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"So...what do you guys wanna do today?" The little blue pegasus named Gust asks his three best friends as they walk down the sidewalk along the streets of Tambelon City.

    "Not sure," Candy answers as she walks beside the young colt, "But since we're out of school fer da weekend, why don't we go on over ta Sugarcane Lane n' have a treat?"

    "I like the sound of that!" Delicacy expresses as she walks behind them.

    "Same here!" Gust agrees with his two friends.

    "Uh...what's Sugarcane Lane?" Starlight asks, walking behind the three. Since she has not explored the entire city yet, she has no idea what this place Candy or the others are talking about.

    The three yearlings come to a quick halt and are surprised to hear Starlight not know of one of the most favorite places ponies their age can go to and enjoy.

    "Ya don't know about da greatest and bestest place ta get a milkshake or any treat ya could ever think of?" Candy questions her little sister.

    "" Starlight confesses, feeling a little bad.

    Delicacy pats her back and smiles, "Don't worry about it. If this is to be your first time, you're going to love it, Starlight."

    "Yeah!" Gust agrees with the purple coated unicorn.

    "Eeyup!" Candy replies.

    The little alicorn feels better and is really looking forward to seeing this place her friends are referring to, "Alright."

    "Come on. Let's get going! I'll race you guys!" Gust encourages and takes off, trying to get a head start...using his wings as a boost.

    "No fair, Gusty!" Candy shouts and laughs, galloping to catch up.

    Delicacy and Starlight decide to run after them, but since they know that they can never keep up with Candy or Gust, they let them race and see who can get to Sugarcane Lane first.


    Running down the sidewalk and turning the next corner, the four little ponies arrive at the street of Sugarcane Lane...and the candy and ice cream parlor that resides along one of the buildings. It looks so pretty and hypnotizing for young little ponies like them, with all the candy signs and decorations that cover it.

    "I Win!" Gust chants as he is the first one to arrive.

    "Ya got lucky dis time, Gusty," Candy informs as she tries to catch her breath from all the running.

    "Wow..." Starlight mutters in awe at the sight of the cute and colorful parlor that she now stands in front of, "This looks so..."

    "Sweet?" Gust asks, chucking a bit.

    "Very funny, Gusty..." Candy says sarcastically, but then nods, "But it is true. Everythin here is sweet n' delicious."

    "Come on. Let's go inside and get something that is both sweet and delicious," Delicacy suggests.

    The four ponies walk on up to the door and open it, only to hear the ringing of the bell that hands above the door...letting the employees of this fancy parlor that they have some customers.

    "Welcome to Sugarcane Lane~!!" The pink pony with the fluffy pink mane greets, "Oh! Looks like some of my favorite customers are back~"

    "Hi, Auntie Pinkie Pie!" The three yearlings reply happily.

    Starlight is a little confused, "Auntie?"

    "Oh yeah," Gust explains, "She was our foalsitter when we were little foals. She would sit the three of us separately or all together sometimes."

    "Eeyup!" Candy confirms Gust's explanation, "She was da bestest foalsitter we ever had!"

    "Yeah!" Delicacy agrees, "We did so much together."

    Starlight feels happy for them and knows what it is like to have a fun foalsitter. Her Aunt Shammy foalsitted her a few times when she was younger, and although those days are over, Starlight never forgets the fun they had.

    "So...whooooooo do you have there with you~" Pinkie Pie asks as she looks over the counter that she stands behind. She quickly recognizes the filly she sees, "Oh Wow!! It's Princess Starlight!"

    The moment she says this, the other customers turn and gasp in surprise when they see that Pinkie is not lying...which is something she rarely ever does. The little princess stands before them and they are honored to be in her presence...even though she has just come for some ice cream.

    "Eeyup! Dis is her alright, Auntie Pinkie!" Candy confirms, "We wanted ta bring her here fer a treat and-"

    "Say No More!!" Pinkie excitingly assures and dashes over to the ice cream selection, "So what would you like?! Oh! Would you like Chocolate Celebration Or maybe Strawberry Surprise or how about Radiant Raspberry or..." She moves on over to the candy jars on the shelves, "Some Gumballs or Bubblegum or Lollipops or Jellybeans or..." She then shouts full of cheer, "OR ONE OF EVERYTHING! WHOO-HOO!!"

    Starlight has trouble keeping up and gets dizzy from it all, "I...uh...I" 

    "Nevermind! I know just what you need!" Pinkie Pie decides to give her something special since this is Starlight's first trip to her parlor. She has her two sisters, Inkie and Blinkie, help her make it.

    Once the others all make their orders, Pinkie and her sisters order up the four milkshakes in less than five minutes and deliver them to the table were the little ponies are sitting.

    "Order up!" Inkie announces.

    "Enjoy!" Blinkie expresses.

    "And Enjoy!" Pinkie Pie happily shouts, "Oh wait, you already said that...but i'll say it again anyway: ENJOY~!!!"

    The four yearlings giggle as the three parlor pony sisters leave them to their treats. Candy ordered a lovely Apple ice cream sundae; Delicacy ordered bowl of mango ice cream with small gems in it; Gust ordered something he and his mother both enjoy when they come here: An Apple Cider Float; Starlight is in awe over the Banana Split that has three different ice cream flavors, hot syrup, and sprinkles.

    They all cheer, pick up their spoons, and dig in.


    "Wow..." Starlight whispers as she eats her delicious Banana Split, "This is so good..."

    "Glad ya like it, Star," Candy appreciates as she eats her apple flavored ice cream...which is sweeter than all the apples back in Applelulu. The apples used to make this come from there, as expected.

    "It's the best!" Gust admits as he slurps down his Float.

    "Yes...and they have the sweetest gems too," Delicacy states as she bites into them. Since she has teeth that are strong enough to bite into gems like her fathers', she can enjoy what most other ponies cannot.


    As they finish up their ice cream, Starlight is getting pretty full when she is nearly done, "So...where do you guys want to go next?"

    They ponder that for a moment, and Gust is the first to decide on an idea, "We could go by the Toy Shop down the road! I hear they have some new Daring Do trading cards...including a VERY RARE one!"

    Starlight seems interested. She and her mother read the Daring Do series all the time, and thinks it may be nice to see what the trading cards might be like.

    "Ya still like dem fancy shmancy pieces of paper, dont ya Gusty?" Candy asks questionably.

    "Hey! They are not paper, they are collectibles!" He defends something he really admires.

    "Alright, if ya say so..."

    "I think I would like to see these trading cards," Starlight speaks up, "My mother and I love reading Daring Do, so yeah...I'd like to see what Gust is talking about.

    "Alright then, lets finish up fast so we can get on over there!" Gust says and starts sucking his straw hard, trying to get all the cider and ice cream down quickly...while trying to show off to his friends. However, this act proves to be his it all rushes to his head, "AAAGGGHHH!!! BRAIN FREEZE!!" He falls out of his chair and rolls around on the floor, in pain.

    ""Uh...perhaps not dat fast," Candy suggests strongly to the other two fillies at the table.

    They agree and finish theirs slowly, while Gust continues to roll around, fussing from the freezing feeling up in his head.


    After finishing up their treats, plus waiting a while longer for Gust's brain freeze to wear over, the four yearlings gallop down the sidewalk and on over to the Toy Store on the next street. They carefully avoid bumping into any other ponies they pass along the way. 

    Once they arrive, Starlight smiles at this slightly huge store that has toys displayed in the windows, "This is nice."

    "If you like the outside, wait till you see the inside!" Gust implies as he runs on into the store first. The others follow in right after. 

    Inside the toy store are shelves filled with stuffed animals, video games, train sets, and so much more. All this makes the four just as impressed as they are when they had a snack at Sugarcane Lane. They explore around, checking out the new and old toys that are up for sale at reasonable prices.

    Gust gasps out loud the second he lays his eyes upon the prize that he has sought for a long last. The others come running when they hear him, "What is it, Gust?!" They all ask, hoping he is alright.

    " is." He points with his hoof at the counter and the cards resting within behind the glass. There they see a whole line of Daring Do Trading cards...and the one that Gust desperately wants, "...The Wings of Steel holographic limited edition trading card!"

    The girls all look and see the one he is looking at: It is a card that has a pair of steel like wings on it, and shines just like Gust says. Starlight and Delicacy are impressed, while Candy is not so much; She thinks it is nothing but fancy paper and not worth buying.

    "I have to get this..." Gust states as he leans his face up against the glass, trying to get a better look.

    "Uh...Gusty...?" Candy tries to get his attention and points to the price of the card. While packs and separate cards are around five to eight bits, the rare care is about...

    "...40 bits?!!" Gust exclaims in shock, "How can something this awesome and cool be so expensive?!"

    The girls all shrug and are not sure, but that is what it says, "Sorry Gust..." Starlight apologizes, wishing there was something she could do.

    "I guess it isn't meant to be..." Delicacy guesses sadly.

    "Eeyup..." Candy nods, approving that theory, "Besides, dere are cheaper toys n games we can buy here with our allowance."

    Gust shakes his head and refuses to take his eyes off this amazing and simply cool card he has been wanting for some time, "I've gotta have it..."

    "Awww...what's wrong?~" Comes a voice from behind the four best friends, "Is the little pony too poor to afford a new baby toy?~"

    The group turn around and see three fillies they wish they did not: Crown Jewel and her best friends, Beryl and Pearl. They grumble a bit, and wish they would leave.

    "It's not a baby toy! It's a rare trading card!" Gust defends himself from these snobby fillies.

    "Oh...well then, I guess that just makes you more of a nerd than before, Blank Flank~" Pearl mocks with a giggle.

    "More like a baby nerd~" Beryl joins in with her twin sister.

    Gust and the girls all find this very annoying, but can do nothing about it. They stick together and stay as strong as they can when Crown walks up slowly.

    "Hmph!" Crown snaps, "My daddy can buy me anything I wish, by just asking. I could buy that card if I desired it...but I'm not interested in things that are "uncool"...

    Gust feels a little offended by Crown calling something of Daring Do uncool.

    "As for you..." Crown continues mocking the little colt, " will probably never afford such a thing. It's too bad your mommy and daddy aren't here to help you buy it...though its highly unlikely they would~"

    Gust growls, but Candy places her hoof on his shoulder...trying to keep him from fighting a battle he or the others cannot win.

    "Come on, girls. Lets go find something that I know my daddy can buy matter how expensive it is."

    Beryl and Pearl nod, turn their tails to the "Blank Flanks", and walk away to continue shopping for something they would like.


    Once the three popular fillies are gone, Gust sighs but says, "I'll show them...!"

    "How?" Delicacy asks.

    "By showing that I can buy this card...even if I have to ask my parents for help."

    "Ya think they will go fer dat, Gusty?" Candy questions that idea.

    "Yeah!" He states proudly, "My parents are the coolest flyers in the world! Once I tell them of this REALLY COOL card, they will definitely say YES!"


    "Sorry, Little Wing...but the answer is NO," Soarin informs his son after hearing about buying an expensive trading card.

    "What?! But...why?" Gust pleads with his father while they sit in the den of their home in Cumulai.

    "Son..." The blue pegasus stallion explains his reasons, "Forty bits is a lot to spend for one little card. Your mom and I can't just give you that money. You have to earn it."


    "Your allowance, of course," Soarin reminds his son of the bits he earns every week from doing chores and such.

    "But that might take me months...with the amount I earn each week..." Gust complains.

    "Well then, ya better start saving up, Little Wing," Soarin suggests as he hears the front door open, "That must be your mother." He smiles and flies over to greet his pretty and awesome wife, "Hiya honey~"

    "Hey Soarin~" Rainbow greets her husband by kissing his cheek and nuzzling his nose. She then turns and says, "Hey, Little Wing. How was your day?"

    Gust has thoughts on asking his mom for the money, but knows he may get in trouble since his father already said no. So, he smiles and says, "Fine. Just fine, mom."

    "That's cool."

    Gust nods then decides to head on to his room to wallow away in his actually disappointing day. He really wants that card...and now. But, there is nothing he can do about it...and once his friends and Crown find out his plan to get the rare card failed, he is going to be a laughing stock at school.


    The following day, which is the last day before returning to school the next, Gust flies on over to Delicacy's house to play with her and the rest of his best friends. But along the way, he decides to take a stop on over at the Toy look hopelessly at the Daring Do trading cards.

    Gust walks inside, passed all the other customers and toys, and heads right for the display case holding all the trading cards. However, once he arrives, he gasps in utter shock when he sees that the rare card is gone.

    "What?!" He panics a little, "Did somepony buy it already?!" He asks himself, since there is nopony else around to answer it for him. "No..." He almost feels like crying; His chance to buy this awesome trading card ended before it could even begin.

    "Is something wrong, little one?" The clerk asks as she walks on out of the backroom and to the upset colt.

    "Um...I'm sorry...I...I was just wondering...what happened to the "Wings of Steel" trading card that was on display here..." Gust confesses softly, trying not to show that he was about to cry.

    "Oh, that card. Well, I'm afraid it's gone now," She explains, "I guess you had your eyes on it, huh?"

    Gust gives a slight nod.

    "I'm really sorry, but we may have another one in stock soon enough. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

    The little blue pegasus says no and decides to head on out of the store, while the unicorn employee returns to her work.


    Gust walks on outside the store and turns right, heading down the sidewalk in the direction where Delicacy's mansion lies. Just before he gets anywhere, he hears somepony grunting behind him and turns see the same store clerk carrying a heavy bag with her magic.

    He wonders what she is carrying and decides to take a closer look.

    "By Tambelon, this bag is heavy..." The clerk mumbles as she tries to get it onto the cart. Suddenly, she stumbles and losses control of her magic for a moment, causing the bag to spill over a little and making a few items fall out.

    Gust watches this and quickly notices one particular thing fall out and get blown over by the wind onto the sidewalk. He walks on over to it and gasps softly as to what he sees before him:

    "The Limited Edition Holographic Daring Do "Wings of Steel" Trading Card..." He whispers to himself, while trying to take in the fact that the very card he has be wanting for a long time is right there...only this time, he can just take it.

    However, Gust looks over at the clerk and sees that she is picking up the other toys and has not noticed the missing card. Although the little colt knows the right thing to do is to return it, he may never get a chance like this again. He thinks on it quickly...until:

    "You okay, kid?" The clerk asks as she reloads the bag of toys onto the carriage.

    Gust snaps back and slowly takes a step to the side, bringing his leg to block the view of the card on the ground, "Oh...uh...yeah. I was just...wondering needed any help or..."

    "Aww, that's so sweet of you, but I have it under control," The unicorn assures the polite gentlecolt, "Almost spilled all the toys that are going to be given to be given away in a few days. The Store Owner, who is also the Toy Maker, has so many extras that he felt like doing this as a special treat."

    "Oh...yeah...that is a kind thing to do..." Gust smiles nervously.

    "Well, I have to get going. See you later, kid!" The clerk waves as the carriage is pulled by another on down the road.

    With the unicorn gone, Gust turns and picks up the "Wings of Steel" Trading card and feels so happy now having this sweet collectible in his possession. He does feel a little bad for not returning it, but since it was going to be given away, he believes that they won't mind if one little card is missing.

    "I've got to show my friends!" He holds onto the rare trading card carefully and flaps his wings, and flies on over to the manor.


    "You guys! Look!!" Gust shouts as he runs into Delicacy's playroom after arriving at her house, "Look what I have!"

    "What is it?" Starlight asks, wanting to know as much as the others.

    Gust pulls out the rare trading card and shows it to Starlight, Delicacy, and Candy, "I got it!"

    The three gasps lightly and are surprised to see that Gust has acquired the card that they thought he would not be getting so soon. Candy is the most surprised, and finds this to be very odd.

    "Wow...I'm so happy for you, Gust." Starlight praises her best friend's achievement.

    "Great job," Delicacy congratulates.

    "Yeah, we're proud of ya, Gusty..." Candy gives her congrats as well, but has to ask, "So...yer parents actually bought you da card...just like dat?"

    Gust lies and nods quickly, "Yeah...they uh...said I could have an...early birthday gift!" 

    Candy raises an eyebrow, "Yer birthday was two months ago..."

    "Oh...yeah...well uh...better now than later i guess..." He smiles nervously and tries his best to stay cool.

    Candy is now really getting suspicious: She knows Gust and his parents well, and this here seems really out of character for both them and their son, "Ah guess..."

    "Well, now that you have the card, what do you plan to do with it now?" Delicacy asks, really wanting to know.

    "I'm going to show everpony at achool first...including Crown Jewel...then keep it in my room along with all the rest of the cards I have collected," Gust explains, then grins, "I can't wait to see the look on Crown's face when I show her that I did get the card they said I could never."

    The girls agree on that: it would be nice to see how wrong the prissy school filly was once she sees that Gust has the rare card. But for now, they all return to playing before their parents come to take them home...since school is tomorrow.


    Once the little colt arrives back home, he hugs his mom and dad then rushes to his bedroom, where he pulls the trading card out of his saddlebag and sits on his bed...staring at it for a long period of time.

    "I can't believe I finally have you..." He says to the "Wings of Steel" trading card, "I'm going to treasure you for a long time..."

    Gust then places the card among the rest of his collection and cannot wait to show all his friends at school. He will have to keep this a secret from his parents and the other least for now; He just hopes none of his friends tell or he may get into trouble.

    But for now, the little blue pegasus enjoys admiring his new card and looks forward to a perfect day tomorrow.


    The next morning, Soarin flies on down to Tambelon City with his son riding upon his back. The great pegasus stallion plans to get them both to school on time today, and while he may not be as fast as his wife, he is still determined to show his son how fast he can go.

    Soon, the Wonderbolt Captain arrives at the front of Tambelon Elementary School with just enough time to spare.

    "Thanks for the ride, daddy," Gust says to his father as he hugs him.

    "Always a pleasure, Little Wing," Soarin replies to the colt he is proud to be raising, "I'll see you after school then, okay?"

    "You got it!" 

    With that, Gust turns towards the school and rushes off, carrying his saddlebag on his back...along with the rare trading card inside that he plans to show off to everypony during class and recess.

    "Good Morning, Captain Soarin," Mrs. Cheerilee Apple greets as she and her daughter, Candy, walk up to him, "It is nice to see you this morning."

    "Mornin, Mister Soarin," Candy greets politely.

    "Morning Cheerilee. Morning Candy. Nice to see you both this morning as well," The blue maned pegasus captain replies.

    "Tank ya, kindly," Candy responds properly and then asks, "Ah guess ah missed Gust, huh?"

    "Yeah, he just ran on inside. He seemed pretty excited today...more than usual; He usually hates getting up early for school, but this time he was up sooner than Rainbow or myself were," Soarin explains, with no clue to why his son is like this.

    Candy thought Gust's father would know why, so she asks, "Well, ah thought ya'll would know, sir...Ah mean after what happened yesterday."

    "Hmm? What happened yesterday?" Soarin asks, "All I remember is letting him go and play with you and yer friends at Rarity's mansion yesterday, then I came and picked him up. He seemed excited when I I guess something happened while you four were playing?"

    Candy now sees that Gust's dad knows nothing of the rare trading card...and Gust said his parents bought it for him. This can only mean one thing: "Did he...steal it?"

    "You alright, kid?"

    "Oh! Uh...yes sir," Candy quickly answers, "We were just talkin about what we may try ta do today or tomorrow..."

    "Ah okay. Well, I've got to get back to the Wonderbolt Academy before Rainbow gets mad at me for leaving her to deal with the new recruits all by herself."

    Candy and Cheerilee wave goodbye as Soarin takes off for the cloud city of Cumulai, leaving the two to walk inside the school. Candy rushes on catch up with a certain pegasus that she is going to have a talk with.


    As Gust gets himself a drink of water from the water fountain before heading to class, he closes his eyes and imagines what Crown and the others are going to say once they see his new rare trading card.

    "Gonna show off yer new card dat yer parents bought ya?!" Candy says so suddenly that it shocks and scares Gust.

    The colt spits the water out of his mouth and coughs a little as some of it gets on his face. After clearing his throat, he says, "Oh uh...hi Candy."

    Candy just taps her hoof on the floor and gives her best friend a small glare, "Ah heard dat yer papa doesn't recall buyin you dat card de other day..."

    "You didnt tell him, did you?!"

    Candy simply raises an the truth comes out, "Ah knew it."

    "Uh...knew what?"

    "Stop lyin ta me, Gust!" Candy snaps, "Ah now see dat ya parents didn't buy ya dat dumb card. Ya stole it, didn't ya?!"

    Gust gasps, and although nopony is around to hear him, he knows he cannot fool Candy, "I...uh...well..."

    "So ya did! What's da matter with ya?!"

    Gust doesn't know what to say...except to explain what happened...

    "So, she dropped it and ya just took it?" Candy asks right after hearing the entire tale.


    As much as Candy wanted to shout at him, she could not. She puts her hoof on his shoulder and says, "Gusty...yer mah best friend in all of da world, but if yer plannin ta lie about da card and keep it fer yerself...ah doubt ah could continue callin you mah friend..."

    Gust gasps and feels a slight shock in his body. Even in his heart, "Candy..."

    She backs away a little, "What's more important to ya: A stupid card dat ya stole...or da trust of yer friends?"

    Gust sighs and his ears hang low; Right now, as much as he wants to keep the card, losing his friend seems even worst. But before he could answer, the bell for the start of the school day rings.

    Candy sighs and hurries off to class. Gust slowly follows behind, feeling mighty down now...compared to how excited he was since yesterday.


    "Alright, my little ponies~" Cheerilee announces, "Time to take your seats and start class~"

    The students listen to their teacher and take their assigned seats.

    "Now, before we begin, I'd like to announce that tomorrow will be a special day for all you little ponies~" Cheerilee reveals, "Somepony important will be coming by tomorrow to give a special I hope you all will be here, because this is something you will not want to miss~"

    The classroom wonders what this surprise is going to be, and will be looking forward to it. But for now, they open their notebooks and get ready for the first lesson.

    As Mrs. Apple gives the lesson, Gust takes a moment to look at his card that he is underneath his notebook. He admires this card so much...but when he looks over and sees Candy giving him a worried look before turning away from him...he is starting to feel that this little thing may destroy his friendship...


    The little colt quickly hides the card back under notebook and looks up at the teacher, "Yes, Mrs. Apple?"

    "We are in the middle of a lesson, so please pay attention," Mrs. Apple reminds.

    "Yes, Ma'am."

    She smiles and returns to the lesson, as Gust returns to deciding what is right. He sighs and believes that recess will be the right time to decide.


    Once the students are let out for recess, Gust walks on out to the playground...where he sees Crown Jewel, Beryl, and Pearl showing off some new jewelry that each of their parents bought for them. He knows this would be the perfect time to show off his card and prove to them that they were wrong.

    However, once he pulls it out and looks at it...he knows that if he does this, there is no going back. Gust sighs...and turns away from them.


    As he walks on over to join Starlight and Delicacy with tossing a ball, Candy walks up beside him and smiles, "Ah saw what ya did. Ahm proud of ya, Gusty."

    The little colt smiles and blushes a little, "Thanks, Candy. Thanks for helping me see the truth."

    "Eeyup! Dats what ahm here fer!" She smiles for her best friend.

    The two smile then join their friends.

    As they play, Gust knows he will have to do some confessing and more once he gets home. It may get him into some major trouble, but he knows it is the right thing to do.


    The next day at school, Candy arrives at the front of the school with her best friends, Starlight and Delicacy. Candy wonders how Gust's parents took his confession last night and hopes to hear about it before school starts. Gust already told the other two, so they are hoping as well.

    Just then, Rainbow Dash arrives with her son, hugs him goodbye, then flies away...leaving the little colt to fly up to the three fillies.

    " did it go...if ya don't mind me asking?" Candy asks softly.

    "Are you alright, Gust?" Starlight questions.

    "What happened?" Delicacy asks as well, really wanting to know.

    Gust sighs, feels a little down, but will get over it, "Well, I told my parents...and they grounded me for two weeks."

    "Ahm sorry..." Candy feels bad about that part; Being grounded is never fun.

    "It's okay. My punishment isn't so bad: They gave me extra chores and are suspending my allowance for as long as I am grounded," Gust assures his friends, trying to hide the fact that it is going to be a hassle to deal with.

    The others feel really bad for him, but it is not so bad in the end.

    "But anyway..." Gust continues, "I returned the card, gave a formal apology, and learned an important lesson last night...that I want to shre with you guys."

    The three fillies take a second to sit down and listen to this; To hear a new lesson on Friendship is always exciting.

    "I learned that stealing is never right...but the more important part is what it can do to one's friendship," Gust explains, then continues on, "To steal from somepony is like stealing the trust from another; I should have waited and saved up my allowance to buy that card, but when somepony dropped it, I chose to take it instead of return it. Even though I gained something I wanted so badly, I was going to lose something even more important at the same time: My friends."

    Candy smiles and is proud of her best friend. Delicacy and Starlight feel the same. 

    "So, because of Candy's honest and helpful words, I learned that stealing might gain you something, but in return will cause you to lose something far more important; Something you may never get back: Friendship."

    The three fillies are so proud of Gust and the lesson he has learned, and they all give him a big group hug. They tell him they are proud of him, and despite the punishment he must now endure for the next two weeks, he did the right thing in the end.

    The little pegasus even feels proud of himself for what he has done.

    Suddenly, a pony pulling a cart rolls on into the school grounds. Riding on top is the Toy Store clerk from before; She seems to have a large bag in the cart with her.

    Gust and the others see her and walk on over to her.

    The mare jumps off the cart, picks up the bag with her magic, and notices the little yearlings before her, "Hello there."

    They all greet her and smile. Gust steps up and says, "Good morning, ma'am."

    She quickly recognizes Gust and smiles back, "Well, hello again. How are you?"

    "I'm doing great."

    "That's good. I want to thank you again for yesterday...and while you did the right thing, I have to say I'm surprised you did."

    Gust's ears perk up and he asks, " you mean?"

    The Clerk clears things up for him, "Well, remember how I said the other day that the toys in the bag were going to be given away later on?"


    "Well, everything in the bag here are the extra toys that the Toy Maker wants to give away for free...including that card that happened to slip out and you picked up," The unicorn mare reveals, "So, in truth, you returning it was really not necessary...since you probably would have gotten it today anyway."

    Gust freezes up and his jaw drops down as low as it could, with a blank expression upon his face.

    "But since you returned it, we had to put it back on display...and at full price," She explains, "Kind of a twist, huh?"

    The girls cannot believe what they are hearing either, and feel concerned for what may be going through Gust's mind right now.

    "Well, I have to get inside now. I'm going to be giving out free toys to each of the students, including you four, later on. See ya," She waves goodbye and walks merrily inside.

    "Uh...Gusty...?" Candy tries to get his attention nervously. 

    The others are not sure what is going to happen, but soon that is answered:

    So many things rush through the little blue pegaus's mind, but in the end it overcomes him...and he falls over in a daze.

    The girls stand there and stare down at him as he just lays there. They look at each other, shrug, and just giggle.

    "I guess Gust was right after all..." Delicacy mentions as she giggles.

    "About what?" Starlight asks.

    "If he had just waited, he could have gotten the "Wings of Steel" in the end.

    Candy nods and agrees, "Eeyup!"

    The three continue to giggle and enjoy this moment with their best friend lying about in his confusion and utter disappointment. The little colt fusses and mutters two words:

    "Why me...?"



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MLP: Wings of Steal by Courageous-of-Light

/ / / / ©2014-2016 Courageous-of-Light
    Gust is desperate to wanting a rare Daring Do Trading Card called "The Wings of Steel", but it is expensive to buy and will take him months to save up for it. However, when the card falls out of the store's inventory by accident, Gust picks up the card and takes it for himself. But even while he is happy to have it, is it worth keeping...even if it means losing the friendship of his best friends? Find out!!

MLP: Apple for a Day:courageous-of-light.deviantart…  MLP: Code of the Cutie:: courageous-of-light.deviantart…
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Critique by Onix-ceptable Jan 22, 2014, 3:48:02 PM
*aggressively tries to think of witty introduction statement* Ah, well, I'll just get right to what I liked! :D

1. The concept. If you haven't noticed already, I'm a huge geek, and trading cards were pretty much my childhood. This serves as an excellent chance to characterize Gust. I always find it really adorable to see a character always trying to be cool but is secretly a total dweeb. Maybe make him a little more reserved about his passions out of fear that ponies like Crown Jewel, Beryl and Pearl will judge him.
2. Pinkie Pie was perfectly in character. Not many people can pull off writing a personality like that, but you always do it fantastically.
3. The lesson. Not gonna elaborate much on this, because I fangirl your lessons every single time and you're probably getting tired of hearing it. ^^;
4. The scene where Candy Apple sneaks up on Gust to confront him. Actually, you should make Candy Apple the Snapback in your stories, the Snapback being an archetype in which the character is witty and always has a comeback or funny remark at hand for when things get rough, while still being rather short-tempered and even brutally honest sometimes.
5. That ending! I was just about ready to fire my Critique Cannon on the fact that I saw the ending coming a mile away, and then, bam! The fact that he could have gotten it all along but doesn't get it in the end had me pleasantly surprised!

Now, for what could be improved on:
1. Starlight is a princess. So, in theory, she's rich. Or, at least her family is. So, couldn't she just ask her parents if they could lend her money to buy the card and then give it to Gust as a gift? Come to think of it, I don't even see why Starlight really needs to have a role in this story, as it focuses primarily on Gust and Candy Apple.
2. I'm seeing Candy Apple getting a little more "wise sage" archetype here, and I feel it would work much better on Delicacy. As I stated earlier, Candy Apple should be more hot-headed and smart-alecky to further differentiate her from Applejack. Not too much like Rainbow Dash, though, just enough to make her her own pony.
3. I still am finding your writing style to be really stiff, like you're writing the script for a play rather than a story. "Yes...and they have the sweetest gems too," Delicacy states as she bites into them. See what I mean? It's lacking emotion. Something like "'Yes, and they have the sweetest gems, too!', Delicacy says, and bites into one. The other ponies flinch at the audible crack as the gem shatters beneath her dragon-like fangs". It adds a touch of humor as well as implies that maybe the other ponies are not entirely comfortable with the fact that she is doesn't have a normal upbringing.
4. The opening scene was kind of pointless. Really all it does is tell the reader that, yes, Pinkie Pie and her sisters live in Tambelon. It would be better to start with them leaving Sugarcane Lane. You can get the exposition without the filler.
5. Your descriptions get a little strange sometimes. "He smiles and flies over to greet his pretty and awesome wife, 'Hiya honey~'" I'd describe Rainbow Dash as a lot of things, but not "pretty and awesome", especially when narrating from an outside perspective. Also, if Rainbow Dash and Soarin both work at the Wonderbolt academy, shouldn't they be arriving home at about the same time? Or maybe they had a race and Rainbow Dash lost or something. Anyway, back to the descriptions. Maybe something like, "He grins and flies over to greet his disgruntled mate. 'Beat you home again, honey', he teases and nuzzles her cheek. "Oh, be quiet", she snaps, but nuzzles him back." It keeps them both in character without being too reliant on dialogue.
6. Speaking of dialogue, this story was like seventy percent speaking. Quieter moments like the one Gust had when he was debating whether or not to show off the stolen card to the bullies sprinkled in here and there would really help to set the mood.
7. Candy Apple and Gust have been friends since they were foals. Would Candy Apple seriously threaten him with losing their friendship when he messes up one time? A more effective threat would be telling his parents what had happened. Dangling something as major as their friendship over his head just seems kind of cruel on Candy Apple's part. One thing's for sure, I wouldn't go dumping my best friend just because she stole something. If stuff like this keeps happening, then a fight between Candy Apple and Gust would be fine and actually add a lot to the plot. Something I've noticed about your stories is that they lack any actual angst. Any anger that arises is simply the result of the villain being the villain. There's no real tension between the characters.
8. You're overusing the words "expresses" and "admits". "Admits" would work better in a confession scene or some other angsty "liar revealed" kind of subplot or trope. Using it to say how much you like the ice cream is really distracting. As for "expresses", I actually try to stay away from that word completely. If you're suggesting what they say has emotion in it, you have to use adjectives, not verbs.
9. Using the term "yearlings" suggests the narrator breeds and races horses in his spare time. "Young ponies" would be better.
10. "...40 bits?!!" Gust exclaims in shock, "How can something this awesome and cool be so expensive?!" If something is awesome and cool, shouldn't it be extra expensive?
11. Would the toy store really be giving away a forty bit trading card?
12. There are a few typos here and there, but this is more just me nitpicking. ^^;

So, that's pretty much it. I love this concept so much, just asdfghjkl; cannot even. *faints* I see what you're doing here with giving each of the new Mane Six their own little story, so my guess is that Delicacy is next. I can't wait to read it! :squee:
What do you think?
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SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015
Gusty probably heard  THIS SOUND right at the end.
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
My thoughts exactly!! :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015
Poor kid could have avoided all this...
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Eeyup!! Stealing is never right...and if he had just waited, Gust could have recieved what he wanted :giggle:
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015
Irony is a cruel mistress.
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Eeyup :D
ArtisticNinjaCat Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
LOL Karma can be big witch sometimes
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Eeyup :giggle:
ArtisticNinjaCat Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
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Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
:D :D :D
Lionwar1996 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014
Hehehe, nice twist at the end. Gusty should have waited and then he could have showed it off.
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Eeyup! :D

silvermist1223 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
there is 2 alicorns why
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
What do you mean?

The alicorn in this story here is Starlight
silvermist1223 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
is that the one laying down in front
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oh that one. No, that is a Changeling. 

I know it doesnt look like the ones you have seen before, but I made a story months ago to where they were reformed and now they look different. They look like ponies but with some different features, like horn, eyes, and shapeshifting abilities. 
silvermist1223 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
oh now i get it
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
silvermist1223 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
riky9797 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
This chapter is awesome!! >w<
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it!! :squee: 
riky9797 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Your welcome! ^w^
I can't waiting for the next chapter!
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yay!! :D :D :D
riky9797 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
twilightsparkle2013 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I knew that was coming! Just knew it! Great work, once again!
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Eeyup! That's what makes it so funny :giggle:

Thank you!! :D
twilightsparkle2013 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Exactly. When you write a lot, reading gives you a glimpse of the mind of the author, so you know what they're going to do a lot of the time. XD

Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Eeyup :D
MLPquang20-c Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Student General Artist
I guess it's a bit topsy turvy for Gust. Ah well, at least he learned his lesson.
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, if only he did wait...the card would have been his. But yes, he learned a lesson far more important...which is something we all should learn as well :nod:
wolf12832 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
I feel sorry for Gusty.
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah. But, it proves that stealing never pays...especially if he had just waited then he would have gotten the card. :D
wolf12832 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
True. Now he has to get all of those bits again.
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Eeyup! :D

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