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"Wait!!!" Twilight Sparkle cries out upon opening her eyes and finding herself returned to her bedroom and out of the dream that she still tries to feel if it was a dream...or something more. As she sits up with slight panting heard from released from her lungs to her mouth, the lavender unicorn looks around and notices that it is still late at night and all is as it was the same as before.

    "Ugh...Twilight?" The little baby dragon moans from his little basket bed nearby. Obviously, the scream of his best friend awoken him as well, "What's with all...the screaming...?" As he opens his mouth to release a great yawn, Spike looks up at Twilight as she sits up and awaits for her to answer.

    "Sorry Spike...I just..." Twilight apologizes and is about to explain what happened, but has a feeling that not even Spike will understand nor believe what she encountered within her dreams; She may fear her little dragon will think she is crazy or she decides to let it go and just brush it off as nothing more than a bad dream, "...never mind; It's nothing. Go back to sleep."

    "Fine by me..." Spike quickly agrees without a second thought and slumps back down into his bed and falls fast asleep once again.

    Even as much as the brilliant little mare wishes to discover and determine if the what she went through was real or not, it is late in the hour and she cannot find herself able to stay awake. Plus with the Gala coming up, staying up late over something that may have just been a dream base on the book she read earlier will be a waste of time. Reaching that conclusion, Twilight lays herself back down and goes to sleep...and hopes her next dream will be simple and explainable in the morning.


    The morning of the day where the Grand Galloping Gala has finally arrived. Princess Celestia arises early to raise the sun, then allows her servants and party planners to finish preparations for the grand event to where many ponies, including her star students and friends, will attend and have one of the best nights ever once again.

    "Today will certainly night that nopony will forget," The great white alicorn states to her sister Luna, "...and I hope you will be able to attend too, little sister."

    "We will try, big sister. We will try..." The dark blue alicorn princess replies, promising nothing but will do her best, "But for now, I need my I am off to sleep."

    Celestia wishes her younger sister a good rest before the grand event tonight and watches her trot off to her bedroom to get some sleep. Afterwards, Celestia returns to assisting the planners by making the decisions of what should be used and those that can be put on hold until the next Gala. There is a lot of work to be done before tonight...and the Princess will see it through until the end.

    Elsewhere, down the mountain that holds the elegant and beautiful city of Canterlot, the sleepy citizens of the prosperous town of Ponyville arise from their beds to greet the warm day and begin anew with the daily chores and work that help keep everything running and growing.

    With everypony off to their jobs or to school, a certain orange coated mare trots her way on down to the Golden Oaks Library to pay a good friend a well as remind her of the time the gathering to prepare for the gala will take place. Arriving to the red wooden door with the candle symbol on it, the honest and hardworking earth pony named Applejack knocks and is about to call out when she hears a voice answer before she can even utter a word:

    "It's open!" 

    Applejack shrugs and strolls on into the large tree and is very surprised...well not that see Twilight Sparkle with her eyes deep within three books at once; She reads one paragraph after another and moves to the next book and so on. Back and forth the star pupil of the princess goes as she attempts to catch up on her studies with what time she has left, "Morning, whoever you are!" 

     With a hearty chuckle as a response to what she sees, Applejack walks on over to her in hopes to pry her eyes from the many lines of words that seem to have her under a spell of sorts, "Uhh...mornin’ Twi. Glad ta see ya’ll up and a matter of speakin'."

     Twilight gives a slight nod and allows herself to pull her attention away from the books that she has only reached a third of the way, "Oh sorry, Applejack. It's great to see you as well. I've been trying to catch up with my studies since I found myself occupied with another matter as of last night."

    "What matter would dat be, sugarcube?" The curious Applejack asks, wondering if there could be something to help her best friend with.

    "It's nothing important," Twilight reassures, "I have things under control for now...since the Gala is a long way away from now." Twilight turns her head back to the books and hopes she can restart soon."

    "Well, alright. Ah just came by ta let ya know dat Rarity is expectin' us ta gather at the Carousel Boutique 'round lunch don't be late or ya might as well have ta sit through another lecture of hers." The thought of having to listen to the uptight and prissy mare talk away for hours on one "small" subject is enough to allow a small giggle to escape Applejack's mouth.

    Twilight feels the same as her honest best friend and giggles along with her. Afterwards, with much anxiousness to return to her studies before heading on over to Rarity's place, the lavender unicorn looks up at Applejack and smiles, "I promise I will not be late."

    “Alrighty den. Ah guess ah better be gettin’ on back to da farm. Need ta help Big Macintosh with harvestin’ some apples before da end of da day."

    Twilight smiles and understands that she is not the only pony that is in need to be getting back to something important before the Gala. With a light hug given to a friend who was honest and kind enough to visit her this morning, Twilight returns the kindness by walking with Applejack to the door to see her off, ”Okay. Thanks again for stopping-”

     Just as the two reach the open door to the outside of the library, a certain blue pegasus flies on through and crashes right into Twilight and Applejack, knocking them all down onto the floor and spilling many books all over the place...destroying all of Spike's hard work in tidying up.

    "Awwww...come on!" Spike complains upon seeing an even bigger mess than he started with. He knows he will have to clean it up...but only if Twilight helps this time.

    “What in Tarnation?!”  Applejack expressing with much frustration as she lays on top of a dazed Twilight, while a clumsy rainbow maned mare on top of her, “What’s da big idea…comin’ in like dat, Rainbow Crash?!” 

    "That's Rainbow DASH!" The pegasus with such speed that few others can match snaps back at Applejack as she flaps her wings and gets off of her two best friends, "And sorry about that. I came by to return the new issue of “Daring Do” that Twilight let me borrow.” She refers to the book that is now among the mess she caused with her crash.

     An annoyed Applejack gets up and helps Twilight back up, "Well, be dat as it may, ah hope yer plannin ta help Twilight and myself clean up dis here mess ya made."

    Rainbow Dash gives a small wave of her hoof and scoffs at the very thought of what Applejack is asking, "Of course I'm gonna help you guys. What kind of question is that to ask, Applejack? I mean, what kind of friend would abandon their friends when they are in need of my wicked fast skills and awesome moves?" 

    Both Applejack and Twilight chuckle at Rainbow's habit of showing off and acting cool in times like there. Eventually, Applejack tips her brown hat and stops her loyal friend before she gets carried away, "Alright, we get da picture, Rainbow."

    Twilight agrees but is grateful that two of her five best friends are willing to help clean up the mess, “Thanks Rainbow Dash. I really appreciate this."

    "Anytime!" The loyal and tomboyish pegasus assures, and helps her friends get to work on cleaning up the pile of books and scattered papers all over the place; Hours worth of cleaning up has just shortened...all thanks to a little teamwork and friendship.


    "Hey Twilight?" Rainbow turns to her friend after finishing cleaning up one area of the library, with only one book left without a place in mind to put it, "Where does this book go?" 

    "Which one, Rainbow?" Twilight Sparkle questions as she turns around to see what book Rainbow is referring to, only to gasp when she sees that it is the worn journal that she worked so hard to restore and attempt to understand. As quick as she can, the lavender unicorn snatches the book from Rainbow's grasp with her magic, "Be Careful with that! It is really old!"

     Rainbow Dash is shocked by the sudden near panic attack Twilight just displayed, “Sheesh Twilight, I didn’t know. I was just asking where you wanted it!" 

     Twilight immediately realizes that she did overreact a little over the silly little book that continues to be a bit of a burden to her and those around a way, “I’m sorry. It’s just…I worked hard last night trying to repair what I could...” Twilight apologizes and explains what she has been through to fix this book.

    "Apology accepted, Twilight," Rainbow Dash replies with a smile, knowing that she cannot stay mad at her best friends...especially on the day of the Grand Galloping Gala.

    Twilight is appreciative of both Rainbow Dash for her loyalty to her friends, and Applejack for her honest and support. Together, they are able to finish cleaning up the library in only thirty minutes with so much extra time to spare. This allows both mares to leave Twilight to her studying while they can head back on out and resume the plans they have.

    "Well, A'll be seein' ya both later on!" Applejack gives her goodbyes to both Rainbow and Twilight, then gallops on out of the Library and back to the farm.

    "I guess I should get going too, Twilight," Rainbow suggests when there is nothing left to cleanup, "I have to practice my moves for when I meet the Wonderbolts at the Gala."

    "Alright. Good luck and thanks for everything," Twilight wishes her friend the best and allows her to head on out the door.

    Once Rainbow Dash is out the door, Twilight returns to the area where her pile of books to study are once more in place right where she left off. Even the small, worn journal is among the pile, and it continues to bring nothing but questions to the mind of the little unicorn...where the only answers she gets are that of her friends getting in the mix of it all.

    "Maybe Princess Celestia will know something of this...since it was in her library..." Twilight hypothesizes as she returns to her studying.


    Later on that afternoon, the hour begins to draw closer to the start of the Grand Galloping Gala. Many ponies across Ponyville, Cloudsdale, Canterlot, and some as far as Las Pegasus are dressing up in their best dresses and suits in order to impress the Canterlot Elite and the Princess herself. With only a few hours for extra time to get ready, everypony does their best to prepare themselves and others for the biggest event in all of Equestria.

    While everypony seems to busy with their own plans of preparations, a certain lavender unicorn trots her way over to the Carousel Boutique, with her number one assistant riding upon her back while holding a certain book of spells that will come in handy for their ride over to Canterlot.

    After a brief stroll, Twilight Sparkle and Spike arrive at Rarity's place and walks on in, where they both hear the bell hanging above ring...informing the three ponies there already that they have arrived.

    The first to greet the two is none other that the hyperactive and fun loving pink pony known by everypony in Ponyville: Pinkie Pie. ”Hey Twilight! You ready for the Grand Galloping Gala because I know I am because it’s going to be so much fun! I wonder what I will do first? Maybe I’ll try some of the food or maybe get some party music going?! Oh, there is so much to do but I know all my friends will be there with me so it’ll be Fun Fun FUUUUUNNN!!”

    Twilight rolls her eyes and smiles at the chatty as well as bouncy pink mare that has such a love of sweets and good laughter, “Good to see you too, Pinkie Pie...and yes, I am looking forward to tonight's event as well." 

    “Well, it's good to see you both have arrived on time...unlike some other ponies..." Rarity walks in to greet her friends, while sarcastically reminiscing on how Applejack and Rainbow Dash have yet to arrive. "Those two were suppose to be here half an hour ago..."

    "Oh don't worry, Rarity. I'm sure they are on their way here as we speak," Twilight reassures her best friend who has been generous enough to all herself and the rest of the Mane Six for allowing them to get ready for the Gala at her house...where all the dresses, accessories, and makeup can be found.

    "I do hope you are right, darling." Rarity says as she turns her gaze to Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, who were able to come in earlier than the scheduled time, "But all while we wait for those two ruffians, why don't we start with you, Flutterhsy?"

    The timid little pegasus with the lovely, long pink mane gives out a light gasp when she hears her name being called first, " Oh...are you...sure?"

    "Absolutely, darling. You were the first to arrive, so you have the pleasure of trying out your redesigned dress."

    "Oh...well...okay," Fluttershy agrees to volunteer as the first to have Rarity prettier her up for the Gala. The little yellow pegasus walks along with Rarity and towards the changing room...when all of a sudden she is spooked when the sound of two ponies dashing on through the Boutique door in a hurry, "EEP!!"

    Rainbow Dash and Applejack appear and pant a little from all the galloping or flying in Rainbow's case. After catching their breath, Applejack speaks up, "Sorry fer scarin' ya, Fluttershy...and sorry fer bein late, Rarity. We had more apples dan we-"

    Rarity sighs but must feel the need to interrupt her friends before they go on when more important issues are in need of their attention, "Yes yes, Applejack...we can have all the time later to discuss that well thought out story...but since everypony is here and accounted for..." Rarity takes in a deep breath and then raises her voice, "Everypony into the dressing room, RIGHT NOW!!!" 

    The five ponies jump at Rarity’s voice and respond by obeying her command. They all rush into the dressing room as fast as they can, to try on their remade dresses and prepare for the Gala...which officially begins in three hours from now. Once the five mares are gone, Spike is left alone with Rarity for the moment

    “Uh…what would you have of me, Lady Rarity?" Spike asks as he awaits for the most beautiful pony in all of the world, whom he has had a crush on ever since he moved to Ponyville, to say something to him.

    “Oh, for you my little Spikey-Wikey, your suit is right over there," Rarity informs as she points over at the black outfit resting on the chair, that she made personally for her little dragon friend, "Change as quickly as possible. It would be rather rude to keep a lady waiting,” She implies in her ladylike tone, while rubbing his head gently with her hoof.

    Spike blushes at the feel of her soft hoof praising his scaly head. With a proper bow, Spike responds like that of a gentlecolt and smiles “Anything for you, Lady Rarity.”

    Rarity appreciates his kindness and proper manners, and leaves him to change while she returns to the dressing room to join with up with her friends. Even with a few hours until the Gala, Rarity is determined to help her friends and herself look more elegant than the last time...and have a night that they will never forget.


     Around an hour later, the sun slowly begins to set over the horizon, and the hour of the Grand Galloping Gala is approaching fast. The dashing young dragon, where his brand new suit, awaits outside by a tree...with an apple that Applejack brought with her and a four mice who volunteered to come when Fluttershy asked them politely.

    As the little purple and green dragon awaits for the young mares to arrive, especially the beautiful Rarity, he has the piece of fruit and the little critters all stand in the perfect spot so that Twilight can cast the spell with ease; Not to mention that Rarity's cat Opal was placed in her tiny cage to avoid another incident like the previous Gala.

    “Wonder what is taking them so long? The Gala will be starting soon.” Spike asks himself when there is nothing left to do but wait for the lovely mares to come on out. Just then, The baby dragons hears the front door open and he turns around to see his six best friends all wearing their wonderful and glamorous Gala dresses. They are much like the last ones, but with a bit more sparkle to them each, "Wow! You six look...amazing!"

    “Thanks, Spike,” Twilight thanks her dear friend as she walks up to him, while wearing her star themed dress that shines as brightly as the stars out tonight in the sky.

    “Thank ye kindly, Spike,”  Applejack replies while crossing her front legs to to show off her even better cowgirl themed dress that feel much more comfortable than the last.

    “Thanks!” the hyperactive Pinkie Pie squeals while admiring how sweet she looks with all the sweetness of the new candy bows and ribbons all tied upon her pink dress.

    Yeah, Thanks,” Rainbow Dash nods as she grins at the awesome and 20% cooler rainbow dress than the previous which she feels will impress the Wonderbolts gathered at the Gala tonight.

    “Thank you, Spike,” Fluttershy thanks in a kind soft voice, as she sees her cute little mice friends all ready to do their part to help get their beautiful and gentle mare and her friends to the Gala on time.

    “Thank you ever so much, Spike, and I must say, you look very dashing in your new suit,” The beautiful and glamorous Rarity compliments her little dragon friend as she steps forward in her glass slippers, while showing off her remastered Gala dress and the matching gems that create such an elegant sparkle as they shine.

    Spike feels so love struck by how beautiful Rarity looks on this very night; She is even more so than any other time the little dragon as seen her. Even as he feels his heart beat, his moment of admiring is interrupted when Twilight gently nudges him, " you Rarity."

    Twilight gives her little friend an smile of approval for remembering his manner, then aims her horn at the carriage while Spike lays the book out for her, with the spell that holds the key to their ride to Canterlot. Focusing hard and aiming it just right, Twilight Sparkle summons forth a spell that transforms the tiny apple into that of an apple carriage, and the little mice before mice-like horses. Their ride to the Gala is now before them. “Well, shall we be on our way, girls?”

The others agree at one and allow Spike to open the carriage door to allow the mares of the hour inside. Once they are all in, Spike closes the door, jumps up in the front seat, and takes hold of the reigns. “Giddy-up," he cries to the mice-horses, who begin trotting their way down the road and towards Canterlot, pulling the carriage along with them. The Grand Galloping Gala awaits them.

    The GRand Galloping Gala awaits six very special little ponies who are looking forward to spending the as much time as possible with each other and have themselves the best night ever.


     Far off in the uninhabited lands of the world beyond Equestria, where such rugged terrain and mountains that harbor no settlement for miles that the eye can see, lies the great Gates of Tartarus that are guarded by a giant three headed dog that is sworn to never allow any creatures passed him. Here in this place where so few every travel and return to tell the tale of what they have beheld by their own eyes, are where many wicked and terrifying monsters are imprisoned for their evil deeds committed over a spread of hundreds if not thousands of years.

     Passed the gates and further into the prison, there are a numerous cages scattered all over the place that are currently holding some of the most evil creatures the likes of which the world has never seen before…or has seen and wishes to never see again. But down the mild cells and few guards that watch over them, in the deepest chamber, there is one cell that is held together tightly with some of the strongest magic and chains ever created. 

    This prisoner, who is one of the oldest ever imprisoned here, is one that all others have come to fear...for HE is the most dark and evil monster that which the likes of Tarturus even has come to fear. But thanks to the powerful chains that hold him inside, there is nothing to bring concern since he has not moved in so long nor spoken since he was first placed here.

    But suddenly, silence falls upon the hundreds of prisoners as they turn their gaze to the very cell holding the one they both fear and respect. After many lifetimes and ages...they can feel the very breath of the monster and hear the very mere shake of his fists as they clutch.

     The guards hear not a thing within the prison and move together to investigate. Once they notice where the prisoners are glancing, they grab their spears and move to the area...slow and steady. Once the cage of the monster is plain in their sights, their bodies shiver in the piercing black eyes of the dark demon open wide and glare at all that stands in front of him.

    The guards try to stand their ground, but the mere growl of the creature cause them to turn and run...proving they are but cowards in a situation that has no possibility of victory.

    The monster growls and yanks on the very chains that hold his arms. In no time at all and with a mighty roar, the bonds break and he continues to rip off all the magical metal that has held him in place for millennium. With his body now free, The dark demon's eyes glow with such brimming dark power...and he blasts the cage open with his regenerated power. Now nothing is left to stop him he walks forward on his four hooves...towards the exit.

     As the very prison shakes with each step that the demon takes as he nears closer to freedom, the other prisoners of Tartarus bang on their cages while cheering for the one they call the Master of Darkness that will bring forth an everlasting era of evil upon the world. They can feel and see that nothing will stand in his way now.

     Upon hearing the loud noise from where he lays, the three heads called Cerberus rise up and stand ready to repel whatever it is that approaches them. But as they guard the only way out of Tartarus, the thundering hoofsteps and the smell of pure evil reaches the three noses of this now terrified guard dog; What comes is far more powerful than they can he flees as the monster arrives.

    As the gates stand unguarded, the shadowy demon stretches forth his one hand...and the gates fly open in a huge impact of dark power. Now...the very demon that was imprisoned for over four-thousand now free and ready to begin to conquest to cover all the lands before him in Darkness.

    With eyes gazing into the vast distance across the world, the Master of Darkness has founded the most prosperous and powerful kingdom in all the world...and will soon make it the seat of his new empire.

    Now with his goal set and such unlimited power at his beckon call, the monster moves forward towards his destination...and speaks only one set of words that shakes the very ground that feels that of a monstrous earthquake of evil:

The day has come for the next Grand Galloping Gala. Twilight and all her friends are ready to attend and have a fun time. Little do they know, the greatest evil has escaped from Tartarus...and is ready to cover the world Darkness. Will the Mane Six be prepared for this? Find out!

Chapter 1: courageousoflight.deviantart.c… Chapter 3: courageousoflight.deviantart.c…
Chapter Guide: courageousoflight.deviantart.c…

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Back looking at the ending. I felt like Tirek should of created Fissures, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Etc. :/ Oculus can do that since he has an ability called Oblivion Manifestation.
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Well....that's going to wreck the Gala. :fear:
And everything else between Tartarus and Equestria, if this guy takes the long trip.

Can't really blame the guards for burning boot, though. When someone escapes from Hell, and is in a bad mood, you don't fight him, you just run! There's being brave, and then there's being smart.

Liking this so far, onto the next one! :D

PS., I think "mild cells" was supposed to be "miles of cells".

(Unless you meant that there were prisoners who weren't as bad as the others, hence they got--relatively--mild punishments.)
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Edited Jun 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Eeyup! I agree.

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When I first read the villain's in introduction, one thought appeared in my mind

"Evil is not confined to a time, a place, or a form. It can lie dormant, only to rise again. With a new plan for destruction."

In the brightest day and in the darkest night,
No evil force shall escape our might,
When darkness falls and hope is lost,
Beware the power of Harmony's Light!    
twilightsparkle2013 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are amazing! I would do a critique, but it's not working for some reason or another. I think Java hates me. Anywho, the plot is amazing, and the characters seem, well, in character. I love the little things you put in there as allusions. Really adds a special touch. I love your villain intro. It chills me to the bone. You are a really good writer. This honestly ranks right up there with Past Sins, and other things that I'm way too scared to read.
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks :D

This entire story is not meant to be scary, though it may have some scary parts to it, but it is a story even children will love...especially if they love MLP :love:
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Oh, I never said it was scary. In fact, I think it's positively amazing! Past Sins was kind-of scary. This was amazingly lighthearted, especially compared to that! Erg. Words fail me yet again. Go ahead, desert the one who lovingly shapes you into emotions and stories, why don't you? Abandon the one who loving writes each and every ONE OF YOU, even when she's running out of lead! Sorry, words tend to die in a hole when I'm talking, but then, when I'm writing, they just go *whooosh!* and fly everywhere. Or typing. See, I know how it feels when people don't get the intended emotion from reading a story of yours. It just annoys me. I mean, I put so much effort into writing my stories, and then they only get 5 views in 2 years. How are you so popular? Oh, wait! I know! It's because you're amazing! Gee. I just looked at that. That's way too many words.:twilightsparkle:  I scare myself. Once again, you are amazing!
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Thank you so much!!! :D

I am glad you enjoyed this story, and hope my new fanfics will be just as entertaining to read :squee:
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Well, of course they'll be! You don't lose skill with time, you gain it!
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One of my favorate part about villains is their intro sequence. I love the way you introduced your villain, it gives me a sort of oh shit feeling.
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! :D

I got the idea for this video:…

The last words said in this video and this chapter, mix well. Take a look and you will see :)
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awesome :)
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