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 Princess Cadance gazes in disbelief to what she is seeing: Her beloved, Shining Armor, kneeling before the monstrous centaur known as Tirek. Every member of the Royal Guard follow suit and do the very same; They are no longer loyal to the Princess, nor to their own kind...and have become servants of this dark demon.

    “Shining Armor! Please don’t do this. I love you!” Cadance pleads to her husband as tears run down her eyes. Her sorrow turns to anger as she turns her attention to Tirek and screams at him, “What did you do to my Shining Armor?!!!”

    “HE BELONGS TO ME NOW…AS DO THE REST OF YOUR PONY GUARDS!! BUT SOON...ALL OF YOU WILL BOW DOWN TO ME” Tirek swears to the pink alicorn princess who dares to speak out against him.

    Princess Cadance will not allow her husband to remain under the centuar’s power for a moment longer. Calling forth her power of Love that can bring happiness and hope to all those it touches, the alicorn touches her husband's horn with her own and hopes it will restore him. But in the end, no matter how much she tries to bring her beloved back, Candance's power has no effect; The white stallion she loves with all her heart appears to be beyond her reach. “My love…” she cries as she hugs her husband, wishing this to be nothing more than a nightmare she can wake up to and see that it is not real from.

    This moment of sadness that has befallen the princess of the Crystal Empire only becomes worse as Shining Armor turns his gaze from his new Master to his wife. Snarling ever so, he widens his eyes and stares right into the teary eyes of the pink alicorn who was weeping for him but now is scared. A strange, dark beam shoots out of his piercing, dark eyes...and right into those of his crying wife.

    The Princess of Love feels so if they is an evil presence enter her mind and body...wishing to take control of her the same way it did her husband, Shining Armor. She tries to fight it, but in the end, it is too late; no matter how much she tries to resist, the power of Darkness grabs control of the alicorn princess...and Candance stands by her husband as one of them: Dark Ponies who serve their one and only Master: “All Hail Tirek, the Supreme Ruler of Darkness!” The now turned Princess of the Crystal Empire chants.

    “Cadance, No!!” Twilight cries for her sister-in-law while feeling her heart sink even lower…for two ponies she loves dearly are now servants of evil.


    Princess Celestia watches in shock as she sees her own beloved niece become like the rest of the guard: Loyal servants of the dark centaur. An even more saddening sight is witnessing her own student crying for those she loves. Spreading forth her wings, Celestia flies up into the air once more...angered more than ever before. “You will pay for this, Tirek! I will not allow you to harm my subjects, or my family, AGAIN!!” The Princess’s horn powers up with the strongest magic she can summon...and fires it straight towards the centaur.

    As the beam of magic nears the one that wields such strange power, Tirek holds out his hand to block it. The beam hits his hand…but does nothing from there; No matter what form of magic used, nothing seems to affect this demon. The Princess continues summoning more power to rid her home of this terrible foe...but it seems even she cannot match the power of this dark creature.

    “HAHAHAHAHA! LOOK UPON YOUR PRINCESS, LITTLE PONIES,” Tirek informs everypony within the wedding hall of that whic his happenning right now, “EVEN HER POWER CANNOT HARM ME!”

    Celestia ceases her spell casting when she realizes it is futile. Overcome with exhaustion from releasing too much power at one time, the alicorn princess of the sun returns to the ground...unable to remain in the air nor properly stand.

    “YOU MAY BE THE PRINCESS OF THE SUN, BUT YOU ARE NO TRUE WIELDER OF THE LIGHT!!” Tirek shouts in mockery...mentioning that which everypony there has no clue of this words of what he means by them. Shortly after the failed attempt down by Celestia, the gaze of the demon centaury turns from the Princess to her student, “BUT I WONDER IF YOUR STUDENT IS ANY DIFFERENT...!!” The centaur aims his hand at the little lavender pony, preparing to turn her into a minion like her brother and sister-in-law. 
    Twilight cowers in fear and is unable to move. Her friends gather around her to keep her safe, but are only finding themselves in the path of the Darkness coming at them. Even after all that has happened, the friendship these six still hold within their hearts will not falter over this powerful enemy.

    Princess Celestia, knowing her magic will not protect them, flies towards her student and her friends...hoping to save the from a fate that none should ever have to endure. She intercepts the dark beam of evil in time to keep Twilight and her friends safe; Celestia protects her subjects from becoming evil…by taking their place.

    “Princess Celestia!!” The six mares scream as they see the Darkness slowly engulf her all around...slowly transforming her into a loyal, and powerful, servant of evil.

    “Twilight…” the Princess of the Sun mutters as she feels her mind no longer becoming her own, ”Please…run…” With those last words spoken, the Darkness completely takes her.

    Shortly after the dark mist clears, what stands before everypony is no longer the Celestia they know and love: The Princess’s eyes are dark much like all the others that have been corrupted; Her mane is now a fiery orange that flows just the same; She soon kneels before the dark centaur and speaks the very words nopony would ever imagine her to ever say, “I am at your command, Tirek the Supreme!”

    “Sister…no…” The tearful Luna mutters, begging for this to be untrue; She cannot bare to see her sister become that which she was once.

    Tirek merely laughs in amusement at the sight of everypony seeing their beloved Princess Celestia now a servant of the Darkness. With a mere snap of his fingers, the new guard under his control turn to the Canterlot Elite and every other pony in the room. “NOW, TIME FOR THE REST OF YOU, TO KNEEL BEFORE ME!!” With another snap of his fingers, Shining Armor and his Dark Guard rush at the other ponies, attempting to capture and corrupt them all.

    Everypony begins to scream and run around in fear...trying ever so to get away. But unfortunately, the guards begin to catch each and every pony one by one...holding them down and gazing into their eyes. The darkness slowly moves in and corrupts them all…transforming them into a minion of Tirek. One by one, the once loyal and faithful subjects of Canterlot, become that which they fear...until they become fear itself.


    Twilight and her friends sadly watch as everypony around them begin to change from good to evil. Knowing their fate will be the same as all the ponies that attended the Gala, the Mane Six have to get out...but with so much happening now, escape might be harder than it may seem.

    Twilight Sparkle!!" Princess Luna calls out to the frightened lavender unicorn orders as she comes to aid of the six ponies and one little dragon, "This way; Follow me!!" The dark blue alicorn orders as she guides them through the crowds, using what magic she has to keep the evil ones away. Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rainbow, Rarity, and Spike follow Luna as they make their way to the door.

    Tirek noticed the escape attempt by the younger sister of Celestia and all her subjects. Pointing firmly towards the direction they are rushing off too...which happens to be the only exit out...Tirek calls the attention of his servants and orders them to stop those that are hopelessly trying to flee, “SEIZE THEM!!”

    Spike manages to get a little ahead of the group and avoid being caught, but once he hears his best friends screaming, he turns back and gasps. What ponies that are now transformed by the Darkness, surround the Mane Six and Princess Luna. “Twilight! Rarity!” He panics and has not a clue how he can help them...since he is so little.

    “Spike! Run!! Get out of here and get help!!” Twilight orders her number one assistant.

    Spike shakes his head and refuses to leave any of his friends behind to become corrupted by the Darkness, “I’m not leaving you Twilight! I’m not leaving any of you!!”

    Hearing the noble words of the small dragon near the great doors that lead out of the wedding chapel, Tirek glares upon the tiny, baby dragon...but has a dastardly idea in mind. “A DRAGON?! HE WILL MAKE A PERFECT PET...ONCE THE DARKNESS MAKES HIM SO!!” Aiming his hand at the puny dragon, Tirek calls forth the Darkness...which comes forth and moves at great speed towards his target.

    “Spike, Look out!!” Twilight screams as she warns her dear friend, fearing for his safety.

    Spike gasps as the beam of evil is about to hit him. He tries to run, but it is already to late: The Darkness engulfs Spike and slowly transforms him. Twilight and her friends can only watch as their little dragon friend is being taken from them. They cry out his name, but their words cannot not reach him.

    “Not my Spikey-Wikey!!” Rarity cries for the one dragons she cares for more than anything else.

    Suddenly the Darkness clears, and before them is not the same baby dragon: This Spike stands on all fours and is bigger than ever before; While he is not a full grown dragon, Spike is still greater in size. With great wings, a long tail, and the expression on his face that shows the same evil that corrupts everypony within the hall, Spike the dragon is now a servant of evil.

    Twilight cries when she sees that which she wishes she does not; Her little dragon assistant is no longer the Spike she loves, but now a dark dragon that breathes green fire as it roars out with his massive lungs that his new master has given him.


    Completely surrounded by the corrupt Princess Celestia, Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, Spike, and every pony and guard...Princess Luna, Twilight, and the other five mares find themselves trapped and unable to take them all on; Since the magic of one of the most powerful spellcasters in all of Equestria failed, Twilight finds no hope in her magic protecting them.

    “NOW, MY LITTLE PONIES, YOU ARE NEXT!!” The centaur of pure evil informs as he snaps his fingers…ready to see his victory completed in only a few remaining seconds.

    With nowhere to run and no chance to win this battle, Princess Luna has only one option left: Teleporting herself and the Mane Six out of the castle...far from Canterlo. Powering up her horn, the alicorn princess turns turns to the girls and orders them to listen to her once more, “Stay close to me!”

    Twilight and her friends obey the commands of the Princess of the Night and Moon, and huddle together around Luna. The next thing they know, a great soruce of magic surrounds the seven ponies...and soon find themselves teleported out of Canterlot Castle and to another location...just in time before the dark ponies captured them.

    The moment Princess Luna and the six young mares disappear, the sounds of thunder and the bright flashes of lightning go off...displaying Tirek's anger to the seven who have escaped his grasp, “RAAAAAAAAAAGGHHH!!!”

    Everypony cowers in fear of their Master's anger...but once he and the storms calm a bit, the new captain of the Dark Guard approaches and kneels, “They will not get away, Master! We shall find them!” 

    “NO! LET THEM GO…” Tirek calms himself down a little and turns his sight upon everypony in the room, who are now under his control. “THEY WILL NOT GET FAR, NOR WILL THEY HAVE ANYWHERE TO HIDE SOON!”

    The Dark Ponies and Dragon all kneel before their new Master once more…and chant his name for all of Canterlot to hear, “All Hail Tirek!! The Supreme Master of Darkness!!!” After finishing their praising of their new leader, Shinning Armor steps forward again to ask the question with his head bowed, “What next do you command of us, Dark Lord Tirek?”

    The great demon centaur gives off a mere snort from his nostrils and Tirek snorts, “SEND ALL TROOPS TO PONYVILLE AND CLOUDSDALE! IT IS TIME FOR MY KINGDOM TO SPREAD THROUGHOUT ALL OF EQUESTRIA!!” 

    “As you command, Master!” Shining Armor and the rest of the Dark Guard march out of the Hall, ready to begin their assault on the rest of Canterlot…and the other cities nearby. Soon, very soon, all will become like them: Devoted servants of the one who will control not only Equestria, but the rest of the world as well.


    At the edge of the dark woods known by all as the Everfree Forest, which rests on the outskirts of Ponyville, a small sphere of magic appears...then disappears right after. Standing all together are none other than Princess Luna, Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie. Although they manage to escape the Dark Lord Tirek for now, they cannot fathom the pain they have experienced back in Canterlot; What they have witnessed has left them saddened and speechless.

    Before any of them can think of what to do or say next, the sounds of screaming and wicked laughter can be heard coming from Ponyville…which means only one thing: Tirek’s forces have arrived...quicker than one would think. Their attention then turns towards Canterlot...and watch their once beautiful capital of all Equestria starting to change into a darker, more evil looking castle.

    “We have to do something!” The worrying Rainbow Dash insists, feeling the need to fly to Ponyville or even to Cloudsdale to see to it everypony escapes before it only gets worse.

    The others, although sad and afraid from recent events, agree; Something has to be done...and the only answer seems to be to gather those in Ponyville they can and escape. But Luna shakes her head sadly, “There is nothing we can do. Tirek's servants have already invaded...and we will only fall prey to the Darkness if we stay..."

    “But…But…” Pinkie Pie stutters, unable to speak due to the sadness she feels in her heart. Her mane is slowly beginning to lose it's fluffiness.

    Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and the others all look to their princess and know that she is right: If they stay or try to help...they will only become one of them. As much as they hate to run from their home, there is no choice. Turning their sights from the town of Ponyville, that has been their home for as long as they can remember, the Mane Six and Princess Luna gallop off into the Everfree Forest...heading tothe one place that they know will be a safe place to hide...for now.

    However, Twilight Sparkle comes to a halt. She cannot bare to leave Ponyville or the rest of Equestria like this...but there is nothing she or her friends can d. She can hear the screaming of the ponies within the town running away...only to be caught and turned into one of the Dark Ponies...joining them to corrupt the rest.

    Princess Luna returns to her sister's student and places her hoof upon Twilight. Knowing no words can comfort her aching heart, Lina can only whisper a few words, “We have to go. Come, Twilight Sparkle....”

    Twilight agrees with a great amount of sadness in her heart, and rejoins her friends as they gallop off into the woods...hoping to find the home of their zebra friend Zecora.


    Meanwhile, high up in the transforming castle that is now his to rule from, Tirek gazes out from the balcony of his new throne room and watches as the Pegasai Guards fly up towards the city within the clouds...while the unicorn guards and their captain storm throughout Canterlot, changing everypony there into a servant of evil.

    As the dark centaur stands with both his strongest minions, Spike and Celestia at his side, he aims his sights high into the sky. The beautiful night sky slowly becomes covered by dark storm clouds. Tirek laughs maniacally and yells out for all to hear, “THE POWER OF DARKNESS, COME FORTH AND ASCEND! NOW BEGINS THE NIGHT...THAT SHALL NEVER END!!!”

    As the storm clouds grow, the entire city of Canterlot finishes changing: The shiny, rich features turn into that of a dark brick that truly brings the evil that matches the demon centaur's empty heart. Once it finishes, it becomes Tirek’s new fortress of evil...which he now gives the proper name for it: Midnight Castle.
The once three great cities of Equestria have fallen to the Darkness and everpony is now a servant to the will of the pure evil centaur, Tirek. Is there any hope for Twilight and her friends to saving their home?

Music suggestion: The Fall of Canterlot, Ponyville, and Cloudsdale :…

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Zecroa? I already red this story. I was just looking for a chapter but I saw and realise the misspelled name of our ms zebra friend
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