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    The Throne Room doors were just at the end of the hallway. What lied on the other side was the very monster that was responsible for all the misery and misfortune that had befallen Equestria and the rest of the world. Courageous Heart and Twilight Sparkle galloped on down this long and creepy corridor; the walls were of dark stone, with torches that lit with black fire. The lavender unicorn could not stand her once beautiful home looking like this any longer. She ran faster, determined to put an end to all this.

    As they got halfway, they heard the sound of banging on a pair of doors coming from the left side. Twilight felt that another minion of the demon centaur was bound to appear, but Courageous ran to the doors and tried to open them.

    “Are you sure it’s safe?” Twilight asked with caution.

    “Yes! Your friends are on the other side, trying to get out!” Courageous informed.

    Twilight quickly joined him and together they pulled the doors open, while the five mares on the other side pushed so hard they came flying out, landing onto the two ponies.

    “Twilight! Courageous!!“ Pinkie Pie screamed with joy at the unicorn and alicorn that she at the others were laying on top of.

    “Oh girls, I’m so glad to see you all safe!” Twilight expressed her happiness and relief to be reunited with her best friends once more.

    The five mares got up off the little unicorn and mighty stallion and hugged them, grateful that they were safe as well.

    “Oh Twilight, you will not believe what happened to us! I mean first we-” Pinkie tried to explain but had her mouth covered by Rainbow Dash’s hoof.

    “No time for that now, Pinkie! We need to get to the throne room!” The tomboyish Pegasus explained.

    “She’s right! Let’s go!!” Courageous instructed to the six mares and led them to the throne room, which was just at the end of the hallway.


    The doors were just moments away, although they were protected by another barrier of Darkness, one that only the Light could bring down.

    Courageous focused as he galloped faster to the end of the hall. His whole body glowed with the Power of the Light, and then he dashed up to the doors at great speed. Once he lunged at the barrier, the result caused the doors to blow open and off the hinges.

    The doors fell inward and onto the floor, with Courageous standing right on them. The girls hurried to join him as the Light around his body disappeared. Once all seven stood together, the Champion roared out the name of his enemy:

    “TIIIRRRREEEEEEEKKK!!!!!” The name he shouted echoed throughout the chamber, but the monster he called out to was just ahead of them, sitting on his throne.

    Tirek the Supreme’s eyes shot open once the echoing came to a halt; the evil energy within glowed ever darker. He clenched his fists and looked up, staring at those who had dared to enter his Palace of Darkness.

    “Its over, Tirek!! Your best minions have been defeated!!” Courageous barked, “There is nothing left to stand in our way now!!”

    “That’s right!” Twilight shouted at the creature that took her home, friends, and family from her, "Now its just you and me…!”

    “And me…!” Rainbow added.

    “And me…!” Rarity declared.

    “And me…!” Applejack also declared.

    “And me…!” Fluttershy spoke with bravery.

    “And me…!” Pinkie Pie stated seriously.

    “AND ME!!!!” Courageous concluded with his mighty loud voice.

    Tirek was completely unimpressed by their useless words. He arose from his throne and gave a few small, uninspiring claps. “YOU FINALLY MADE IT…” the demon centaur mocked, “…AND YET YOU STILL THINK YOU HAVE THE UPPER HOOF!!!”

    “Save it, Tirek!! Its time we take back what is ours!!” Rainbow Dash yelled.

    “Tirek!! After 4,000 years, you shall now answer for all the atrocities you have committed upon our world!!” Courageous declared, “In the name of the Light, This is where your reign as Supreme Master of the Darkness…ENDS!!”

    The mares stomped their hooves and were ready to charge and unleash the Elements of Harmony upon this demon who now considered the Greatest and most Powerful evil being that Equestria and the rest of the World had ever faced…and will face.

    Tirek chuckled nefariously at the foolish notions of a few insignificant little ponies, “SO YOU STILL BELIEVE YOU CAN DEFEAT ME!?! VERY WELL THEN!!!” He raised his hand and snaps his fingers, “BUT FIRST, LETS CLEAR ALL DISTRACTIONS FROM THIS FIGHT!!”

    Out of nowhere, two beams of dark energy were shot down at the Mane Six: Twilight became separated from the others and imprisoned in a ball of glowing energy. Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are encased in another together. “What the hay just happened?!” Applejack cried as she tried to buck at the barrier sphere, but every attempt did nothing to break it.

    Twilight tried to teleport out of the prison, but it failed for some reason. Trapped with no way out, she gazed up to where the beam to her prison was coming from. “Princess Celestia!!” She gasped to whom she saw conjuring it. It saddened her even more when she witnessed the former princess with her fiery mane and dark eyes.

    “Nightmare Moon!!” Fluttershy screamed to the pony holding them captive. The others all looked and saw that they little yellow Pegasus was correct. The wicked mare of the Night hovering above them; her eyes glowed dark just like those of her sister.

    “NOOOOO!!!” Courageous yelled and tried to summon the Light to free his friends. But before he could do anything, another barrier was summoned in between the Champion and the imprisoned mares, preventing him from rescuing them.


    Separated from Twilight and the others, Courageous would have to fight this demon centaur alone. He took one last look at the beautiful, yet worried unicorn before turning to face his great enemy.

    “Courageous, No!!” Twilight begged. She pounded on the barrier with her hooves but could not get through, “Celestia, please! It’s me, Twilight…your student! Don’t do this!!”

    The alicorn bodyguard ignored Twilight’s pleas and turned her gaze towards her Master, ready to see him claim victory at long last. Twilight was helpless and could only watch her beloved champion fight without her by his side.


( 0:21-2:55)

    The brown alicorn stood ready to fight; his wings were spread, his hooves stomped into the stone, and his glare aimed straight at the demon centaur as he snorted, “I should hate you for everything you have ever done to me, my family, my friends, and so many others…”

    Tirek grinned and chuckled in amusement at the Champion's unusual choice of words.

    “…But I will not succumb to anger as you have. I will do this because it is what the Light decrees…and because it must be done!”

    Tirek had enough and just snorted, “YOUR WORDS, ALONG WITH THESE PITIFUL CREATURES YOU TRY TO PROTECT, MEAN NOTHING!!! The demon centaur moved his hand and aimed it at the Champion, “NOW YOU WILL FACE THE FULL POWER…OF THE DARKNESS!!” Suddenly, lightning shot out of his claws and stuck Courageous hard to where it pushed him back against the wall. He fell onto the floor and laid there, injured from the surprise attack.

    “COURAGEOUS!!!” Twilight screamed as she continued to bang on the barrier, desperate to escape and help him.

    The rest of the girls all gasped and tried the same, but as before their efforts were for not.

    Tirek walked slowly up to the pony lying on the floor and laughed with such evil in his voice, “I HAVE WAITED SO LONG TO DO THIS!!!”

    “Courageous, Get UP!!” Twilight pleaded.

    The brown alicorn would not let the shock of such power stop him. He struggled to his hooves, all while Tirek laughed in amusement. Once he was back on all fours, he was ready to fight.

    “THE WORLD IS FINALLY MINE TO RULE…AND WITHIN MOMENTS, THE LIGHT SHALL DISAPPEAR…FOREVER!!” Tirek declared, feeling his conquest has already been won.

    Courageous shook his head and powered up his horn with the Light, “Not…if I have anything to say…ABOUT IT!!!” He fired a beam of pure Light at the demon’s chest, hitting the armor he wore.

    Tirek bellowed once he saw the Light spreading across his black armor. Quickly, he tore it off and threw it to the ground away from him; the energy of such purity was too much for him to handle.

    “Master!!” Nightmare Moon and Celestia cried out to him, hoping that the Light did not harm him.

    Tirek growled in anger as his armor changed. His gaze turned back to the pony who dared attack him like that.

    “Your rule…is at an end, Tirek!!” Courageous Heart stomped his hoof, ready to charge, “…And I must say, it was much shorter than the last time!!”

    The Overlord of Evil knew it would only be moments before every creature in the world would be under his control, but he also knew we wanted to get rid of Courageous desperately. “MY REIGN IS ETERNAL…AS AM I!!” He stated, “BUT NOW, YOU WILL SEE JUST HOW POWERFUL…I TRULY AM!!!”

    Immediately after, Tirek rose his arms into the air, and the roof along with some of the walls exploded, opening up a way into the outside. Rubble fell everywhere, and the storm cloud above roared with the shrieks of thunder and flashes of lightning. The ground underneath Tirek came up by his command, forming a floating platform that levitated him into the air above his throne room. Summoning his staff to his hands, Tirek glared down at Courageous Heart and motioned him to come and face him.

    The final battle between the Supreme Master of Darkness and the Champion of the Light…had begun.
The Mane Six and Courageous Heart have finally reached the throne room where Tirek the Supreme resides. But can the Champion of the Light defeat the Master of Darkness before it is too late?

Next Chapter: The Final Battle part 2

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