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    Twilight Sparkle continues to cry with her head buried within her arms as she lies upon the ground. No matter how much she wants to stop, she can not...not after everything that had just happened to her. No pony can understand what this little lavender unicorn is feeling right now. Every creature and pony that they gathered to battle the Darkness...refuses to fight, all because some old dragon says it is hopeless.

    But this is not the main reason why Twilight is crying. Her own friends, the ones she cares for and loves so much, have betrayed her; They refuse to believe what she has seen in her dreams...and would rather flee than stay and fight for their home.Twilight knows what she has seen is real, but now she is all alone...with nothing but her heart broken, and the magic of friendship gone. She is all alone; she has lost her home, her family, and now her best friends to the Darkness...or the fear of the Darkness.

    "W-w-why?...*sniff*...why...?"She mutters to herself as she sobs with such a heavy heart. Twilight Sparkle cries continuously, with no signs of stopping. Now all alone and with nothing left, she no longer cares and will only await for the Darkness to come and take her.

    As she keeps her head buried and sobs still, she can hear the hoof steps of somepony approaching her. They soon come to a halt...right in front of her. An unknown pony now stands before Twilight, staring down at her gently. Finally, he speaks to her softly, "Why ever are you crying?"

    Twilight wants whoever it is to go away and leave her alone. She refuses to look up or even say anything to him; She just keeps her face hidden and asks him to leave, "P-P-Please...g-go away. I want...t-to be alone."

    "But...why? Why would you wish for that?" He asks in a hushed tone.

    Realizing that this stranger is not going leave, Twilight pulls her face out from her soaked arms, but still does not look up at him, "Because...*sniff*...because my friends...they..." tears continue to flow down her face, "I don't have...any friends...*sniff*...anymore."

    The mysterious pony brings his hoof to Twilight's mane, and gently strokes her hair gently, "That cannot be true..."

    While Twilight did not know this pony...nor did she really enjoy having him stroke her mane like brings her some she allows him to continue, "No..." Twilight mutters weakly, "They don't care about me..."

    "I am sure they do...and are worried about you..."

    Twilight shakes her head with her eyes now closed, as more tears run down her face, "Just...please leave me alone!" She begs, "I want...*sniff* be alone...because...*sniff*...I am alone."

    "No are never alone..." The stranger says softly, which makes Twilight's ears to perk up upon hearing him say her name, "I told you...I would always be with you, and never leave you alone."

    Twilight gaspes a little once she hears those words...which were spoken to her some time ago, by a certain special pony. She musters up her strength and moves her gaze up from the ground to the pony before her. A small gasp escapes from Twilight's lips, as she is in complete surprise and shock to see who is standing there. He is a brown stallion with a horn and great wings. The color of his eyes are yellow, and are looking down into her own, smiling warmly. "C-C-Courageous...?" Twilight mutters to the alicorn.

    He gives a light nod and smiles at her, "Yes, Twilight. I am I promised I would be."

    The emotions Twilight feel now have gone from a deep sadness, to that of happiness. As tears form in her eyes once more, she leaps up from where she sits and throws her arms around Courageous's neck. He hugs him tightly, while sinking her face into his soft coat.

    Courageous Heart is surprised by this action, but at the same time is happy to be with her again. He sits upon the ground and wraps one foreleg around her to hold her steady and close as she weeps into him.

    "C-C-Courageous...I..." Twilight tries to speak, but finds herself unable to continue.

    "'s okay, Twilight. I am here for you.I am here for you," the brown alicorn whispers softly to her as he comforts the little lavender pony.

    Sniffing a little, Twilight holds onto him and spends a while finishing any crying she has left; Whether it is of sadness that was brought upon her, or the happiness she has found again in this wonderful stallion she now holds close to her.


    Both Twilight Sparkle and Courageous Heart sit in the grass side by side, underneath the beautiful starry sky, enjoying the company of each other. Twilight has finished her crying and wipes any remaining tears away. It took some time, but she is ready to speak again. “I am so happy to see you again, Courageous. I’ve missed you…so much,” Twilight says as she smiles warmly at the stallion sitting next to her.

    “As am I, Twilight. I have missed you too,” He gives her the same smile in return, “I only wished it would have been sooner…and you had not been hurt.”

    Twilight feels sad once again; The last time she was with him, it was so perfect. Yet now, she has just finished her painful sobbing, and feels like a complete mess in front of him. Twilight looks away, but soon feels a wing wrap around her gently. She gasps lightly, but soon smiles when she turns back to see Courageous doing all he canto comfort her.

    “Please don’t cry anymore, dear Twilight. I am sorry you were hurt, but all that matters now…is that you are here, and I will do anything…” The brown alicorn smiles warmly, “…to see you smile again.”

    Twilight blushes at his words and rests the side of her face against his shoulder, wishing to remain as close as possible to this wonderful pony who has been so kind and caring to her, even in this dark time.

    Courageous smiles and keeps his wing around this blushing unicorn, wanting to have her close, safe, and warm as the cool breeze blew through the fields they sit in.


    “Yes, Courageous?” She asks.

    “I wish to show you something…something I have been wanting to show you...for some time.”

    Twilight gently moves her face off his shoulder and looks up into his eyes, smiling a little, “What is it?”

    Courageous shakes his head and smiles, “It is something I cannot explain with words. It is for your eyes to see, my dear Twilight.”

    The lavender unicorn feels excited...although she wonders what he is going to surprise her with; She can already tell it is going to be special. This mighty stallion has already given her so much, and Twilight is truly looking forward to whatever it can be.

    Courageous rises and turns to the south, and smiles at Twilight, “Please, follow me…” He asks politely.

    Twilight gets up, rushes over to him and walks alongside him, to wherever it is he going to take her.


    As they walk across the valley of grass and flowers, Twilight can see nothing in front of her for miles. It feels as if he is leading her nowhere. Worrying that they may be lost, she turns to him. “How much further is this place you speak of, Courageous?”

    The alicorn stops and turns to her, “We are here.”

    Twilight raises an eyebrow and looks around...and sees nothing but an endless meadow, “I…I don’t understand…”

    Courageous gently places his hoof upon her shoulder, “This is your dream, Twilight. All you need to do is close your eyes, focus, and you will be where your heart desires.”

    Twilight smiles and does just that: She closes her eyes and focuses carefully. After a brief moment, she reopens her eyes...and gasps to what she sees in front of her.

    Both she and Courageous are somewhere completely different: She is now standing in larger meadow, but with fields of white lilies scattered all around them. There are birds chirping and fireflies glowing. A lake is just down a small pathway that they both stand upon. The stars sparkle brightly and the moon shines down upon this place...that is a true sight to behold.

    “Oh…My!” Twilight gasps as all that she sees before her and becomes speechless; No words can truly describe this magnificent place. She has created a paradise for herself, and for a very special pony to share it with.

    Courageous is so happy to see her smiling with such joy in her heart. Twilight looks up at him and smiles; She can find no words to thank him with for what he has given her. The great brown alicorn can see she wanted to say something, but knows she needs not to. All that matters is her happiness, in a place she herself created out of her own heart.

    Twilight smiles warmly at him, but then sees him gallop a little ahead of her and into the fields of white lilies. He turns around to look at her...and with a smile on his lips, he gently motions her with his head to follow him, wanting her to enjoy all that she sees around her. With great excitement, she trots towards him and into the fields. Soon, they both begnn to frolic through the flowers, with such joy and laughter. First, Courageous chases her as they move through these flowers that smell so wonderful, and soon he gets ahead of her and she follows happily.

    Eventually, Courageous reaches the top of a small hill and looks down to see the path again, leading to a bridge standing over a tiny stream. He smiles at this, but as he turns around, Twilight leaps at him and tackles him gently. They both end up rolling down the hillside, while holding onto each other, laughing the whole way down. Once they reach the bottom, Twilight is laying on top of the great stallion. They both blush and smile warmly.

    Twilight eventually gets up off of him and helps him up; They are having so much fun together. Smiling, they both continue down the pathway side by side, only closer than before. The little unicorn is so amazed with everything she sees, in this place she created for herself and Courageous.

    The two ponies arrive at the bridge, that is covered in white lilies, and walks up it and to the middle. Twilight looks off from the side and stares down at the little stream below. She notices small amounts of fish swimming merrily. Courageous feels so happy seeing her like this, and turns his sights on the flowers all around them. They are all alike, but he soon spots one that is much different than the rest. He wants to give it to her, for it is the perfect one.

    Twilight finishes watching the little fish in the stream, and looks back at Courageous, only to see him picking a flower with his teeth. She gasps and blushes when he brings it to her and holds it for her to smell. Twilight smiles and sniffs the flower...blushing at the sweet scent coming from it.

    Courageous moves the flower from her nose and gently places it within her mane; Just at the side of her head, right next to her right ear. Twilight blushes more at this; She feels so pretty with a beautiful flower in her hair. Once he finishes, Courageous steps back a little so that he can look at Twilight, and all her beauty. The blushing lavender pony looks into his eyes, and flutters her eyelashes at him, causing him to blush as much as she is.

    Twilight and Courageous stare into the other's eyes and move in to nuzzle their cheeks with each other. The feeling that they can feel warms their hearts ever so. The wind blows pleasantly and many of the flowers are picked up and fly all around them.

    Soon, Twilight returns to his side as she and Courageous walk off the bridge and continue on down the pathway. As they stroll, they can see the flowers moving through the warm wind; The fireflies and birds flying all over...and the stars shining ever brightly for the happy couple. Twilight smiles again as both she and Courageous reach the lake; The reflection of the moon shines upon the calm water. There is a nice,grassy patch just near the shore, and the smiling alicorn walks her to it.

    Once they reach the lake, both Courageous and Twilight sit down upon the grass and stare out into the lake. Twilight scoots closer to him and leans gently against him, sinking the side of her face into his soft coat, with her head just underneath his chin.

    Courageous wraps his wing around her and holds her close as they cuddle. As the wind blows and the stars shine, these two happy ponies stay ever so close together, wishing this moment to last forever.

    As she remains close to him, the blushing Twilight Sparkle can hear his heart beat, moving at the same pace as her own. At that moment, she can finally see what she is feeling in her heart...towards him; The very thing that she could not explain before, is finally loud and clear to her. love.

Courageous Sparkle - Commission by FunnyFany

Twilight has had her heart broken by her own friends, and feels alone in the Darkness. But now, she will find herself reunited with a special pony, and will soon discover what he means to her.

Music: "Looking Through Your Eyes"…

Courageous Heart and Twilight Sparkle: courageousoflight.deviantart.c…

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Chapter Guide: courageousoflight.deviantart.c…

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The opening of this chapter is very good. I like how you let the reader know what Twilight Sparkle is feeling. The pace is also very good. It isn't too slow, and Courageous Heart pops up at just the right time.

Many fanfic authors try too hard to add romance to a story, and the result is that pairings often seem forced (especially if the character is an OC/FC). However, the romance between Twilight Sparkle and Courageous Heart is very believable.

The grammar is much better however; I would avoid using asterisks [*]. Italics are better [ italics]. I would also avoid using phrases such as "main reason", "tears of sadness" and " return" because it is a bit redundant.

Overall, nice job. I look forward to seeing how the relationship between Twilight and Courageous develops.
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Okay first off, AMAZING!

When I first started reading this I felt a bit weird reading it, but the plot kept me going. As I continued to read things just got better, I felt bad for Twilight and shuddered at the idea of losing all your friends.

When Courageous stepped in some of the things he said where very comforting, but there where also some moments where I felt Courageous made a risky move in what he said. For example "I only wished it would have been sooner…and you had not been hurt.” Courageous saying that put me on edge a bit cause it reminded Twilight of what had happened.

Some of it was a bit too much for my taste like the whole frolicking through the fields thing they did.

But your description of the field for White lilies and dragonflys that was cool and it inspired me to draw something like that.

All I can say about the story itself was that it was great, I found myself smiling and wanting to know more the whole way through.

Twi/cour Is my favorite of your Shippings.

Now time to go back to reading more. :D
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The Artist thought this was FAIR
5 out of 6 deviants thought this was fair.

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StarlightShield Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2015  New Deviant
Someone please play "Can u Feel the Love Tonight " from the Lion King
DarkHeartandChristy Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015
Am I the only one to notice the reference to the Lion King?
Great job by the way.
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you :D
Digigex90 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I really love this so far courageous. :D
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! Glad you are enjoying it :D
Digigex90 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Yep. :3 I might think this battle between The supreme master of Darkness and champion of the light might be better than with him battling Grogar.
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Hope so :D
Digigex90 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
ArtisticNinjaCat Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
HA! I was right! Twilight is in love & he loves her too!!! :happybounce:  Love is... 
Nina-Dragons-12 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is super cute... *sniff* mmmm.....
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much. :hug:

Sorry if the video was gone. Try it again if you like :)
Nina-Dragons-12 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe... It okay...
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
That, sir, was beautiful. :iconclapplz:
MKSfan14 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013

Oh man...

That was just beautiful. Just as Twilight was aching from the disloyalty of friends, Courageous comes in and manages to relieves her of that pain. This relationship, while following bit on the Disney formula (couple meets and already get together in a few days), is really great. Courageous couldn't have picked a better time to go to Twilight's aid. Grand job here!

SideQuestPubs Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

The first things I noticed were technical details--formatting, spelling, etc. (Just for instance, the entire story being in italics was a little distracting.)
However, since you're wanting to know about the romance, I'll look at those other details another day.

The second is that I am reading this chapter out of context--I have not as yet read any of the preceding chapters, so while I've gleaned bits and pieces from your other work, the only major details I have to go on here are the ones presented in this chapter.

Now, then:
At the beginning, it's quite obvious that Twilight feels like her friends abandoned her and she is heartbroken.
While nobody's feelings are exactly like anybody else's, I find it a little hard to believe that "no pony can understand" what she's feeling... but I digress. Perhaps dreams such as Twilight had are so unusual that nobody is equipped to understand them.

Keeping in mind that I'm reading the story out of context, I do find it hard to understand how, even with her love for Courageous, she can so easily be happy again, worried only about how she looks a mess in front of him and not why she looks that way (a.k.a. her misery about her friends abandoning her), and follow him to "wherever it is he is going to take her".
Then again, as others pointed out, she didn't cheer up instantly, even after realizing it was Courageous. Perhaps that is only my lack of experience with the subject that makes the scene harder for me to grasp. :shrug:

When I reached the scene in which she "created paradise," I admit I was wondering if the entire chapter was a dream (that would account for the italics), or if her magic was truly powerful enough to create a new place all for herself and Courageous. Though I suspected a dream long before that point, I couldn't actually say for certain.
Given how the chapter began, with the concern over some Darkness and the threat to their homes (and the fact that I am reading the chapter out of context), coupled with her willingness to simply play by this point, I would lean towards the entire thing being a dream.
The chapter, however, did not answer this point--even Courageous's comment that "this is your dream" didn't really clarify that she was dreaming (he could've been speaking metaphorically), nor did it explain why, if she was dreaming all along, she had to follow him to some particular location before she could recreate her earlier dreams. I can only assume I will find out one way or another after reading later chapters.

All in all, a decent chapter/short story, and I can imagine Twilight discovering how she truly feels about Courageous... but at the same time, it feels like the story was made to take second place to that romance.
As part of the longer work suggested by your chapter numbers, however, it suits quite well as a quick happy interlude in the midst of pain and tragedy.
MLPquang20-c Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013  Student General Artist

Honestly, I think this one of those moments that the relationship between Courageous and Twilight speaks volumes


I love the relationship between Twilight and Courageous, Courageous himself is probably the only pony in the entire world that completely understands her and the pain of betrayal she was going through in my opinion. Whenever Twilight was alone and needed help, it's crystal clear that he'll always be there to make her happy. Even if all was lost at the time, Twilight will always have Courageous with her whenever she needs him.


Courageous could feel the sorrow in her heart after she abandoned her friends for dismissing her dreams about him and just giving up right at the start. In a sense, she was going through the same pains he went through during his time 4000 years ago. No words can describe enough how perfect the two ponies are. Courageous not only thinks about others, he also shares a strong bond with Twilight that at first she was not aware of and what she sees in the Champion is exactly what she wanted if she ever considered finding a colt-friend.


Even though I support Makena and her relationship with Courageous all those years ago from the short stories, I have to say that this unfortunately trumps their love to bits, I'm afraid. I think that while Twilight is special to him right now, there is always a special place for the young zebra in his heart. Twilight seemed to have won a place in Courageous' heart and life as well and I think he made the right choice of coming to Twilight to help her out of her depression and betrayal. He had the same experiences she's having at the time and It's amazing that he stayed true to his promise of never leaving her behind, it's a powerful scene that speaks louder than words alone could ever do.


I couldn't have chosen a better scene that depicts a love story between two lovers like Twilight and Courageous and I'm proud to award this scene with a 5/5 for being a believable love scene despite the flaws noticed on this chapter and for going above and beyond the expectation of being a real love scene that doesn't feel forced but easy-going and flows along with the main story, developing as the story goes on.

DJShaydez Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I personally thought the opening was well written, you didn't even have to read the rest of the story to know what it was about. I like how Twilight didn't just cheer up instantly, it gives the story depth. It is also very interesting how this takes place in the dream world. When there is romance, it is usually in real life. So I think that this was a perfect choice for the setting. The flowers are interesting too, am I right that they symbolize something? And if they do, is that thing that Twilight is like no other, something special? 
The story flows nicely, it isn't one of the boring love fanfics. It's amazing that you could take two characters, an oc and a main character, and pain them together so well. In most fanfics, this is not accomplished. But in this one it is.
The last line of the fanfic was the most powerful, it really sinks in. "It" is there anymore perfect ways to describe this feeling? If so please tell me. 

Courageous, this was a beautiful piece. It wasn't too sappy, and it wasn't too plain. It was just the right amount of romance that was needed. 
(I still need to read your other story. I will tell you who I like better in the next comment)
Aerodil Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Wow, I am loving your chapter!!!!! The music fits very well, and the beginning is awesome. I love how you added the music, and since I'm not a big fan of fan-fiction, this is a great exception. 
FennecFoxLuver Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013  Hobbyist
What a lovely and romatic chapter! <333
The music makes it even more romantic <333333
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Aww Thank you :aww:

Yeah, it is quite a romantic scene; Twilight experiences love for the first time in all her life :heart:
FennecFoxLuver Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013  Hobbyist
Your welcome :heart:
MKSfan14 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013
Good grief... This chapter was sweet, romantic, and I loved it!
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you!

I just revised it, so hope it sounds better than the last time. Also, I hope the music and picture helped greatly :aww:
ChaosContrl Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013  Student General Artist
Twilight Sparkle... founded love!
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