly, "Perish the thought, deary. Our homes is your home."

    "We thank you charity, and for your generosity Mrs. Rarity." Subira thanks in a most humble manner.

    Rarity smiles brightly with her sweet lips as she sips down her warm tea, while Spike offers her a seat, "Think nothing of it. Would you like some tea, Subira?"

    "I would love some," The zebra with the bow and arrow cutie mark sits down and is poured a cup of tea. She holds it gently and takes a sip...and loves the taste, "Oh my. Where did you get this from?"

    Rarity explains that it came from the food market that is not too far from their mansion. It holds some of the most delicious, well preserved food on the entire island. Spike says they have good choices, but not many gems that he can enjoy. The two mares giggle at that and continue to enjoy their conversation.

    Shani comes up and asks politely what she can do. Rarity smiles and asks, "My daughter Delicacy can keep you company, deary. She is in her playroom at the moment and I am sure you two will have fun together while we adults chat."

    The little zebra loves that idea and smiles, "Thank you, Mrs. Rarity. I would love to play with your daughter Delicacy."

    Rarity calls her butler in and asks him to escort Shani to Delicacy's playroom. He obeys and walks out of the parlor room, with Shani following close behind. As they walk down the hallways and passed the other lovely rooms, The zebra filly finds this mansion to be so big and beautiful; All this is something she will tell everypony about back home after the weekend.


    Arriving at the playroom, the butler smiles and departs...wishing to let the little ones go on ahead with their playtime. Shani walks in nervously and looks around. There are many colorful items all around her: A few stuffed animals, a couple of board games, along with some crafting items for coloring and such.

    While some of these are strange to Shani, they do look similar to the toys and such she has back home...although they are not as interesting as the ones she now sees before her eyes in this very room. 

    She continues to look around...until somepony comes up behind her and taps her on her flank, "Hi there."

    Shani squeals and jumps, falling forward into the pile of stuffed animals. She pops her head out and shakes her head to clear up her dizziness. The little zebra soon notices a little purple coated unicorn before her, giggling at her reaction, "You scared me. Who might you be?"

    "Sorry about that. My name is Delicacy," The filly with the pretty glasses introduces herself and helps the zebra out of her stuffed animals, "I take it you are Shani?"

    The zebra filly is surprised that this other filly knows her, "You know me? How can that be?"

    Delicacy giggle and likes how Shani rhymes as she talks, "My mommy and daddy told me before you came. They said that I could play with you and keep you company during your stay here this weekend. Isn't that exciting?!"

    Shani is surprised to meet such a welcoming little pony as her. Most of the ones back in her tribe are not as so. Still, it comforts the young zebra, "You are very kind. You may call me Shani, if you don't mind."

    Delicacy nods her head, "Would you like to come and play with me, Shani? I was just about to have a tea party with my best friends?"

    Shani tilts her head and is a little confused, "I know what be tea. But what do you mean by "tea party"?"

    Delicacy points over to her little table with her stuffed animals and tea set all set out. There appears to be cookies on the plates as well as some warm tea in the pot sitting in the middle, "We can chat while having a snack."

    Shani smiles and would like that. She walks over to the empty seat and sits down. There, she and her new friend Delicacy enjoy a nice talk about their interests and all that they will be looking forward to for the rest of the weekend. As they chat, the two munch on the cookies and drink the sweet, warm tea before them. 

    So far, Shani is having a wonderful time, and is learning much on how ponies in the city act...and may try to be like them in order to fit in.


    The evening arrives and after a nice dinner, Subira and Shani head upstairs to the the guest bathroom...where a warm bath has been prepared for them both. Once inside, they both take their nice, hot bath together in the bathroom next to their room; The two zebras find this as a rare pleasantry that they enjoy it for as long as possible.

    Once their bubblebath is over and they dry themselves off, Subira runs into the guest room that they will be sleeping in...and is in awe to how pretty the room is; The bed itself is large with a soft comforter with flower patters all over it. Shani has the urge to go jump on it. She runs over to the bed, but it is too high for her to climb up onto herself.

    Subria giggles and gently bites down on the back of her daughter's neck mane, and lifts her up onto the bed, "There you go, little one. Now you may continue your fun."

    Shani nuzzles her mother's cheek and begins to bounce all around on the bed. She giggles joyfully and is having such a wonderful time.

    "Be care there, you silly little mare~" Subria teases a little as she climbs up on the bed and bounces gently.

    "Mama, I can bounce so high...I can almost..." Shani bounces higher and can almost touch the ceiling, "..touch the sky!"

    The mother and daughter bounce merrily for a while, enjoying their mother-daughter time tonight, and are looking forward to the rest of the weekend to spend together...especially at the big presentation at Tambelon Elementary the day after tomorrow.

    After twenty minutes or so, Subira and Shani climb into bed and pull the covers over them. The little zebra snuggles with her mother...always feeling safe and warm in her embrace. Subria holds her daughter close and even though there is nothing to fear in this mansion or the city itself, she will always keep her foal safe and snug.

    "Goodnight, mama..." Shani whispers as she yawns and drifts off to sleep.

    "Goodnight, my little joy and wonder~" She coos softly and falls asleep.

    The two zebras sleep in their nice soft bed and dream about their tribe They know of how much they are missed already as the ones in Southcape sleep...especially Thunderhooves. But so long as they remember those that they love, and are remembered in return, the two striped ponies will be back home in no time at all.


    The next morning, after a wonderful breakfast, Delicacy and Shani are taken to the park by Subira to play. Fluttershy happened to be paying a visit this morning and asked if she could join the three. Subira welcomes the kind and wonderful yellow pegasus as they head on to the park for a picnic.

    The Tambelon Park is a beautiful grassy field with a playground along the southwest side of the city. Many fillies and colts come here to play and the young purple filly wishes to show her new friend around before the rest of her friends arrive later.

    The two mares set out a picnic blanket and relax on it as the little fillies run off to play on the jungle gym nearby. 

    Shani slides down the spiral slide and she giggles all the way. Delicacy follows and squeals with excitement. They both end up in the sand at the bottom and laugh.

    "This is so much fun, Shani. Are you having fun?" Delicacy asks as she lays in the sand for a moment.

    "I really am, my friend. Your friendship is one that I will commend," Shani expresses as she stands up and helps her friend up the same.

    Delicacy smiles and looks on over at the swing set and thinks that they could take turns pushing each other on it. "So, would you like to play on the swings, Shani?"

    The little zebra has never been on a swing before, but follows her friend and will have to find out what it is like. Once they get there, Delicacy offers to push her first. Shani does not know what that means but she sits on the swing, holds on to the ropes, and then gasps as Delicacy pushes her a little.

    "Isn't this fun?" The little unicorn filly asks as she pushes Shani more.

    The zebra is surprised how high she is going and has the immediate urge to close her eyes and cry out, "Wheeee~"

    Delicacy is to happy that her new friend is having a great time. She pushes her more then hops on over to the swing next to Shani and swings herself. Soon, the two little fillies ride the swings and are having lots of fun together. Even as Shani learns more about the city and the creatures within, she is already enjoying all that she is experiencing.

    As they swing higher, Delicacy can see her friends over yonder and she quickly slows down. Shani notices this and stops as well. She then asks her friend what is the matter.

    "My friends have arrived," Delicacy explains and smiles, "Wait right here and I will go get them."

    Shani smiles and sits on the swing, "Very well. I will sit here for a spell."

    The unicorn filly with the bow and glasses gallops off to meet up with her friends and quickly bring them over to meet Shani.

    The little zebra sits on the swing and watches as her friend rushes off. She decides to perhaps swing again until she returns. However, before Shani can kick her hooves off the ground to get herself up in the air, she notices a small group of zebras talking over by the sandbox. Surprised and thrilled to see other zebras like herself, she jumps off the swing and rushes on over to greet them.

    "Greetings, and how do you do," Shani introduces herself to the five zebra fillies and colts that are all playing together in the sandbox, "It is nice to meet all of you."

    The zebras all look upon this other zebra and find her strange, since she is rhyming and such. They ignore her and return to playing in the sand. Since these five have been raised in the city, they do not know the ways of the Southcape Tribe or the members that come from it.

    "Umm...hello?" Shani tries to get their attention again, but she is ignored once more. She feels saddened and wonders why they will not answer her. The little zebra is about to turn away, when three fillies suddenly show up and kick a little sand in the faces of the other zebras.

    "You five better get going, if you know what's good for you~" The white pegasus filly with the braided rad mane orders.

    "Yeah! Scram and go find another box to play in!" The purplish pegasus next to the other demands.

    The five zebras get scared and run away from the three fillies that they know not to cross. They cry the whole way.

    The pink one with the pretty mane and light makeup smiles wickedly and is satisfied that she has control of the sandbox. She is about to start building a sandcastle when she notices the one "blank flank" zebra filly who has not run away yet, "What are you still doing here?!"

    Shani gulps and feels a little afraid, " see...I...I be..."

    The mean filly named Crown Jewel approaches the zebra and gives her a look, "What's your problem?"

    "Well...I..." Shani sighs and takes a slow breath, then speaks, "Did you have to be so mean...and make such a nasty scene? I just wanted to play and be their friend...and you brought it to an end..."

    The two pegasai twins are outraged that this "blank flank" dares to talk to Crown that way. They are about to get up and confront the zebra, when Crown holds up her hoof. The pretty and prissy filly can sense that this zebra before her is new around here...and might have an idea in mind:

    "Why did we do it?" Crown asks sarcastically, "Well, because that is how you get them to respect you when they ignore you!"

    Shani is confused, "What are you saying? How is that playing?"

    Crown sighs and tells a little lie, "I can tell you are not from around, I'll tell you how it works around here..." Beryl and Peal grin as their best friend begins her plan to make trouble for this "blank flank", making that much more fun to watch. They watch as Crown explains the best ways to get other ponies her age to respect and listen to her is to try and be tough in order to get their attention.

    Shani nods and continues to listen...


    Back near the swing sets, Delicacy returns with her best friends Candy, Starlight, and Gust. She wishes to introduce them to her new friend Shani, but she is nowhere to be found. They look all around from where they stand and wonder the same.

    "She was right here. Where did she go?" Delicacy ponders as she looks for her missing friend.

    The others look around and do not see her anywhere. Gust flies up into the air to see where this zebra friend of his own friend could be. He suddenly spots her walking towards them and he says, "There she is!"

    Delicacy smiles when Gust finds her and rushes on over to her, while the others stay put for now.

    "Shani? Where did you run off to? I've been looking all over for you," Delicacy questions her new friend as she and the others walk up to her.

    The others are interested in wanting to find out why she disappeared without letting them or her mother know; Running off like that can get one into trouble and lost among other ponies at the park. But since they found her, they have no reason to inform their parents or anything.

    "Well...I was...just taking a walk," Shani confesses to the four yearlings that appear to be around her own age, which is nice, "And seeing anypony else that I could share with friendly talk."

    Delicacy understands and smiles, "Well, my friends are here now. Shall we go join them in the sandbox nearby?"

    Shani likes that idea and runs with her friend to the sandbox over yonder. While they run, Shani begins to recall what Crown Jewel has shared with her and thinks more on the idea of being tough to ensure you get others attention and get respect. She is not sure if that is right, but since those other zebras ignored her, and that she wants to be like the ponies of this city, she will try to impress her new friends once she gets the chance.


    Right as Delicacy and Shani arrive at the sandbox where their friends have gathered, they see them with sad expressions on their faces and wonder why. The answer is quickly answered when they see a few fillies and colts playing in the box with the toys the group brought; Their entire play area they claimed has been taken.

    The four yearlings don't know what to do. While Candy and/or Gust feel the need to ask them to leave or at least return their toys, Starlight suggests that they should perhaps let them play for a while...even if it takes some time for them to leave. The others don't really like the idea, but it is better than forcing them to leave.

    Shani can see their dilemma and decides to try out what she learned, and hopes it will impress them and earn her their friendship. She brushes passed the four carefully and gets into the sandbox, then kicks some sand in the faces of the three there.

    "I believe those belong to my friends!" She grabs the toy shovels and pails from the ponies around her age, "Now leave before we force you to make ammends!"

    Delicacy and the others cannot believe what they are seeing: The friendly zebra they were told that had a good spirit and manners, plus wanted to make some friends, is being very mean to a group of young ponies for all the wrong reasons.

    The young foals with sand in their faces feel like crying. They get up and run away, leaving the pale and shovels behind, "Get lost before I kick you with more stand! Ponies like you are ones I cannot stand!"

    Once they are gone, Shani feels pretty good about what she did; She feels strong and tough, plus being able to solve a problem just like that. However, once she turns back to her friends...they are all glaring at her with shock and disappointment. She gets the feeling this was not what they wanted.


    "What did ya do dat fer?!" Candy question in a foul mood. She cannot believe she has just seen and now sees this zebra is not what Delicacy described her as.

    "Yeah! That was totally NOT COOL!" Gust snaps as he hovers in the air a little.

    Starlight has never seen such rude manners...except for three certain ponies that the zebra was just acting like. She doesn't bother saying anything. She turns tail and walks away.

    The other two do the same.

    Shani is completely at a loss: She never knew her actions would lead to this. She turns to Delicacy who is very sad and disappointed in her friend...who is not much of a friend now.

    "Why did you do that...?" The little unicorn questions sadly.

    "I...I..." Shani does not know what to say on the matter, all that she could say is, "I'm sorry..."

    Delicacy does not believe her, even though she wants to. She turns away from her friend and walks away with her head and ears down low. She feels so down for befriending a zebra who was nothing more than just a bully in the end. She rejoins her friends as they take their toys and go play elsewhere.

    Shani sniffs and realizes that what Crown told her was a lie: She never needed to be rude or somepony she is not just to get attention or such. She turns around and walks towards the stream...wanting to be alone for now.



    The group of five little ponies return to the picnic area where they find Subira and Fluttershy relaxing in the sun and having a lovely conversation at the same time. The two sit up and see three young ones return for some lunch...but the zebra mother is surprised to see that her daughter is not among them.

    "Where might my little Shani be?" Subira asks as she looks out out into the distance to find her, but cannot, "She seems to not be anywhere that I can see."

    "Oh yes...where is the little zebra?" Fluttershy asks the little yearlings, concern for the whereabouts of the one not present.

    Delicacy and her friends believe that they should explain what happened. The little unicorn feels that it is her role to tell Shani's mother, but does not wish to tattle or anything. So, she lets the worrying mother know that she saw Shani heading on down to the stream as they were heading back here.

    Subira thanks the little unicorn and rushes off to find her daughter.

    "Hey, Delicacy?" Starlight asks quietly.


    "Why didn't you tell Mrs. Subira about what Shani did?"

    Delicacy sighs but explains her reason, "Because...because I know what I saw was not the Shani I first met. So...I want to give her another long as her mommy can help her."

    Starlight finds that to be a kind and generous idea. She pats her friend's back and hopes that it will work out when the two zebras return.


    Down by the nearby stream, sitting on the grassy bank by the water's edge is the weeping little zebra with regret filling her saddened heart. All she really wanted since she came to this beautiful golden city was to make some new friends, but she took the wrong advice from a very mean filly, and now she has probably lost the only friend she could ever have here: Delicacy.

    The zebra filly named Shani sniffs and blinks a few tears, even as she feels a warm and familiar hoof hold wrapping around her. She smiles a little when she feels that it is her own warm and caring mother, here to comfort her daughter.


    " is alright, little one," She coos softly, helping to put her foal's troubles at ease, "Tell me what happened, so that your troubles can be none."

    Shani sniffs and tells her mother of what happened.

    After listening well to her story all the way to the end, Subria is surprised that her daughter was led to believe that being mean was a way to gain respect and friends. She knows she has raised her daughter to know right from wrong, but the way of the city can be difficult and different than growing up in the tribe. So, the wise mother and tribe leader decides that the best course of action is to make amends with those she has wronged.

    Shani listens to her mother's wise words and agrees that she needs to fix this. She hugs her mommy and is ready to go do what is needed to make this right.

    "That's my filly~" She says to herself as she watches Shani take off to find the three ponies she hurt.


    Back at the picnic area, The four little ponies eat their lunches while Fluttershy watches over them. She smiles happily as the foals of her best friends all eat their sandwiches and fruit while she feeds her bird friends with the bag of birdseed she brought with her for the occasion. 

    As they eat, Delicacy sees Subria and Shani returning and she smiles, if only a little; She is happy to see Shani safe, but is still not sure what to say to her. The others are not so sure either, but when she approaches...the little zebra filly sits before them and gives her heart filled apology to them all for her behavior.

    The four yearlings are surprised, while Delicacy is the most surprised to hear the zebra say how sorry she is for driving those other little ponies away. She says she apologized to them first and they accepted happily. In the end, she never wanted to hurt anypony; She just wanted to fit in, even though she didnt need to.

    Shani even tells them of an important lesson on friendship she has learned through all this:

    "I learned that the best way to make a just to be yourself in the end. I tried to be something I am not, and it turned out to be the wrong path I sought. It is important to be who you are, instead of being a jerk and going too far," Shani then turns her Delicacy, "I hope you can forgive me...and still be friends with you and them three," Shani hopes as she finishes giving the lesson she has learned to the one friend she has had since she came here.

    Delicacy smiles back and hugs her dear friend, "I forgive you...and want to be your and forever."

    The little zebra is so happy to be forgiven as well as able to keep the friend she has made, plus the new ones that all gather around her and share the hugs all around.


    Once the hugs come to an end, Delicacy introduces Shani to Starlight, Gust, and Candy; Since the first introduction did not go so well, they give it another try and this time it goes much smoother. The three are happy to meet this young filly and are looking forward to further play times with her.

    "You guys wanna try again and play in the sandbox?" Gust asks as he hovers and sees from afar that the sandbox over yonder is empty.

    "Sure!" Candy, Starlight, Shani, and Delicacy all agree with a delightful cheer.

    Grabbing their shovels and pails, the group of five yearlings rush off...but not before Shani brings a banana along to eat, since she missed lunch; She could have taken more, but one piece of fruit is all she needs right now.

    As the little ones rush off to play, Subira and Fluttershy watch happily as the group of four now become five. Even the proud mother feels that Shani will be wanting to spend more time in the city with her new friends. She will do her best to ensure this to happen for as long as their friendship is kept strong in their hearts.


    As the five little ponies play in the sandbox, along with the three ponies from earlier, they all work together to build a big sandcastle. They start it off pretty well and are having such a fun time. Shani is having the most fun and is about ready to go throw her banana peel in the trash...when three familiar fillies walk on up.

    "Well well, girls. Looks like the "Blank Flanks" have a new member~" Crown Jewel openly mocks as she and her two best friends stop as they walk on by.

    "You babies just keep getting lamer and lamer~" Beryl and Pearl tease together at the same time.

    The three giggle and begin to walk away.

    Delicacy, Candy, Starlight, and Gust all grumble and are really getting fed up with getting teased and picked on by those prissy ponies. Even Shani dislikes them for deceiving her. But...she notices a puddle next to the water fountain nearby and she is still holding her banana peel. She smirks and throws it in front of Crown for her to slip on...hopefully.

    Crown and her two friends walk up to the peel without noticing it and once one of them slips on it, a chain reaction occurs that causes all three to slip and fall into the puddle, getting their coat and manes all wet. They gasp and are in utter shock of what happened.

    However, Shani and her new friends all burst out into laughter. Even the other little ponies nearby that know of Crown all laugh when they see her and her friends in the puddle all wet. To many of them, it was about time somepony got back at them for all the insults they had said to others.

    As the three fuss over being wet, Delicacy and her friends see that having Shani apart of their group now is going to be a real treat...especially of how she can make them and others laugh. To all of them, this is once more a beautiful beginning to a brand new friendship.

Scene for Couragous of Light by burntuakrisp



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MLP: Sharing a Laugh by Courageous-of-Light

/ / / / ©2014-2016 Courageous-of-Light
When the young zebra filly Shani has come to Tambelon City for the first time with her mother, Subira, she finds herself in a place that is so different and unusual compared to her home in the Southcape Tribe. Even when she has become friends with Delicacy, Shani is still unsure and wants to do her best to fit in...even if it means acting differently. Will Shani realize that she need only to be herself to make friends, or will her actions drive her friends away? Find out!!!

MLP: Code of the Cutie:courageous-of-light.deviantart…  MLP: Where in Tambelon is Smarty Pants?: courageous-of-light.deviantart…
MLP: TFIM Story Guide: courageous-of-light.deviantart…

Link to Cover Image:…

Link to Map of Tambelon Island: courageous-of-light.deviantart…
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