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    Every pony and creature within Appleloosa were at a loss for words to what they saw before their own eyes: The black jeweled amulet that Tirek the Supreme wore around his neck was glowing brightly, but not of any dark power; it was the Light itself, the source of all that was Good and Pure.

    Whatever was happening made the Overlord of Evil very angry as well as fearful. He grabbed the amulet by the chains that held it and ripped it off. As he averted his eyes from the Light that glowed from the jewel, he bellowed: “HOW CAN THIS BE!?! IT’S NOT POSSIBLE!!!”

    “…Twilight…” came the voice from within the amulet, which could be heard by all who were watching and listening, including the one pony who recognized it completely.

    Twilight Sparkle gasped as she stared at the Light that did not harm the eyes of her or the others as it did Tirek and his minions. Lost in thought for a moment, she wondered how this could be possible: How could it be that Courageous Heart, The Champion of the Light, was trapped inside that dark amulet?

    Thinking back to her recent dream, she recalled when the Shadow of Tirek invaded and summoned a vortex to take the brown alicorn away. Twilight remembered that the demon centaur created it from his hand. But then it was much more clearer to the lavender pony: the Shadow held something in his hand when he summoned the vortex, and it was without a doubt…that very amulet.

    Returning to the here and now, Twilight could still see the amulet of Tirek glowing as he was keeping his eyes from it. Though many questions were in her mind over all this, the only thing that mattered now was to get that amulet away from him, in order to free the one imprisoned inside. Twilight Sparkle turned towards all the creatures who were still gazing at the brightness they saw. She had to get their attention, so she yelled as loud as she could.

    “Listen!! Listen to me, everypony!!” Twilight screamed, which soon drew their attention from the amulet to her. Once all eyes were on her, she resumed, “Listen! Courageous Heart is trapped in that amulet! We have to set him free!!”

    The buffalo, zebras, dragons, and other ponies looked back at the amulet and then at each other, completely confused at the whole situation and wondered if what the little pony was saying was true.

    “Please!!” She screamed, “You have to believe me! He is in there! We have to get the amulet to free him! Courageous is our only hope! Please, believe me!!”

    While most were still afraid to do anything to challenge the Master of Darkness, five mares galloped up to Twilight and stood by her side:

    “Ah’ may not know what’s goin on, but if you say dere be a pony trapped in dat dere amulet…den by mah cutie mark, lets get him out!” Applejack reckoned.

    “I’m with you too, Twilight,” Fluttershy bravely declared.

    “Me too, Me too, Me too!!” Pinkie Pie ranted.

    “Me as well, darling,” Rarity agreed.

    “Lets do this!!” Rainbow Dashed snarled as she cracked her hooves, ready to have another go at this irritating demonic centaur.

    Tirek however was not deaf to what they said. While keeping the brightness away from his eyes, he held the amulet up at the ponies and gave a challenging roar, “YOU WANT THIS!?! THEN TRY AND GET IT, YOU WEAK LITTLE PONIES!!!”

    The Mane six stood side by side, ready to show Tirek just how strong they are, and what the magic of Friendship can really do. Twilight used her magic to summon the Elements of Harmony and place each of them around the necks of her friends. She then summoned the Element of Magic and placed it upon her head.

    “You sure this is going to work, Twilight?!” Rainbow questioned.

    “The Elements alone cannot defeat him, but I have faith they can free Courageous from that amulet! We just have to believe…so lets give it our all, girls!!” Twilight answered boldly as she stepped forward, showing no fear towards the monster.

    Tirek stood his ground, but showed signs of worry; he knew that Twilight was correct about everything she just said. He kept his amulet close and turned towards the Shadowbolts still standing on the roofs, ”WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?! GET THEM!! STOP THEM NOW!!!!”

    The Shadowbolts obeyed and took flight. Unfortunately, the three dragons within the town blew smoke at the pegasai in the dark uniforms. This prevented them from attacking in any way. With the Shadowbolts distracted, there was nothing to stand in the way of Tirek and his amulet. But even without minions, The Overlord alone was more than powerful enough to take them all on.

    But little did the centaur know, Spike was able to sneak around and when the time was just right, the mid-sized green and purple dragon flew at the demon hoping to grab the amulet. As the target was within reach, Tirek swirled around quickly and grabbed the dragon by the throat and snarled, “YOU INSIGNIFICANT CREATURE!! YOU THINK THAT YOU CAN FOOL ME!?!”

    “Spike!!” The Mane six screamed as they saw their beloved dragon in the grasp of the Master of Darkness.

    Spike struggled but could not escape. Tirek was furious at this very dragon that was able to break free of his power, and wondered if he should corrupt him again. But thinking quickly, Spike used his tail to grab the amulet and flash the glowing part right at Tirek’s eyes.

    “AARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!” The demon centaur bellowed as the Light shined in his eyes, blinding him temporarily.

    Distacted and weakened slightly, Spike pulled the amulet out of Tirek’s hand with his tail and threw it into the air towards Twilight and the others, “Twilight!!” He yelled as he threw it.

    Twilight saw the glowing black amulet heading towards them and stomped her hoof, “This is it, girls! Lets do it!!”

    At her command, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity all rose up into the air by the Elements. The necklaces and crown began to glow and unleash their own power. Within mere moments, the Elements of Honesty, Loyalty, Laughter, Kindness, Generosity, and Magic all came together to form a powerful Rainbow.

    “NOOOO!!!!” Tirek roared once his sight returned and could see the Rainbow forming over the six mares, making its way upward and down onto the amulet. Throwing Spike at the ground, he stretched out his hand in an attempt to grab it with his power, but he was too late… The Rainbow hit the amulet, and what followed was a massive explosion of Light and knocked all of the creatures down, but caused no damage to the town buildings. The amulet broke into four separate pieces and fell onto the ground, but right above where it fell was a glowing ball of Light.

    Twilight, her friends, and every other pony, zebra, dragon, and buffalo got back up and gazed in amazment and surprise as the ball started to change its shape:

    First came the body, which was soon followed by great wings. A tail came after, and then the head. The entire form glowed brightly and finally finished taking shape. The figure landed upon the ground on his four hooves and stood before everypony.

    The glow soon came to an end, and what they all saw was a pony with a brown coat and mane; his wings spread out and his horn sharp as could be; and his cutie mark was that of a unicorns head with wings and a golden heart. This was the very stallion that so many knew of and could never believe would be standing before them, but he was:

    Courageous Heart…had returned.


    “C-C-Courageous…” Twilight muttered. Her eyes gazed upon the mighty young stallion in front of her. It was all so much to take in; He was real. Very, very real.

    The other five mares were amazed by this, and now completely realized that Twilight was telling the truth all this time. The buffalo, zebras, and dragons were moved by this as well: the very pony that their ancestors respected and helped vanquish the Darkness long ago, had returned to them.

    But before any could react, a loud, angry roar turned their attention from the alicorn to the demonic centaur.

    “AAAARRRRRGGHHHH!!! Tirek bellowed, which was followed by lighting and thunder, “NOOOOOO!!! IT CAN’T BE!!!”

    Courageous Heart turned towards his old enemy and snorted, “Your eyes do not decieve you, Tirek. I am free from your prison at long last, and ready to finish what we started…four-thousand years ago!!”

    Triek clutched his fists in anger and glared at the one being capable of defeating him. Fearing what could happen. He turned towards the Shadowbolts, who were finally able to blow away the smoke with their wings.

    “GET HIM!! GET HIM NOW!!!!” Tirek ordered.

    As the Shadowbolts readied themselves to charge again, only this time at the brown alicorn, Twilight and the others all gasped and tried to do something to stop them, but these dark pegasai were too fast.

    Courageous quickly took flight into the air and hovered above the town, “Not this time, Tirek. You will not harm anypony here, anymore!!” Focusing, Courageous Heart’s horn started to glow, along with his eyes. Before any of the servants of evil could reach him, the Champion stretched out his four legs and wings. From him, he summoned a great beam of Light that came forth and shot up into the skies and down onto the ground.

    The Light shined so brightly that many within miles coud see and feel it. At first, everypony turned their eyes from it, thinking it would blind them, but the presence of this great power persuaded them to look. The moment they laid their eyes on the beam of Light, all they saw and felt was a warm feeling that brought smiles to their faces and joy to their hearts. This was no sunlight; It was The Light, and to any who were of good, their eyes could look upon it and feel as if there was nothing to fear.

    Tirek and the Shadowbolts however cowered and shunned the presence of the Light. As evil as they were, they could not stand the pure energy it was emitting. The dark pegasai quickly fled Appleloosa, retreating from the Light. “NOO!! LIGHT!! I HATE THE LIGHT!!!” Tirek hollowered in pain and fustration. With the Champion’s return, as well as the Elements of Harmony closeby, he knew he was in great danger.

    “BEGONE FROM HERE, FOUL DEMON!!!” Courageous Heart spoke in a loud, booming voice much similar to that of the Dark One.

    Tirek dared not to risk being defeated here. Knowing it would take too long to summon a new vortex, he backed away and summoned the dark powers to transform himself into a shadowy form. He took to the skies and fled north, returning to his Midnight Castle. “THIS…ISN’T…OVER, COURAGEOUS HEART!!!” The demon yelled as he disappeared.


    With the Dark One and his minions in full retreat, Courageous dismissed the great Light and returned to the ground. His eyes reverted to normal and was once again standing before a large number of creatures, who were still in awe by what had just happened.

    Twilight shook her head lightly and tears started to form in her eyes. Feeling the need to cry approaching, she galloped towards the brown alicorn and threw her arms around him. “Courageous!!! I knew it…I knew you…were real…I knew….” She sobbed as she sunk her face into his coat and cried her eyes out. In her heart, she was so happy to have the one she loved standing before her, not in her dreams, but in the real world.

    Courageous Heart sat upon the ground and held the crying lavender unicorn close, allowing her to release all her sadness and happiness for as long as she needed, “It’s okay, Twilight. I am here…for real this time. I won’t leave you…I won’t…not ever again” He whispered softly as a few of his own tears ran down his face.

    As the other ponies and creatures watched as Twilight and Courageous embraced each other, smiles and hope spread all around. The Champion of the Light was with them again, and now the chance to save Equestria from the Darkness…was at hand.
Twilight Sparkle believes that Courageous Heart is trapped within the dark amulet around Tirek the Supreme's neck. Can she and the others get it from him and use the power of the Elements of break Courageous free?

Music suggestion: Courageous summoning the Light to banish the Darkness:…

Next Chapter: Courageous Heart tells of how he came to be imprisoned, and will soon help unite all the creatures, by giving them the most important and greatest lesson on Friendship (one that we, humans, can learn from).

Chapter 27:… Chapter 29:…
Chapter Guide: courageousoflight.deviantart.c…

Link to Cover Image: courageousoflight.deviantart.c…
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