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December 30, 2012
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The six little ponies have divided into groups of two and have began their long journey towards what might be their only salvation of saving Equestria from the Darkness: Asking the aid of the zebras, buffalo, dragons, and other ponies and creatures that will lend a hoof.

Although the chances of success are slim at best, it is their only option; The girls will not give up on their family and friends while that monster rules over them and their free will.

But as they move further away from the storm clouds that surround their home in the skies above, they can hear them growing louder…and spreading to the north.

Twilight Sparkle's theory has proven to be correct…


After successfully claiming Canterlot, Cloudsdale, and Ponyville for himself, Tirek's eyes now turn to the north, east, and west. Already he has sent legions of ponies and other creatures he controls to capture the cities and empires. Soon, none will stand in his way.

To the west lies the city of Las Pegasus. This is home to many actors and stars that became famous all throughout Equestria for their performances in plays and films. This night is special, for it is to be a big premiere, staring some of the most famous actors in Equestria. But now, the whole event us about to be brought to an end.

As the storm clouds roll in, covering the star-filled night sky, the ponies within the city only think this to be nothing more than a minor disturbance and will not let it ruin the big night. But for some of them, the clouds are moving in fast; In their eyes this is not natural.

The high-class ponies continue to ignore the storm and resume enjoying the premiere of the new film that will soon spread all over Equestria and become a big hit. They all head inside the theater and seat themselves, ready for the movie.

As the curtains open and the lights go dark, everypony in the audience stands and cheers as the movie starts. Unfortunately, the roar of applause quickly ends as they see ponies bursting through the screen, tearing it apart. What they all see next are those very ponies, with their eyes as black as coal, coming at them with laughter as evil as the villain staring in the very movie they interrupted.

The audience cries out in fear and try to run away from the attacking ponies. Those in the front and middle rows are the first to be caught, and then transformed into a minion of evil. The ones in the far back are able to reach the exit.

Once they run out of the theater, they soon witness the entire beautiful city of Las Pegasus in panic; Ponies are running around trying to escape from the invaders, only to fall prey to the evil beams that shoot from those dark eyes. Soon, the ponies find themselves surrounded by those that attacked from the theater, and those from the outside. The dark ponies grin wickedly as they move in towards the last that have not been converted.

Within less than half an hour, the entire city has fallen into Darkness.


Far to the east, nestled along the coast are the three major cities of Equestria: Baltimare, Fillydelphia, and Manehatten.

Baltimare is the southernmost of the three; A busy city filled with lights all around and ships in the port. There are many ponies here that both sleep and work late in the night. But, when the sight of storm clouds appear above in the skies, all lights soon turn out as evil comes to claim their city in the name of the Dark One.

Fillydelphia lies in the middle of the three great cities. It is known for its tall buildings that go up high into the sky...where it can almost touch the clouds. Soon, the beautiful night sky before them disappears as the clouds roll in, along with the invading ponies. Eventually, the sounds of a busy city become filled with screams, which then quickly turns into the wicked sounds of laughter.

Manehatten is a city built on the water in the north. There are many buildings, towers, and the famous statue that lies just off the coast. This is home to many big-time ponies, including some relatives of the Apple Family. Like the cities to the south, this one has fallen once the armies of evil march in, attacking and transforming all they encounter into one of them.


Far to the north, within the frozen lands of the Crystal Mountains, sits the ever bright and beautiful Crystal Empire. Once a shining jewel of Equestria, it fell victim to evil over a thousand years ago by a dark unicorn named King Sombra. He was defeated by the two princesses and imprisoned in the ice, but so was the Empire due to a curse he placed upon it.

Some time ago the Empire rose back up and it was thanks to the efforts of the Mane Six and a few others that the Crystal Ponies of the Empire were saved and King Sombra was defeated for good. The Empire prospered since then, with Princess Cadance as its ruler. But now, the same terrible fate is approaching slowly, and this time the Crystal Ponies may not be able to resist the influence of evil.

The Crystal Heart, which keeps the Empire safe from danger, activates its shield to protect it's citizens as the evil arrives. The ponies all awaken when they hear the sounds of the evil army approaching their border. Some take shelter while the others stand ready to defend the Empire.

The magical shield holds for as long as possible, but the Darkness is too strong this time. Once it falls, the armies march in. The Crystal Ponies stand their ground, refusing to allow their home to fall again. The invaders number in the many, with an alicorn leading them from the skies.

The Crystal Guard are ready to charge, but once the invaders come closer it becomes apparent who they are: ponies from Canterlot, along with Princess Cadance leading the bulk of the horde. The defender's spirit drop fast when they see it is their own leader attacking their beloved Empire.

The invasion has at last reached the town, and although the Crystal Ponies fight with valor, they are helpless to the evil that comes from the invader's eyes; The army of Darkness increases rapidly and continue to take the entire Empire.

Eventually, the invading army succeeds and Princess Cadance claims the Empire in the name of her Master. The taint of the Darkness spreads all over...corrupting the crystals and many ancient objects within the city and castle.

The Crystal Empire had finally fallen to evil.


Meanwhile, the Master of Midnight Castle can feel the strength of his power increasing as the Darkness spreads throughout all of middle and northern Equestria; He now has complete control of all civilizations and its population.

Tirek, now the self-claimed Emperor of Equestria, appears on the balcony of his throne room, and glares down at his servants below; They ceased everything they were ordered and kneel when their master appears before them. He merely snorts and says to himself, "SUCH PATHETIC CREATURES. THIS IS WHAT THEY WERE BORN TO DO, AND THIS IS ALL THEY WILL KNOW…NOW AND FOREVER."

He turns from his servants and walks back inside. The Dark Ponies below return to work...slaving away at building monuments of their master, or guarding his castle from any who may dare attack; they serve him without question, for their free his to command.

The Master returns to his throne and sits upon it. He grins in amusement, realizing that in only a day, he was able to take most of Equestra with very little resistance. He knows now that the rest of the world will be his very soon, but before he all that, the doors of his throne room open, and the Captain of his guard appear.

"Master Tirek…forgive me for interrupting, but I have news to give to you," Shining Armor announces as he kneels.

Tirek is known to be quick to anger, and would punish the white unicorn for this interruption, but decides to hear what he has to say first, "SPEAK THEN!"

"We have brought you the prisoners we captured from the Everfree Forest. They may have information that is vital to you, Master."

Tirek says nothing and only makes a gesture with his hand, signaling the Captain to bring the prisoners in.

"Bring them in!" Shining Armor orders to his troops. The other guards enter, holding the chains that bind the two prisoners: Zecora and Princess Luna. They are brought up to the throne and forced to kneel to the one sitting upon it.

Tirek glares down at the two creatures that are bound by chains that will prevent them from using any magic of any sort. He growls a little and look at the Captain, "WHERE ARE THE OTHERS?!"

Shining Armor kneels again and answers, "They were not there. They must have escaped somehow. The creatures of the Forest are continuing to look for them…we will find them, Master."


Zecora stands up and yells, "Not a word shall we speak, to a monster that preys on the weak!"

This causes one of the guards to push her down and yell at her, "You will speak when allowed to, Zebra!!"

Both Luna and Zecora receive angry glares from the Guards, but Tirek holds up his hand, halting them immediately. The guards step back, but hold the chains tight.


Zecora and Luna are not afraid of what Tirek will do to them; They will never betray their friends to him. He knew this, but decides to play around with their minds before converting them.

"I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU, MY DEAR LUNA!" Tirek snaps his finger and a pony appears out of the shadows.

Tears form in her eyes as she sees who it is,"S-S-Sister…?" Luna mutters.

"It has been a while since I last saw you." The former Princess of the Sun walks around her sister while speaking, "Let us put our differences aside. We were both meant to serve the Darkness. Accept my offer, and join me at the Master's side."

Luna can not believe what she is hearing, nor can she bare it: The same words her sister spoke to her right after she was freed by the Elements of Harmony are being used against her like this, by Tirek's command no doubt.

She refuses to cry, even though it is hard to hold it back, "How…how dare you…" she mutters to the Centaur, "How dare you do this to my sister! HOW DARE YOU!!" Princess Luna's eyes lite up, and with what strength she has saved up, is able to break through the chains, knocking the guards back. She spreads her wings and flies straight right at Tirek.

She is so angry at this monster she is determined to take him down. Tirek just stands there, unimpressed. Luna gets closer...until she feels pain hit her side, causing her to fall to the ground. She tumbles and finally comes to a halt, but is too weak to get up again.

Luna sees that it is Celestia who hit her with dark magic. The loyal Bodyguard of Tirek walks over to her sister and holds her down, "You refused my offer, sister! But you will join us…regardless!"

Celestia gazes into Luna's eyes and uses the beam of evil to transform her into an Alicorn of evil. Luna groans and can do nothing as the Darkness takes her once again. She soon feels herself changing; The same as from a thousand years ago.

When the Darkness clears, the Alicorn stands and is no longer Princess Luna of the Night. She has become the wicked mare of Darkness once more: Nightmare Moon.

"I have returned, my Master…ready to serve your every command!" She says as she kneels to the Centaur.

Tirek grins and laughs maniacally as his greatest servant is his once again. He then turns his attention to the zebra prisoner and motions his guards to convert her as well. The guards obey and gaze into her eyes, causing her to quickly become one of them.

Zecora rises once her eyes are as dark as the others and kneels, "I am yours to command, Master…ready to bring and spread disaster."

Tirek nods and sits back on his throne, and order the zebra to tell of where the Mane six have gone.


After hearing the tale, Tirek only scoffs at the idea of those little ponies wandering around southern Equestria, seeking aid from other creatures and hoping to build an army to challenge him.

"Master, just give the word, and we will find them before they succeed," Shining Armor says determined and ready to march.

"NO..." Tirek replies.

The guards all look confused to why he does not want anything done. Tirek sees their expressions and hits his fist on his throne, "ARE YOU QUESTIONING ME?!!"

"No, Master…never…" Shining and the others kneel hard, hoping the Centaur will show some mercy to them.


He turns to his pet dragon and signals him to approach, "GO AND FIND THEM. I WANT TO SEE HOW FAR THEY WILL GO BEFORE THEIR END IS UPON THEM!"

The Dragon obeys, spreads forth his wings, and takes off. He flies away from Midnight Castle and heads south...searching for the first pony he will not only spy on, but will gladly like to make suffer: Twilight Sparkle.

After watching his pet leave, Tirek summons the Darkness around him. His next plan is to reach out to all the evil creatures outside of Equestria and bring them to serve him. He will order them to attack the kingdoms and civilizations all over the world, and to which they willobey without question.

Already most of Equestria is his, and soon the rest of the world will follow.
Most of Equestria has fallen to the Darkness. Tirek now rules all ponies and creatures. Will there be any hope at all?

Chapter Chapter…
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ChaosContrl Jan 8, 2013  Student General Artist
You are making the perfect example to represent Darkness as the total opposite of Pureness. Awesome!
Courageous-of-Light Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks. I do the best I can with what I have and know.
ChaosContrl Jan 8, 2013  Student General Artist
Well, you are doing it "like a boss"!! =D
Courageous-of-Light Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hahahahaha. Thanks!
ChaosContrl Jan 8, 2013  Student General Artist
You're welcome!
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