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    The mighty Rainbow of Light continued to unleash its purity across the land and remove any remaining Darkness that had corrupted Equestria and the rest of the world. Once all traces of evil recently spread by the Dark One had vanished, the Rainbow faded away.

    Courageous and the Mane Six were returned to the ground where they rejoined the various creatures that were at a loss for words after what they had just witnessed.

    Equestria was once again the beautiful paradise that existed for over a thousand years. The eyes of the many gazed all around…simply astonished by the warmth of the sun that shined down on this land they call home. Silence was upon all the ponies, dragons, buffalo, and zebras; no pony knew what to say or how to react to finally seeing the Darkness disappear and the Light returning once more.


    The silence was soon broken when one pony within the crowd screamed with excitement, “We did it! We saved Equestria!!! WHOOOOOOP!!!! Cheered the joyful Fluttershy. What immediately followed was the uproar of every pony and creature, cheering for victory that was theirs. Many were jumping around while shouting their hurrahs, while others laughed in joy while embracing their friends and family members.

    Applejack found herself reunited with her family: Applebloom hugged the orange Earth pony’s leg and was thrilled to be with her again. Big Macintosh nodded and spoke as he hugged his sister, “A’m so happy to see you again, sis’. A‘ missed you.”

    “A’ missed ya too, big brother. A’ missed all a‘ yall!” Applejack replied as joyful tears filled her eyes. Granny Smith and Winona join in the family hug, and kept it going for as long as it was possible.

    Rainbow Dash caught little Scootaloo who ran straight into her arms, “Oh Rainbow Dash. I’m so glad to see you again. I…I…”

    “It’s okay, little sister. There ain’t nothing gonna separated us again. I promise.” Rainbow vowed as they hugged, with tears in both their eyes. Eventually, the cyan pegasai's pet turtle Tank, joined in, happy to be with his owner again.

    Pinkie Pie bounced around like crazy, whooping as she went. Eventually, the little pink pony saw the Cake family over yonder and made her way to them.

    Upon arriving, Mr. and Mrs. Cake, along with their twin foals, Pound and Pumpkin, all threw themselves at the hyperactive mare, thrilled to see her as much as she was thrilled to see them.

    “I missed you Sooooooooooooo much!!!” Pinkie cried as she hugged those she considered family. Pinkie then felt a small critter climb onto her head, which brought her more joy when she saw it was her pet gator, Gummy.

    Rarity was reunited with her dear family: Her mother and father; her little sister Sweetie Belle; and her precious cat, Opal, who was happy to see her too…at least this once.

    “Rarity, I missed you so much. I’m sorry I pulled on your mane and-” Sweetie Belle tried to apologize, only to be silenced by Rarity’s hoof.

    “Not another word, little sister. I love you far too much to be angry with you over something as minor as my hair.” The big sister assured.

    With tears filling her eyes, the little white unicorn hugged her big sister, along with her parents; they were together once again, and were as happy as they could ever be.

    Fluttershy received hugs all around from her little animal friends, including her pet bunny, Angel. The little yellow Pegasus felt such joy and happiness to be with those she loved the most.

    Fluttershy soon noticed another of her friends nearby: Discord. She, along with the other little critters, galloped over to him and tackled him, giving him as many hugs as they could.

    Discord never felt such a warm feeling before. He smiled, blinked a tear, and laughed happily as the one pony and numerous little creatures showed how much they cared.

    Little Strongheart was busy celebrating with her fellow tribe, as well as her dear friend, Braeburn. The yellow colt gave a big “Yee-haw” and was proud as any pony to be seeing the sun again after a long period of Darkness.

    The colt and the young buffalo smiled at each other and embraced, as the buffalo around them continued to chant their victory cries.

    The Zebras gave praise to all around them in their native tongue. But two in particular, Subira and Zecora, were thrilled to be together again after being apart for so long. The twin sisters hugged each other and were grateful that all this that was foreseen long ago had come to pass.

    Eventually, Subira noticed the chief of the Buffalo, Thunderhooves, looking upon her from a little ways away. She broke the hug with her sister, and rushed over to embrace the leader of the desert tribe.

    As they hugged, Subira planted a kiss on Thunderhooves‘s cheek, causing him to blush a bright red.

    The Dragons threw their heads up to the skies and roared in victory. Breathing flames from their mouths, the mighty beasts were thrilled to have won this great battle, and to become friends once again with the ponies before them.

    The Wise One, along with her grandson Garble, celebrated along with their clan. Although the large Elder would eventually pass out from all the excitement due to her age, she only cared for enjoying this historic moment that she was thankful to see after so long a time.

    Spike however was not so excited as the rest were. Though he was happy that they had won, he missed his adult form that the Darkness turned him into. The loss of wings and massive size, made him feel so insignificant.

    Suddenly, a pair of white arms wrapped around him from behind and pulled him into an embrace. What he felt then was a wet kiss upon his cheek, causing his cheeks to turn red.

    “Oh, my little Spikey-Wikey is himself again. I missed you this way," came the voice that he recognized to be Raritys.

    With that, Spike sighed happily and melted in the white unicorn’s embrace, “Yeah…I like being a baby dragon.” He whispered to himself, accepting his small size.

    Twilight Sparkle found herself reunited with her loving family at long last: Her brother, Shining Armor; her sister-in-law, Cadance; her mother and father; Princess Celestia and Princess Luna; and her pet owl, Owlicious.

    Together, they embraced one another and were thankful to the Light for saving them from the Darkness that drove them apart.

    “I missed you all so much…” Twilight cried as she hugged her family.

    “We missed you too, Twilie,” Shining replied as he cried too.

    “Yes we did,” Cadance added with joy.

    “Thank you so much, Twilight Sparkle. You and your friends have saved us all,” Princess Luna praised.

    “You have made me, and many others, so proud Twilight,“ Princess Celestia marveled at her star student.

    Twilight smiled and continued to hold those she held dear to her heart close, wishing not to let them go again.

    Courageous Heart watched as every pony spent their time celebrating with their family and friends.

    For this young stallion, the one thing he was thankful for…was for this great battle that had gone on for four-thousand years to finally come to an end. Because of the Light and the creatures of Equestria uniting against a common foe, their beautiful home was save and once again theirs.

    Courageous allowed himself to relax after all that occurred, for he had never had the opportunity since before he became the Champion. As he spend a moment relaxing and sighing in joy, he felt warm glow of Light from behind and felt the need to turn and see what it was.

    The Champion gave a small gasp to not what he saw…but whom he saw appear. Courageous made his way over to the where the Light shined, and those waiting for him.


    As Twilight’s endless hugging came to an end, the lavender unicorn turned to look for Courageous; She wanted to officially introduce him to her family, but he was nowhere to be seen.

    She continued to search for her beloved alicorn, and finally saw him a ways out in the field, staring at a bright Light. As much as Twilight wanted to gallop out there to him, there was something going on that made her realize she had to stay where she was for now.

    The other creatures concluded their celebrating and turned towards the Light that was glowing where the Champion stood. They became silent and watched to see what was happening.

    Courageous Heart walked slowly towards what appeared to be three Spirits of the Light. But these were not just any Spirits, they were three ponies he had not seen in so long: His father, mother, and sister.

    The young stallion’s heart was overcome with joy upon seeing his family again. With one of his hooves covering his mouth as he gasped, the three pony spirits smiled warmly at the one who was lost to them for four-thousand years. Courageous could not hold it in any longer, and galloped towards them. Upon arrival, he threw his arms around them and cried; the feeling was too much for even for him to hold back. “Mother!! Father!!…*sniff*…Sister!!!” He cried as he held them as close as he could.

    His father, a Pegasus named Stoutheart, wrapped his arm around his son and hugged him close, “My son…how I have missed you so…” A small tear fell from his eye.

    “My little colt…” Courageous’s mother, a unicorn, wept as she hugged her son.

    “I missed you too, little brother…” Sniffed his big sister Charisma, who was also a unicorn like her mother.

    “I thought…*sniffed*…I would never see you again…” Courageous cried still as he could feel the warmth of their embrace around him.

    Twilight and the others watched as the Champion was reunited with his own family. They smiled and felt so happy for him. As all eyes continue to watch him, they waited to see what would come next.

    Courageous and his family ended their hug and wiped the tears from their eyes. Once they were ready, Stoutheart spoke first, “My son…after all this time, you have fulfilled the destiny you were bestowed so long ago. The Great Evil is gone, and the Light has returned to watch over all who bathe in it’s warmth.”

    Courageous smiled and nodded lightly.

    “We are so proud of you, Courageous,” his mother Elegancy praised her one and only son.

    “I always knew you were destined to save the world, little brother. You made us all proud, as you always have,” Courageous’s sister smiled.

    The young brown stallion could only smile and find no words to say in return for his family’s praise.

    “Now that your destiny has come to pass, it is time, my son.”

    Courageous tilted his head a little and asked, “What do you mean, Father?”

    “He means you can become a Light Spirit like us…and join the others as we roam over the world, watching and protecting those in need of the pureness of the Light,” Charisma explained.

    “You mean…”

    “Yes, Courageous,” Elegancy concluded, “We can be together again.”

    Courageous Heart felt such happiness, knowing he would be able to be with his family again. However, there was one pony over yonder who heard what they were saying, and it made her heart break.

    Twilight gasped when she heard that Courageous would be leaving to join the Spirits of the Light. Tears filled her eyes, and although she tried to hold it back, she could not. The saddened lavender unicorn turned and slowly started to walk away. She cared for this stallion so much…but if rejoining his family was what he wanted most, she had no reason to stop him. Yet, she could not help but feel so brokenhearted over this: Twilight has founded a special pony, only to lose him.

    Courageous wanted for so long to be with his family again, but once he turned to look at the hundred of creatures that he gave hope to, he could see sadness fall upon them…especially a certain unicorn who was walking away. The young alicorn was caught between two choices, and as much as it would hurt him, he turned back to his family to give his decision. “Father…Mother...Sister,” Courageous admitted, “Nothing would give me greater joy than to be with you again…but…”

    The three Light Spirits looked upon their youngest with slight confusion.

    “…I cannot go with you.”

    Stoutheart stepped forward and tried to speak, “Courageous…?”

    “I love you all so much…but…I wish to stay,” Courageous turned towards the many creatures who’s eyes were still on him, “This world is strange and new to me, but I have made many friends here…and…there is a special somepony I could not bare to be without.” He explained, referring to the unicorn who’s ears perked up upon hearing his words.

    Twilight turned and gasped softly, “Courageous…”

    “Please…I wish to stay. She needs me…as much as I need her,” Courageous begged his family.

    As much as it would hurt to be apart from him again, the three pony spirits smiled and nodded, accepting his reason to stay in Equestria with all the friends he has made.

    “If this is what you wish, my son…then we shall grant it,” The proud father approved.

    Courageous smiled with joy, but then realized, “Thank you…but, will I ever see you again?”

    “Yes, Courageous. Though we may part ways here, the Spirits of Light will always be there for those in need,” The tearful mother confirmed.

    “We will be watching over you, little brother,” the young unicorn spirit smiled, “Take good care of her.”

    Courageous blushed and nodded, with a promise that he would.

    With all that was said and done, Courageous’s family said their goodbyes and took off into the sky to rejoin the other Light Spirits. Where they would go from there not even he knew. But as said, they would watch over the creatures of the world and give aid when needed. Courageous watched with tearful eyes as his father, mother, and sister flew away with the other Light Spirits through the skies into the horizon. The young stallion rose up on his back legs and neighed out loud for them to hear, wishing them well to wherever they would go.


    With the Light Spirits departed, Courageous turned back to those he saw as friends and gave them a warm smile, showing that he has decided to stay. But the one pony who was happy the most was the one he held dear in his heart: Twilight Sparkle.

    Without a second thought, the thrilled lavender unicorn galloped toward the handsome young stallion, with tears of joy in her eyes.

    Courageous did the same and ran as fast as he could towards the beautiful unicorn. Within a reasonable reach, the two ponies leaped at each other and wrapped their arms around the other in a warm, loving embrace.

    “Oh Courageous…I thought you were going to leave me,” Twilight sniffed as she held her beloved stallion close.

    “I vowed I would never leave you Twilight…and I never break my promises,” Courageous comforted her.

    “But…your family….”

    “I will see them again, but nothing is more important to me…than to be here with you, Twilight,” Courageous felt it was a good a time as any to admit his feelings to her, “I love you, Twilight.”

    Twilight Sparkle gasped upon hearing his kind and truthful words reaching her ears. She smiled and shed another tear, then moved her head so she could look into his eyes, “Oh Courageous…I love you too.”

The two ponies blushed once they admitted their feelings to the other. What followed next was them slowly leaning in towards each other. Their eyes slowly began to close as they were nearing. Twilight could feel her lips nearing his, while her heart beat along with his. She wanted this; To show him how much she loved him, as he did her.

    Just as their lips almost touched, a loud sound of party horns, followed by large amount of party streamers exploding around the couple, completely ruining the moment.

    Twilight and Courageous jumped a little at this and soon saw Pinkie Pie in between them with her hooves wrapped around them both.

    “Oh Boy!! You are going to stay with us, Courageous?!” the annoying pink pony asked, obviously knowing the answer, “That is soooooooo cool! I have got to throw you the BIGGEST welcome party EVER!!”

    Twilight wanted to shout at Pinkie for interrupting her romantic moment, but the rest of her friends had already gathered around them.

    “By golly, That is sum good news ta’ hear!” Applejack cheered, “A’ have got to show you da’ farm and all da’ apples that grow here!”

    “Yeah, and now that I have a new flying buddy, I can show you the skies and teach you all my awesome moves…” Rainbow stated proudly, “…well, not all of them of course.”

    “Oh...and…well…I could let you meet my friends…and maybe even pick yourself a special friend as we have,” Fluttershy added, referring to the critters who live at her cottage, that may make a good pet for the young stallion.

    "But before you do any of that, darling…I simply must make you some clothes, since you do not have any at all,” Rarity generously informed.

    With the rest of the ponies and creatures gathering around the two, Twilight and Courageous saw that their moment was not going to happen…at least not now anyway. They just chuckled and smiled to all those around them.


    The Sun was starting to set over the horizon. The stars were already out and there was not a cloud in sight, which pleased all throughout the world.

    High up in the mountain in the city of Canterlot, the many had gathered in the outside ceremony area to praise and congratulate the Heroes of Equestria.

    The crowds were filled with many different creatures: ponies, buffalo, zebras and dragons. They were not separated or divided into their own separate groups; they all stood together as friends and allies…and welcomed it.

    The three princesses: Celestia, Luna and Cadance stood at the very end and awaited for the seven ponies to appear.

    The waiting was not a long one. The sound of cheering filled the entire city as the heroes finally appeared and trouted down the walkway.

Twilight Sparkle and Courageous Heart trouted side by side in the lead as they saw everypony they knew applauding them as they passed them by. Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie trouted side by side in a straight line right behind the couple, while admiring the praise given to them by all those that were their friends.

    Once they arrived at the end, the seven ponies stood before the three rulers of Equestria. Princess Celestia stepped forward and addressed her subjects:

    “Citizens of Equestria…my friends and loyal subjects who have come from far and wide…we gather here this evening to give thanks to these seven amazing young ponies who have gone above the call of duty…to save our beloved paradise from the Evil that nearly took it all from us!!”

    The crowds cheered and applauded, then fell silent when Celestia was ready to continue.

    “There are no proper words to say on this historic day, but I will say this: Because of these seven that stand before us, a new beginning for Equestria and the rest of the world has arisen…and we shall do everything in our power to bring Harmony to all those that are in need of it!!”

    The crowd cheered once again, approving of the Princess’s words and willing to do what they can to make it happen. Once Princess Celestia finished, she motioned the two ponies in front of her to approach.

    Courageous and Twilight stepped forward and awaited for the Princess to speak again.

    “Courageous Heart, Champion of the Light…you have done so much for us, and are now you are a hero and a symbol that we can look upon with hope.”

    “Thank you, your majesty…but this victory does not belong to just one pony, or even a hoofful…but to all who stood against the Darkness,” Courageous admitted proudly as he turned to the crowds, “Let us work together to make this world a better place, that we may share in the days of peace, friendship, and true...everlasting harmony!”

    With his noble words reaching the ears of the hundreds, the various creatures all cheered for him, and chanted his name…for he was the Champion of the Light, and the hero they could look up to and respect.

    “You are very noble, Courageous Heart,” Princess Celestia stated, “As a reward for everything you have done, I grant you whatever you desire, and if it is within my power, I will grant it.”

    Courageous turned back to the Princess and smiled, “There is only one thing I would ask for…and that is to become a resident of Ponyville, and be as close as I can…to the one I love.”

    Courageous smiled at the unicorn next to him, whom he was refering to. Twilight gave a warm smile and blush, and nodded in approval…wanting nothing more than the same.

    “Very well. I hereby grant you your wish!” the Princess of the Sun approved, “As for you Twilight Sparkle, my faithful student, is there anything you wish to say on all this?”

    Twilight stepped forward and gave a proud nod, “Yes, your Highness. I have learned an important lesson on friendship…probably the greatest lesson I have or ever will learn.”

    The Princess smiled and awaited for her student to announce it for all to hear. The crowds fell silent so that they could here the little pony’s speech:

“Ahem…” Twilight cleared her throat and spoke, “I’ve learned that there are many different species in Equestria and the rest of the world. We may not be the same on the outside, but we are on the same on the inside. Our cultures may be different, and we may not approve of those we do not understand…but that should not make us enemies. What is most important, is that we put aside our differences and work together. Only then can we achieve perfect harmony and bring about a better future for everypony!”

    Once Twilight finished announcing her greatest lesson on friendship, the entire crowd of many different creatures shouted in praise for those that were responsible for bringing them together like this, and making it all possible.

    Once the crowds fell silent again after a long cheering, the Princess of the Sun smiled upon her student, “I am truly proud of you, Twilight. You have come a long way, and have now brought Equestria into a new era of peace. Together, we can strive to build a better future for all ponies, buffalo, zebras, dragons…and much more.”

    “Thank you, your Highness,” Twilight properly thanked by bowing to her. Courageous did the same, thanking the Princess as well.

    “No Twilight…Courageous…” Princess Celestia held up her hoof to stop them.

    The two were confused to why the Princess wanted to halt them, but that question was soon answered.

    “On this day…it is we who bow to you,” Princess Celestia proudly declared as she, her sister and niece, kneeled before the two ponies.

    All those that had assembled followed suit proudly and kneeled before the two responsible for saving the entire world. Every pony, zebra, dragon, buffalo, friend and family alike, kneeled before these two special ponies. Even Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie kneeled to their dear friends.

    Soon, only Twilight and Courageous were standing as they stared out to all those bowing before them. Tears of joy filled Twilight’s eyes as she looked upon this amazing sight. Courageous smiled warmly and while this was something to behold, he turned his gaze to the pony he loved dearly and gently nuzzled her cheek with his own. She nuzzled him back and returned watching all who remained kneeling at them.


    Night had fallen, and the stars were sparkling bright. But that was not all that was within the skies above. Across the world, there were fireworks exploding all around, for this was to be a night that nopony would ever forget.

    In the various corners of the world, the many Kingdoms and Homelands to many creatures alike, were celebrating and cheering out the names of those responsible for giving them back their future. In Equestria, every town and city were celebrating in their own ways:

    Appleloosa was filled with ponies, buffalo, and various desert creatures. They were dancing around great campfires, while enjoying mugs of apple cider and plates of delicious apple pies.

    Las Pegasus was ablazed with lights as the high and mighty ponies celebrated their freedom with partying with high-class food, as well as music that made the entire city dance all night.

    Dodge Junction, although small, was filled with celebrating ponies and zebras. They were enjoying the cherries that grew there, along with the stews the swamp folk made for this party.

    The three cities on the east coast: Baltimare, Filly Delphia, and Manehatten, were celebrating in every street and building. There were even those in the harbor, celebrating on their boats and yachts with food to chow down on and music to dance to.

    To the north, the Crystal Empire glowed bright in the dark. The crystal ponies celebrated all night long, while giving thanks to the ones responsible for freeing them…for the second time.

    In the center of Equestria, the sky city of Cloudsdale was filled with pegasai and dragons cheering and celebrating. The Wonderbolts flew all around in their designated patterns, putting on a show for all there to watch and applaud at.

    Below, the town of Ponyville was in an uproar of celebration. Every pony, zebra, dragon, and buffalo there were dancing with their friends and family, while enjoying the delicious treats that came from Sweet Apple Acres. No matter how late it was getting, this was a party that would go on, because it was worth it all.

    High above the town, in the city of Canterlot, the streets and houses were filled with celebrating ponies and much more. Within the gardens of Canterlot Castle, the many familiar heroes were having the time of their lives:

    The ponies, buffalo and zebras made music together with the sound of their drums, flutes, and other instruments. They played in perfect harmony, allowing all those around them to dance happily to the beat.

    Pinkie Pie, who loved partying, did cartwheels all around while dancing to the music.

    Applejack played her violin, joining in with the others playing musical instuments.

    Rarity and Spike danced together, while smiling warmly at each other.

    Fluttershy danced with her animal friends, until Pinkie appeared and danced with her. Fluttershy smiled and danced happily with her party-loving friend.

    Rainbow Dash soared through the air, laughing and having the time of her life.

    Discord celebrated along with the rest. He conjured small clouds that rained down Chocolate milk, which made everypony happy.

    Princess Celestia and Luna danced together and even conjured a few spells to create a dazzling display of magic for many to enjoy.

    While the others celebrated, Twilight Sparkle finally introduced Courageous Heart, her boyfriend, to her family. Without a doubt in their minds, Shining Armor and Princess Cadance approved of him and knew he was best for Twilight.

    The parents of Twilight and Shining also accepted him and knew he would take good care of their daughter. This made Twilight very happy, and once introductions were given, the group returned to the party, celebrating all night long. Even while the party went on, three familiar Light Spirits were watching from high above on the Castle roof, knowing that everything was going to be alright in the days to come.

    As Twilight Sparkle danced on with all those she loved around her, in her mind she knew this: She was more than a student now…she was a hero, and one that would do all she could to help bring Equestria a better tomorrow. And should the forces of evil rise again, which they eventually would, she…along with her best friends and boyfriend, would fight and protect their home.

    For this was Equestria…and they were it’s Light.




 In loving memory of my Grandfather and pet cat

 Story written by:
(Jayden T. Wesker)

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An Even Greater Thanks:

To Hasbro and Lauren Faust for creating
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


I do not own the characters created by Hasbro:

 Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Fluttershy,
Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie,
Tirek, Princess Celestia, Luna, Cadance,
 Spike, Shining Armor, Braeburn,

Are all property of Hasbro and Lauren Faust


Courageous Heart, Subira, Mr. Snake,
Arjana, Leena, The Wise One (Dragon Elder),
Nirek, The Rock Ogre, 
Spirits of Light (Stoutheart, Elegancy, Charisma)

Are all owned by Courageous-of-Light

Thank you all for making this Fan-Fiction successful in every way possible.
Enjoy the further stories that come after.

Thank you and Have a Good Day!!
My Little Pony: The Light of Equestria, has finally reached the end. After four long months of typing, I can now conclude this story that I am proud to have written. I thank all those who have read this Fan-Fiction and hope you will look forward to the stories that will come after this.

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Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Awww...thank you :hug:
thebigcrunchone9 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
:hug: You're welcome. The Judith Barsi thing is because she played Ducky.
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
OH yeah she would.

/may she rest in peace
thebigcrunchone9 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
May her father rot in hell.

Judith Barsi touched heart as Ducky and Anne Marie.

Can you imagine how she would be now if she had lived she would've been well known probably and would probably still have acted through adulthood.
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
Good show, good show! :D
Now on to your other works!
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I hope the next stories will be just as enjoyable as this one :squee:
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I'm already reading "History of the Hero"! :D
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Nice :D
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:iconclapplz: Bravo man, bravo! This is so far the best fanfic I have ever read!
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I am so happy you enjoy it all!!! :D :D :D

If you enjoyed that one, check out the short stories that come after...staring with History of the Hero :squee:
Lionwar1996 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014
Thx for the info, I'll check it out now. *looks at clock* or maybe tomorrow. It's kinda late for me and I got school.
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Okay :D

Thanks again for reading my story, and I hope you will enjoy the rest to come :pat:
Lionwar1996 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014
I'm sure I will :D
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This is the first ever MLP fanfic I came across and but time aside to read. (So far.) I found it very inspirational, and your work has actually inspired me to start my own MLP series. Your writing is beautiful and I bet everyone who read this would agree. I love this story. The characters that you made up are very imaginative and they mix well with the existing characters. I JUST LOVE IT! Since this is the last chapter, I felt I needed to give comment explaining how wonderful your work is. Well done!
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much! :hug:

I am so pleased to hear that you enjoyed this story. I hope the rest that come after this one will be just as fun to read :love:

Thank you again and I hope you succeed with your own fanfics :nod:
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Best story I ever read so far. :)
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I am impressed that you read it so quickly!! :wow:
thieviusracoonus Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
I am a fast reader.
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You are, without a doubt! :squee:
thieviusracoonus Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
I happen to make my own OC for the mlp universe, I call him Dundo Loggins:… what do you think?
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
It looks nice. I myself am not into crossovers or such, but you can go with what you feel would make a good story :)
thieviusracoonus Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
I just thought it be cool to add a hobbit to the story, since MLP has a lot of fantasy creatures and mythic beings, so I thought it would be awesome to add other species in the world of MLP, such as dwarves, orcs, hobbits, elves, harpies, werewolves, and such.
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, it does sound interesting :)
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It warms my heart hearing such a positive comment from a fellow reader!
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love the story twilight and her friends win at the end and stop the darkess to become light of equestria
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, it is quite a story and adventure they all experienced :squee:
fishyfriend3 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013
my fiffth fav and it's good. i love couragous and twilight they make a perfect couple.Love Heart Clap I am a dummy! 
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Aww, Thank you :hug:
lilsonic1355 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Student Artist
Finally finished. And what an awesome ending to this outstanding story of yours, youve really outdone yourself. Complete fanfiction with it's own music is just brilliant. I would love to see more of your projects.

Btw since this has to be my last comment I just want to let you know that im writing a DBZ MLP cross over sort of. Iv been having so much trouble writing it but I think its going good now... it should be published very soon.
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you. I am so happy that you enjoyed it all: The story, the music mixed in, and more. Thank you so much and I hope you will enjoy the short stories that come after (They can be found in my "Short Stories" folder :) )

And Cool, I would love to read your stories once they are published :D
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It was incredible!!!

I really enjoyed reading it, and I can't wait to see your other stories (after your break, of course)!

My rating:




If you accept, I want to draw some scenes of LoE.
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hehehe, I am truly grateful that you enjoyed this story, my friend. As for your rating, I accept it with my full gratitude for your comments you gave me on every chapter.

If you wish to draw some scenes, I can give you some ideas I have, or if you have your own ideas, I will hear them out.

Thank you so much, ChaosContrl. You have been a great friend and supporter of My Little Pony: The Light of Equestria.
ChaosContrl Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Student General Artist
I'm so honored! Thank you very much!=)
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