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    “Listen up, all of you!!” Shouted the captain of the Dark Pony Guard, Shining Armor, “The enemy is coming, and we will not allow anypony to enter our Master’s castle!!”

    The elite guard plus many other corrupted ponies stomped their hooves in response to the captain, showing their unyielding devotion.

    “Give no quarter and show no mercy!!” Shining Armor ordered as his void eyes glowed with Darkness, “Our Master will soon have complete control over the entire world, and we shall see to it…that ALL bow before his Supreme Might!!!”

    The crowd of evil ponies cheered the name of their Master over and over, “All Hail Tirek! All Hail Tirek! All Hail Tirek!!” At that moment, the captain ordered the troops to divide into groups and guard the castle walls and doors. As they scattered, the former princess of the now Dark Crystal Empire approached Shining Armor with an evil grin on her face. “Are we ready?”

    “We better be. Failure will not be tolerated in the eyes of our Master!” Shining stated firmly.

    “Indeed. But I look forward to facing those foolish followers of the Light…especially Twilight Sparkle,” Cadance snarled once the minute she spoke that name.

    “As will I,” agreed the captain.

    The two ended the conversation and turned their gaze up towards the balcony where Tirek was standing. Shining Armor and Cadance bowed before him, showing the proper respect for one as powerful as him. The rest did the same immediately without question or hesitation.

    Loyal to the end, these dark ponies were ready to defend their Master and fight in his name.


    As the Supreme Master of Darkness known as Tirek looked down from the balcony of his castle, he glared upon all the ponies and creatures that were preparing for the army that was soon to arrive.

    Snarling, Tirek despised them all; No matter if they served him or not, he hated them. Ponies were the very creatures that stood up to him where all others cowered in fear, at the very mention of his name. Now, just when he thought Equestria and the rest of the world would be his, the one being responsible for his four-thousand year imprisonment was leading the forces of Good towards his kingdom.

    Tirek’s hatred ran deep inside his chest where no heart ever existed. Even with all the power in his claws, there was nothing to truly satisfy him. All he wanted was to rule the world, and every creature that lived in it. But no matter what he did, there were always some who would oppose him.

    Tirek turned and made his way back to his throne. There, he sat upon it and snarled as he breathed. What he was feeling inside was angry, rage…and fear. Though it was only a matter of time before the Light would fall, there was still the Champion and his army to deal with, and they were coming in great numbers and strength.

    As the demon centaur sat there, he closed his eyes and began to recall his past and the events that led to him to rise up and claim the title of the Master of Darkness:


Born among other Centaur, the young Tirek was trained most of his life by his father to be fearless towards his enemies. The ways of the Centaur were that of warriors that always strove to be better then all other species and themselves, for they were one of the most strongest.

    Tirek however was picked on by others around his age, even while being the son of the Centaur clan’s chief Nirek. This drove the young one to fight back and show them just what he could do. Soon those who once bullied him showed the respect he deserved, and hate and anger grew from within.

    As time went by, he rose up to be the best. He took part in every form of competition known to the clan. Tirek always came out on top, while the rest grew to hate him for being so much better then they were.

    After proving himself over the years, it was eventually time for his father to pass on the role of chief to the one who deserved it the most. But once Tirek stepped forward, Nirek refused to give his son what was rightfully his.

    Tirek could not believe what had happened: his own father betrayed him. The enraged centaur demanded to know why, and Nirek insulted his own son, calling him a wicked and foul creature who was unworthy due to the evil he saw within.

    At that moment, the entire clan of centaurs followed Nirek and exiled his son from their lands, and would ensure no other clan would take him.

    Banished, betrayed, and blamed, Tirek wandered the world. He was alone, but his hatred for his own kind and other creatures knew no bounds. He wanted revenge, and to make all see his superior might.

    As the centaur walked on over the years, he could feel more and more of his hatred building up inside him…until he finally heard a voice call to him from the dark mountains up ahead.

    Following this strange sound, Tirek climbed the mountain and discovered a dark cave; not a hint of light was present. Showing no fear, he went in and found himself walking endlessly through the dark.

    At last, he stopped and still saw nothing. But Tirek soon felt a presence all around him; the very thing that called him there. He could hear a voice telling him to embrace the Darkness around him and use to seek his revenge…and to take all that he desired.

    Without showing any sign of hesitation, The centaur hollered out as loud as he could, accepting what the voice was offering. At that moment he felt himself changing: His eyes became black and empty; two great horns formed on his head; his fur became dark and his whole body felt power coursing through it.

    Whatever it was became clear to the now demonic centaur that walked out of that cave: This was the power of the Darkness, the source of all evil. It had chosen him to become the one who would cover the whole world in an endless night, and to make all those bow before him.

    From that moment on, Tirek would use the power he was given however he chose. The first place he went to was his former home. The moment he stood before the other centaurs, they panicked and cowered at the sight of the wicked expression upon his face. Tirek stretched forth his hand, and the Darkness spread all over…turning every centaur, including his own father, into stone. He then left that land, leaving behind all the statues to stand forever in everlasting stone…one that not even the strongest magic or Light could restore.

    Now the last of the centaurs, the monster wanted more. He would begin his plans to gather other creature who were willing to serve him and have his conquest to take the entire world. From the mountain of where he gained his powers, Tirek the Supreme would soon rule all….

    Tirek’s eyes shot open once he hear the sounds of horns in the distance. He rose from his throne and made his way back to the balcony. From where he stood, the demon centaur could see a large number of creatures approaching. The army of the Light had finally arrived.

    With his hatred present and his fear now gone, Tirek crossed his arms and was ready for the final battle that was to soon start. “COME COURAGEOUS!! COME AND FACE THE LIGHT'S END!!!” 


    The numerous dark ponies within the town formally known as Ponyville, were all gathered at the wall at the edge of town that was made up of trees…from Sweet Apple Acres. By Tirek’s orders, they were to take all the trees and make a barricade strong enough to keep the enemy out.

    Standing on the wall were many unicorns, led by the leader of the town: the Mayor. She snarled as the horns blew in the distance; the army of the Light had arrived at last, hoping to retake their stolen lands.

    “Stand ready! We will not let these fools cross this wall and enter our Master’s Kingdom!” The Mayor ordered to the unicorns on the wall, and to the rest within the former Ponyville.

    Arriving in numbers that totaled over one hundred, Courageous Heart brought the ponies, zebras, dragons, and buffalo back to where it all started. The army came to a halt, and as they stood in formation, they gazed out and saw the sight of a dark and wicked land before them.

    Twilight Sparkle and the others could not bare to see their once beautiful paradise as a land without sun, hope, or love. Tirek had gone too far this time; for the past week he had taken their loved ones, their home, and even tried to corrupt them in Appleloosa. But now that they were standing there, with Ponyville only a short distance away, they were ready to retake it all.

    But even as they gazed upon this horrible place, most felt afraid and came to regret coming here. But they remained where they were, but the courage they once had was slipping away.

    “Courageous…” Twilight muttered to the young stallion next to her.

    He turned, looked at her, and gave a light nod, “It’s alright, Twilight. We can do this. Believe in me…and yourselves.”

    She gave a nod but still felt afraid. Courageous noticed this and stepped forward so that all down the line could see him. Seeing the faces of the brave and the terrified, he spoke up to give them the strength to march on.

    “We have come at last to this moment, Children of Equestria!” He announced as he ran down the line, “The Darkness believes we will fail! It believes we will not win! But not this day…for on this day…THE LIGHT SHINES WITHIN US!!!”

    The moment Courageous Heart shouted these words, a bright Light appeared from above in the clouds, shining down upon the army of the Righteous. Everypony gazed up and gasped as the warmth of the Light was present, watching over them. They then felt the courage and determination to push on and fight for their home.

    As every creature stood there, ready and anxious to charge, Courageous ran down the line back to the middle, “Ride Now!! Ride Strong! Ride True! Ride for Friendship...and the world's future!!!"

    Once he arrived back to the middle, the brown alicorn cried out loud for all to hear, “FOR EQUESTRIA!!!”

    The whole army cheered.

    “FOR HARMONY!!!”

    The army cheered even louder.

    “FOR THE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!”

    At that moment, everypony shouted and roared as their courage and strength rose. They were officially ready to charge without giving it a second thought. “FORTH….EQUESTRIANS!!!!”

    The buffalo and zebras blew their horns, sounding the charge. Courageous trotted ahead first to lead the army. The ponies, zebras and buffalo cheered as they followed right behind him. The dragons and few Pegasai took to the skies and followed as well.

    Soon the entire army of Light were galloping towards Ponyville, ready to break down the wall and attack the servants of evil. As they were getting closer, the dark ponies on the wall were ready as well. “Fire!!” Shouted the Mayor. The unicorns shot beams of Darkness from their horns, aiming at the approaching creatures in attempt to corrupt them.

    As the beams made their way towards the many creatures, Courageous summoned the Light from his horn and formed a shield to prevent any evil from touching his friends. Once the beams hit the shield, none got through, and the army continued to charge.

    “Fire again!!” The Mayor cried, but the second attempt still had no effect.

    As Courageous and the entire army got closer, the dark ponies gasped and saw there was no stopping them. Nearing the wall, the buffalo ran up ahead and lowered their heads, for they would be the ones to knock the wall down.

    The Dark ponies tried to run but it was too late. The buffalo charged the wall and smashed it down, causing the ponies on top to fly off in different directions. The Army of Light had broken through the barrier and entered Ponyville.

    As they charged into the town, the many creatures used all their skills and abilities to knock out or drive the dark ponies away: The dragons used their smoke breath to confuse the enemy; the zebras used their powdered arrows and bolas to subdue them; the buffalo charged and knocked many over as if they were bowling pins; the ponies used their magic, strength, and speed to outmaneuver the dark ponies.

    The Battle of Ponyville…had begun.
As the servants of Darkness prepare for the upcoming battle, Tirek begins to recall the events that led him to rise up and become the Master of Darkness. Now that the army of Light has arrived, Courageous Heart shall sound the charge and lead the united creatures of Equestria to victory.

Next Chapter: The Battle of Ponyville

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Digigex90 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I knew about Tirek's past. Still, the name nirek still bothers me for some reason but i did name Oculus' father the overlord so it makes some sense. Well, The Oculus Lord unlike tirek never betrayed his own kind. The Reptiliunaki unlike the centuars, they have been around longer than them and most of the species on the planet. the one species that managed to coexist with them is the dinosaurs. Anyway, Oculus hated the ponies and other species except those who serve him because Long ago, they were used to be friends with the ponies but due to massive amounts of disagreements and those are part of evil, they had a war that lasted for 50,000 years Till the reptiles won due to the Rise of the Overlord and a weapon he used to vanquish some of the mammal armies.  Anyway, Oculus wanted to wipe out all life so the Force of death can cover the entire world and it either becomes the old world they once live or the planet of the undead and stuff.

But i like this part.
ArtisticNinjaCat Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hey isn't the speech Courageous just gave similar to what Mel Gibson said in Braveheart?
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
More likely King Thaodin from Return of the King
ArtisticNinjaCat Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Huh. I haven't watched Lord of the Ring in years So who? Is that the old king that tried to burn his son alive?
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
ArtisticNinjaCat Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Told you. I REALLY have no clue who you're talking if I got the character wrong
ChaosContrl Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Student General Artist
Tazerkaye Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
WAR is so cool I am so looking forward for the next chapter!!! :) !
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you. The Battle has only begun and will involve many familiar characters as the enemy. The next Chapter will be ready soon. :)
Tazerkaye Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
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