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December 11, 2012
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Everypony in Ponyville and Cloudsdale awoke by the loud, ear-shattering sounds of thunder. This dared the bravest of ponies to look through their windows into the outside, only to see the entire night sky being covered by massive, dark storm clouds.

Some ponies can already tell something is wrong; This is a storm unlike anypony has ever seen before. There is not much they could do about it, except stay indoors and take shelter until it all blows over.


The Apple Family stay close together in the kitchen as the roaring of the storm rises in volume. Big Macintosh holds his little sister Applebloom close to protect her. They notice Granny Smith with her helmet on, preparing for the unexpected.

At the Carousel Boutique, the young filly Sweetie Belle hugs her parents tight as they keep her safe from the storm that frightens her. Although she feels safe in their embrace, she worries a great deal for her big sister, Rarity.

The storm continues for almost an hour and shows no signs of ending anytime soon. Everypony within Ponyville grow restless and more uneasy. All of a sudden, the sound of the storm starts to fall silent…if only for a moment.

Taking a risk, some of the ponies come out of hiding and step outside to see if it has cleared up. The storm is still present but they now feel it is safe enough to return to bed. But before they can head back in, they see something approaching from the distance.

It is too dark to see, but they can tell it is a large group of ponies marching together from the train station. Without a doubt, it has to be some of the Royal Guard sent by Princess Celestia to help the citizens of Ponyville.

The troops come to a stop, and just stand there. The Mayor steps forward and walks over to welcome them. But once she gets closer, she comes to a complete stop and gasps.

What she sees is not the same Royal Unicorn Guard; She notices the piercing, black eyes and cruel frowns on their faces. She starts to back away, but before the Mayor can order her citizens to run, the Royal Guard neigh out loud and charge forward, towards everypony in their path.


Meanwhile in Cloudsdale, the pegasai can not understand how a storm like this has formed when they have nothing to do with it. Some of them want to find out how this could have happened, but the winds outside are too strong for them to send anypony out.

They all gather in their strongest cloud shelter to wait it out, which they hope will not be long from now. Some of the Wonderbolts are there to help keep everypony calm and protected.

Nearly an hour later, the storm continues and the pegasai are growing more worried; They wonder how much effort it will take to clean up all the mess from the aftermath of this foul weather.

Just then the storm starts to settle a bit, which is just enough for the Wonderbolts, plus a few of their new recruits, to fly out and inspect the dark clouds among their city.

As the Wonderbolts make their way out and begin their investigation, they notice a group of armored pegasai entering Cloudsdale. They fly towards them to greet them and hope they are here to help…but stop once they see them at a closer range. The Wonderbolts are shocked by the sight before them, and are unable to react as those very pegasai, who are of the Royal Guard of Canterlot, charge at them.


The citizens of Ponyville run in all directions, trying to escape from the attacking Unicorn Guard. But no matter how far they run, nopony is able to evade or resist the evil that has come to their once peaceful town.

The evil unicorns use their own magic to seize every mare, stallion, colt, and filly that are running through the streets or hiding within their homes. Once they are captured, they gaze into their eyes with their own dark, void eyes long enough for a beam of dark energy to move inside. Upon finishing, those ponies quickly become one of them, and give chase to their own friends and family.

At the farm, the Apple Family can hear the ponies bashing on their front door. Big Macintosh gets up and moves toward the door, determined to keep the intruders from reaching his family.

The doors burst open and a group of ponies charge in.

“Nnope!!” Yells the red stallion as he uses his strength to hold them off.

Although Big Mac is considered to be the strongest stallion in Ponyville, he cannot hold off the evil ponies forever. No matter how many ponies he knocks down, they keep getting back up. The evil within them make them almost impossible to stop.

Applebloom and Granny Smith can only watch as Big Mac finally falls from exhaustion. The evil ponies hold him down and gazed into his eyes, transforming him into one of them. He rises back up and turns on his family.

“…No…Big Mac…” cries the little filly named Applebloom.

“Eeyep!!” The now-turned stallion laughs as he and the other ponies slowly approach Applebloom and Granny Smith..

At the Carousel Boutique, ponies have already broken through the doors and begin tearing up all of the clothes and fabrics. Some head up the stairs, and find the main bedroom locked. The dark ponies buck at the door over and over until it finally falls.

Inside are Sweetie Belle and her parents huddled together, cowering at the sight of the evil ponies. As they see them approach, the young white filly screams at the top of her lungs in fear.

Ponyville soon becomes quieter, as the screams of the frightened turn into laughter of the wicked. Within minutes since their arrival, the Unicorn Guard have turned everypony and animal into a servant of the Dark One.


As Ponyville and Cloudsdale slowly fall into Darkness, the guards in Canterlot, lead by Captain Shining Armor, spread throughout the city, breaking in to every home and capturing everypony they can find. One-by-one, their captives are converted into loyal minions, bent to only Tirek’s will.

As the troops scatter to take complete control of the city in the name of their Master, Shining Armor personally makes his way to his parent’s house.

Upon arriving, he busts in and heads to the living room, where his mother and father are hiding. At first they are happy to see him, hoping he can tell them what is going on. But their once proud son just glares at them and growls, frightening them both as he slowly moves in towards them.


Deep within the Everfree Forest, the Mane six and Princess Luna continue to flee ever further into the woods, away from the town where the once screaming they heard has turned into laughter of an evil kind. They do not know where to go at first, but then they spot the one place that they can hide: the hut of the zebra herbalist, Zecora.
The once three great cities of Equestria have fallen to the Darkness and everpony is now a servant to the will of the pure evil centaur, Tirek. Is there any hope for Twilight and her friends to saving their home?

Music suggestion: The Fall of Canterlot, Ponyville, and Cloudsdale :…

Chapter 5: courageousoflight.deviantart.c… Chapter 7: courageousoflight.deviantart.c…
Chapter Guide: courageousoflight.deviantart.c…

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Zecroa? I already read the story. I was just looking for a chapter and saw and finally realised the misspelled name of our zebra friend.
Zecroa? I already red this story. I was just looking for a chapter but I saw and realise the misspelled name of our ms zebra friend
Look like somone was reading past sins when he got this idea from.
Courageous-of-Light Dec 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Never read it
ChaosContrl Jan 6, 2013  Student General Artist
I am GLaD it is just the beginning! Because I love this story so much!!!

Will Zecora be evil, or the Everfree Forest hasn't been reached yet?
That means They have to face there familys too got turn by Treik. OH boy nightmare begans
Courageous-of-Light Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
So far, I'd say this is the shortest chapter, but next one I will try to make longer, but not too long. There are still many chapters to come. This story has only begun
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