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    As the bright globe of warmth rises over the horizon to begin a new day over the glorious kingdom of Tambelon Island, the multiple inhabitants of ponies, zebra, dragons, buffalo, and more scattered all over the different towns and villages arise quickly out of their beds once the rays of the sun shine on through the windows of their houses or huts. Today is a day like no other, since it is marked as a holiday where everypony is allowed the day off from both school and work in order to celebrate much anticipated fun and activities throughout the golden kingdom of harmony.

    While there are many holidays over the year worth one's time off to celebrate with his or her family, this particular one originated from a great kingdom far away...where it's citizens sing and dance with much merry and joyful spirit, and ride through the roaring green pastures the roam the majority of the land: The Kingdom of Shamrock.

    Once a year, this land of green celebrates the day it's empire was founded and formed over a thousand years giving thanks to the very founders that considered themselves the luckiest ponies in all of the world; The paradise they had discovered all that time ago has led them to nothing but good luck from then on...especially on this very holiday which they celebrate the anniversary.

   The founders of Shamrock call this holiday Lucky Leaf Day. The reason being is because of a very rare four leaf clover that blooms every year on this exact day. It is said that good luck is granted to whomever holds it in their hooves. But only a few sprout during this day, so very few are ever found which is one of the many reasons why this holiday is greatly celebrated:

    To have a source of good luck is a blessing and opportunity that many are not going to pass up. But some would rather partake in the music, dancing, free fresh mugs of apple cider, and the company of good friends...since the tiring search for such a rare lucky leaf usually turns up empty hoofed.

    As the sun continues to rise and bring forth the morning, the party planners who are led by the pink party loving pony known by many as Pinkie Pie, work hard and quick to place all the decorations around the buildings and houses over Tambelon City. Streamers and balloons of green are placed all over the city, while some practice their instruments for the lively music that is sure to put everypony's spirit as high as the sky itself. With only a few hours before the festival begins, the party planners continue to work hard as if this were a job, but knowing the payment at the end is worth more than all the gold on the island.


    High up in the golden castle that sits at the very heart of Tambelon City, the various servants move as fast as their legs can carry them as they tidy up the pictures and priceless decor all around the hallways and the various rooms, all while passing by the silver armored pony guards of both stallion and mare standing at attention... always vigilant and ready should anything surprising appear out of the nowhere.

    While the servants and soldiers remain on duty...and in silence so that not a peep can be heard...the Princess and Prince still remain asleep in their softer than wool bed. Even though they are aware of today's big event that they know is already starting due to the noise and music they can heard even from their bedroom, both Twilight Sparkle and Courageous Heart wish to sleep in a little longer since the previous day was a tiring one from all their royal duties.

    For now, the fair and well loved rulers of this island paradise sleep soundly while dreaming sweet dreams as they rest their heads upon their feathery pillows with the warm blankets covering the rest of their bodies. Even with the music and cheering from the festival below, Twilight snuggles next to her beloved brown stallion and wishes nothing more than to remain in the loving embrace of the one that she will always hold close to her heart...until-

    "Mommy! Daddy!" Comes the voice of the young pink filly who bursts through the bedroom double doors and jumps up and down on her parent's bed, trying to get them up from their formerly peaceful slumber. With much anticipated excitement because of her day off from school to celebrate this holiday of green, the little princess whom her parent's proudly named Starlight continues to bounce upon the soft pink comforter in hopes of her mom and dad awakening so they can get to the festival early, "IT'S LUCKY LEAF DAY! WAKE UP, WAKE UP...WAKE UP!!!"

    The princess moans and she softly tosses and turns around in her bed, slightly annoyed with her daughter's disturbance and wishes she would give her a little more time to rest so that she may remain within the warm, soft embrace of her handsome husband who's wings warm her body as if they were an extra blanket of love. "It's...too early...Starlight..." Twilight moans as her mouth opens wide to release a great yawn, " sleep in...for once..."

    "" Courageous mutters as his eyes feel as heavy as rocks that he himself is not ready to open right now.

    "Oh...PLEEEEEEEEEASE~" The pleading little princess begs for her parents to awaken since the calling of the lively festival outside is too great to ignore; The parade of many green holiday themed floats to watch from the sidewalk, the  apple cider that tastes sweeter than any treats found at Sugarcane Lane, and an entire day to spend with friends and relatives is to great a time to pass up all for a little extra sleep. Starlight moves up closer to where her parents lay their heads and gives them the "pleading eyes". "Pwwweeeeeeeeeeease...?"

    Upon hearing those sweet little words spoken by the mouth of their little smart and determined bundle of joy, the pony parents of this pestering little princess open their eyes at long last and see the sad look she has a habit of using on them in certain situations. While sometimes that look has failed while other times it has not, both Twilight and Courageous will feel a large amount of guilt in their hearts if they keep their daughter waiting for her very first Lucky Leaf Festival.

    With a soft as soft as the air released from the nostrils of the stallion and mare, along with a gentle rubbing of their eyes to clear away any sleepiness, the parents sit up and mutter one word to help bring this to an end. "...Okay..."

    upon hearing those soft, little words spoken by the two ponies she loves with all her heart, Starlight screams with glee and feels so happy as if she found a four-leaf clover so soon with the holiday just beginning. The little filly, with her mane swinging to and fro as she bounces up and down on the bed around in a circle, "Yes!!! Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes YEEEEEEEEESS!!!"

    Twilight giggles when she witnesses the same spirit and energy within her precious little filly that she once had when she herself was the same age. As a warm smile forms upon her lips, this proud mother gently stops her excited daughter and rubs her head, "Alright dear...why don't you go get some breakfast while your father and I get ready?"

    "Okay!~" Starlight replies with a tone of excitement and understanding as she hops off the bed and rushes outside the bedroom and towards the kitchen where breakfast will be ready for her by her favorite guard and sister figure: Oath Sworn.

PCM - The Princess and her guard by AJfive


    With the early bird named Starlight gone at long last, Twilight gives a great, big yawn and whispers, "Well my love...let's get dressed and head on down to the festival before Starlight comes back and starts bouncing again."

    Courageous agrees and while slightly disappointed that he cannot have a few more minutes to sleep with his wife, the idea of dancing to the fine music and drinking some delicious apple cider will make this day worthwhile. The pegasus prince pulls his wings back to the side of his body and sits up in his bed then turns to his beloved Twilight...only to giggle at seeing her mane all messed up.

    "What is so funny?" Twilight questions with but a small mutter, only to discover the answer when her husband points to her "bedmane". She casts a spell to bring forth the mirror from her nightstand and look to see the current state of her mane. What the alicorn feels now is a moment of the thought of how long it will take her to brush all the knots out as well as put her accessories and makeup on, "Even with magic, this could take hours..."

    "I was thinking more along the lines of days~" Courageous teases with snicker from his snout to follow.

    Twilight smirks, levitates her pillow, and throws it in the face of her beloved teasing husband. The force knocks the unfortunate stallion out of bed and onto the carpet; At least in the end the landing was soft as the pillow that hit him. "Very get yourself up, mister. We have a big day to look forward to~"

    Courageous Heart spits the feathers out of his mouth and wipes the taste out as best he can. Once he has finished with that, he gives off a smirk and a smile...and obeys his wife, "Yes, dear."


    To the north of the golden city of Tambelon, lies the thriving farming settlement of Applelulu...where hundreds of apple trees are grown and harvested for the rest of the island to enjoy...especially on this very holiday in which more than the usual number are kicked down by strong hind legs and crushed into a fine juice that is said to be sweeter than candy and made with love in every ounce.

    Everypony here is already up and about preparing the final batches of apple cider that will be loaded into the hundreds of brown barrels so that they can be carried by horse-drawn wagon to the glorious golden city where the Lucky Leaf Festival is taking place; Over hundreds of barrels with gallons upon gallons of fresh apple cider that the entire town has spent the past week preparing for this very event is nearly complete and ready to be shipped soon. While all the work put into this is exhausting, the bits they will earn from the customers they will receive will go a long way to help with many things for the entire town for the next few months.

    With only a few hours left before the festival officially begins, the Apples and other farmers get right to work on the final batch of apple cider and hope to have it finished in the next hour.

    Meanwhile, on a big red farmhouse resting at the top of a hill within Applelulu, the Head Farmer and his wife walk on outside and stand upon their porch, as they look down from their house to see all their neighbors and families rushing about to get this last load of barrels ready to fill with the freshest apple cider yet.

    Taking in a breath of fresh air that has the scent of freshly squeezed apples within causes the great red stallion to stomp his front hoof proudly and say only one word that will give everypony in the town he runs the encouragement to work hard and party proudly this fine day, "EEYUP!!"

    Cheerilee, the sweet and loving wife of the hardworking stallion, nuzzles his cheek with her own and feels the same way he does; His words of encouragement help keep her strong and ready for this day as they do for any other. Even though her love of teaching has been put on hold for today, spending time with her family makes it all the more sweet as the apples that grow in this land she is happy to share with everypony else.

    As the happy married couple stand on the porch enjoying the scenery for a bit longer, three mares come running up the hill to greet the two whom they proudly call their relatives: Applejack, Applebloom, and Granny Smith come bearing a small travel-size barrel filled with the freshest apple cider that was recently made for their family to enjoy this already fine holiday.

    "Howdy dere, Big Mac n' Cheerilee," Applejack greets her brother and sister-in-law with a warm, honest smile, "Ya'll ready ta start da holiday with some of da freshest Apple Family Cider in dese here parts?!"

    "Eeyup!" Comes the first voice to answer, which happens to be the little redish-pink filly that rushes on out past the front door and onto the porch when the word "fresh family cider" is heard, "Ah would like some, Aunt Applejack..."

    The orange mare smiles while  she gently whips her long flowing blond and is about ready to pour everypony there a mug a fresh cider, when she pauses upon hearing an "ahem" muttered from a certain purple coated mother of a certain little filly. She even sees Cheerilee raise an eyebrow, which is a hint to Candy that she forgot to add something important to the end of her sentence.

    "Oh! Um...May ah have a mug of cider, Aunt Applejack...please?" Candy restates her question with a hint of politeness at the end this time. This earns the filly who's mane matches the color of her fathers' to receive a smile from her mother for remembering her manners...especially in front of family.

    "Comin' right up, sugarcube~" Applejack reassures with a smile as she sets the barrel down while Applebloom places the mugs that she brought in her saddlebag upon the ground for everypony. With both set out before the six earth ponies, the mugs are filled to the very rim with the freshest cider in all of the island. Since the barrel brought is so small, there is only enough for everypony on the porch to have one mugful of cider.

    Once barrel is empty and everypony has their mug tight in their hooves, they raise them up and tap them all together, toasting to this glorious holiday and to all the piles of money they will make once the day has passed. As the toast ends, the tip of the mugs are brought to the holder's mouth and the happy family of farmers sip down their cider slowly at first, but then drink faster. The sweet taste is so much sweeter than all of the fields of sugarcane grown here in Applelulu. 

    As they enjoy their delicious cider, Candy spends the moment sniffing the sweet juice...wishing to enjoy it slowly before she brings the mug to her lips and is ready to taste her family's special homemade cider...especially the freshest of the final batch made today. Nothing would be more delightful and worth waiting than this...until...the handle of the mug suddenly snaps off and Candy loses her grip on the light brown mug itself. It falls to the floor and every ounce of apple cider spills out...leaving the little filly as empty inside as her mug.

    "Oh no...!" Everypony responds with a gasp as they see Candy's cider spill. They quickly hope they may be some cider left in the barrel to replace that which was just lost, but the barrel lies empty upon the is there own mugs after they finished their cider before Candy could even sip hers.

    With but a small sniff from the little filly's nose, she now feels like crying after losing something so special that could only happen once every year: To taste the Apple Family's freshest cider on Lucky Leaf Day. But from the looks of it...her luck has just taken a turn for the worst.


    Elsewhere, deep within the city of Tambelon, everypony seems to be getting ready for the festival by dressing up in green clothing to match the color of the green leaves that represent the holiday itself. Not to mention wearing green is said to help in the search for the legendary rare four-leaf clover.

    As everypony walks down the streets towards where the parades and celebration will take place, they walk passed a golden manor that is decorated with fine gems all around. It is by far one of the fanciest and shiniest houses in all of the city...and is home to the most famous pair of fashion designers of all: Spike the dragon and his beautiful wife-

    "Rarity...!" The purple and green dragon complains as he stands on all four paws while knocking on the door of the dressing room, "How much longer are you and Delicacy going to take to get dressed? We should be at the festival by now..."

    "Oh pish posh, Spikey-Wikey~" The lovely white mare waves off her husband's worry as she continues to brush the manes of both herself and that of her daughter, "The festival is not going we have plenty of time. Besides, it's very rude to rush a lady when she is getting dressed, darling."

    Spike rolls his eyes, knowing his wife will not see it, and replies with a smile, "Yes, my love." With that, the larger than a pony sized dragon walks off to sit in the parlor room as he awaits for his wife and daughter to finish getting ready, which at this rate may take a whole extra hour...or two.

    "Mommy..." The little purple unicorn filly named Delicacy fusses as she is forced to remain in place the way a boulder does, while her mother stands next to her and spends a long time brushing and combing her mane, "...can I move now...?"

    "Absolutely not, Delicacy darling!" Rarity refuses when she has yet to reach the final touches, "No daughter of mine will attend a most celebrated traditional holiday dressed up wearing simple clothing of green and partying like a wild..." This puts the beautiful mare in a determined as well as frustrated mood: She knows there will be many crazy party ponies out there getting all crazy and drinking so much apple cider that it gives her an image within her brilliant, designers mind that only has one word to describe it all, "...ruffian!"

    "But mommy...that's what everypony else is wearing and doing..." The little unicorn tries to convince her mother so she need not have to wear this green and blue dress that was made for this very occasion, plus the hours of prettying up her purple mane just for an event where it may just get messed up again.

    "Not another word, Delicacy. We are going to the Lucky Leaf Festival in style, and that is that." Rarity ends the conversation with that final note and returns to finishing her daughter's mane, with the brush and blowdryer that she holds with magic by her side as if she had her servants there with her, "Now hold still, darling. If all goes well, this will only take one more hour~"

    "Another hour?!!" Delicacy complains to herself within her own mind as she moans once more, while continues to remain still and look into the mirror while her mother continues on with her mane. Suddenly, she hears her mother gasp once she notices a split end appear all of a sudden upon the top of Delicacy's hair.

    "Oh no! This is the worst thing EVER!" Rarity dramatically expresses the same way any drama queen would upon seeing such a horrible thing that any self-respecting mare would dread, "I will not let this stand!" The slightly panicking mare calls for her servants to bring her the hairspray and bobby pins to attack this problem with her full arsenal of beauty products.

    Delicacy sighs with such discouragement as she feels this is going to take even longer. The unfortunate little filly feels that her luck is really going down the same way her split end will be in a few minutes.


    The hour strikes twelve upon the great golden clock that stands high above the rest of Tambelon city the same as the castle does. As the bells ring out in such beautiful rhythm, from the biggest that are are as loud as a dragon's roar to the smallest sounds that are as soft as the songs of a lark, the ponies all over the island raise their hooves up into the air and cry out in cheer as the Lucky Leaf Day Celebration and Parade has begun.

    A long line of ponies and more wearing green matching band uniforms march down the road of golden bricks while playing their own instruments: Pinkie Pie marches at the very front, playing over twenty instruments at the same time as she leads the rest of the band behind her; The zebras play their flutes as they walk in a straight line; The unicorns hold up their trumpets with magic and blow into them while marching behind the zebras; Finally, the buffalo follow behind while blowing into their great horns with the help of a little magic from the unicorns carrying them close by. 

    Together with the holiday themed floats following behind the marching band, the crowd on the sidewalk cheer and applaud for the colorful and well organized parade that they are happy to have perform each year on this very day that celebrates the most luckiest day that no other can compare to.

    The city festival is booming with a massive crowd of citizens who have come all the way from their homes across the island to take part in the much bigger partying here within the city. Even a hoofful have come from as far as the Kingdom of Shamrock, as well as the magical land of Equestria, to spend this luckier than luck holiday with their families and friends. The two grand rulers of Equestria, Princess Celestia and her sister Princess Luna, are expected to arrive later on in the afternoon since they wish to visit the little ponies that they are their family. Even the Prince and Princess of the Crystal Empire, Shining Armor and Cadence, will be paying a visit to their family...and they will be bringing along their daughter as well. 

    But for now, the party and celebration continues on before the Royalties from far away arrive to join in...and already Princess Twilight Sparkle and Prince Courageous Heart have arrived from the palace to take part in the festival that many of their friends and families have worked hard to prepare for all to enjoy.

    Already many of Twilight's friends are having a wonderful time and are thankful to be spending it together: Applejack and her family take charge of filling everypony's mugs with the best apple cider that no other place or family can make better than them. So far, many party goers are coming back for refills because they cannot get enough of such a delicious drink made from the apples grown on this very island. Overall, the profit the Apples are making is flowing in faster than the cider is pouring out.

    Rainbow Dash and her husband Soarin decide to spend their celebration in Tambelon City along with their son and the rest of the Wonderbolts. The first thing the fastest mare in the world plans to do the most of the celebration is buy out an entire barrel of Apple Cider and drink it all down without needing a mug. Even though Soarin suggests against that, he does not argue with his determined wife...and her love of cider.

    Fluttershy, the beautiful animal loving pegasus mare, arrives with many of her animal friends that she houses and cares for back in her cottage upon Six Element Resort. They bring baskets full of green leaves and three-leaf clovers that they have gathered around the tiny island to help spread the spirit of the holiday with the wind to give assistance. As unfortunate as it is to fail in finding the rare four-leaf clover, the kind and caring mare has no need for luck when she has all the friends in the world to make her seeing the smiles of others makes her even more so.

    Rarity and Spike arrive in style, wearing fancy green outfits that the former worked hard to fashion in the past week for this very day. With her mane all fancy and her dress shining with the gems all aligned in a perfect pattern, the beautiful mare becomes the center of attention by some who are quickly interested in desiring to buy such a lovely dress or tuxedo much like hers and her husband's for next year's Lucky Leaf Day.

    As everypony from all over continue to enjoy the celebration, many others spend their time searching all over the city...mostly in the areas where grass find the legendary rare four-leaf clover, in hopes of receiving a large amount of luck that is bound to last for a long time...or for a brief moment if they are in need of something desperate.

    As the partying continues, the armored mare guard by the name of Oath Sworn walks with the little filly she has vowed to protect through the crowds of many citizens dressed all over in green outfits of many varieties. To both Starlight and Oath, it looks like they are walking through a field of tall grass...only this one moves around more and talks. This causes them to giggle as they try and reach the location Starlight's friends said they would meet up.

    As they walk on over to the park, which is not far from where the party is taking place, the little pink alicorn princess cannot wait to see her friends and show off her little green bracelet that she made back home with her mother for this event. Starlight also hopes that all her friends will have something green with them so it can help with their search for the rare leaf that will no doubt be a fun activity for the next few hours before the finale of the celebration tonight.

    "Now remember, Starlight..." Oath reminds her little sister figure as they walk out of the crowd and towards the area of the city where the grass flows freely and flowers are all in bloom now, " are allowed an hour or two to play with your friends, but after that we must return to your parents so that we can ride in the final parade atop the float that was made specially for you and the rest of your family."

    Starlight smiles as she admires the thought of riding on top of a parade float along with her parents and the rest of her family for the Lucky Leaf ending parade later in the evening. This will be her first time and she is really excited about it that the suspense is so great she feels like screaming so loud that nopony will hear her joyous cries due to all of the music playing currently. But for now, Starlight turns her head to her big sister figure and smiles, "I understand."

    Happy to hear little Starlight agree with her without need of convincing, the tan coated mare escorts the young princess out of the streets and into the grassy fields where five young foals seem to be sitting in a sandbox with a familiar pegasus watching over them from a park bench nearby.


    "Hello, Ms. Fluttershy." Princess Starlight greets the mare with the long pink mane that flows in the wind and smells of fresh spring flowers.

    "Why hello, Starlight." Fluttershy softly returns the greeting as she stands up and walks on over to the little filly and her bodyguard, "It is so nice to see you both here today." The shy mare explains how much she loves hanging out with her friends, but since it was getting very noisy at the parade, she volunteered to watch over the yearlings in the park until Oath arrives to take over for she may head off and visit the animals that live within the park. "Well, now that you are here, Ms. Sworn...I guess I should be on my way..."

    Oath Sworn smiles and reassures Fluttershy she may just call her Oath, since she prefers to be called by her first name. Also, the young unicorn mare offers to have the animal loving pegasus stay for a while longer if she wishes. Since there will be six foals to take care of and watch over, she could use some extra assistance.

    "Oh...well...I guess I could stay for a while longer," Fluttershy agrees and decides to first round up her the animals that are closer to the area that they now stand in, so that way she can feed her little friends while assisting Oath in watching over the foals of her very best friends. "Could over the little ones for a bit...while I go...find my animal friends?"

    "Of course, Fluttershy." Oath approves and lets her friend fly off to locate the squirrels, birds, and even the spidermonkeys that live throughout the park's few dozen trees that are spread out across the grassy area of green. While Fluttershy heads off to find her park friends for the next while, Oath turns and sits down on a park bench and allows little Starlight to head on over to the sandbox nearby, where her five best friends are playing. 

    "Hi, Everypony!!" Starlight greets with much excitement as anypony would be when reuniting with her best friends on a special holiday. She jumps gently into the sandbox and smiles big at the redish pink earth filly who is like her big sister, the zebra that makes a rhyme every time, the blue pegasus with the cool attitude, the purple unicorn wearing glasses as well as a fancy dress at the moment, and the small changeling who is pretty bashful around others. "Happy Lucky Leaf Day!!"

    Even though they are happy to see Starlight join them for the holiday, Candy and her friends Gust, Shani, Delicacy, and Tyke appear to just not be in a celebrating mood. For some reason or another, they look as though a great storm of unlucky has stuck them today...which turns out to be just what has happened once Starlight asks why they are so down in the dirt...or sand in this case.

    Candy and Delicacy explain what happened to them earlier, then Gust reveals how a small rain cloud got him all wet when he was wearing his blue and green Wonderbolt t-shirt right before he left Cumulai with his parents, which he had to leave behind to dry out. It was one of his favorite shirts and the little pegasus colt does not understand how a small rain cloud only got him wet and nopony else. To him, he thinks it is just a great case of bad luck.

    Shani sighs as she tells how she was wearing a special robe her mother, Subira, made for this very occasion...until she tripped and fell into a puddle of mud that somehow appeared out of nowhere. With her robe and face paint ruined, the zebra filly had to endure a long bath that caused her to arrive late to the celebration.

    Tyke sniffs a little and explains how he was stung by a few bees when he was frolicking through the fresh sunflowers back in the Scaly Spring Hills before coming here today. It was just a beautiful morning and there were no bees in sight from what he could see, but they appeared nonetheless and stung his leg and nose...causing him to cry until his mother came to help.

    Once they all finish telling their little pony tales of the unexplained cases of bad luck they have endured today, the five little foals feel that they may be cursed and will never get to enjoy the rest of the holiday which is suppose to be the luckiest day for all ponies and more across Tambelon and beyond.

    Starlight is sad to hear that her best friends are not having as much fun as she thought they would be; She could pretty much tell not just from the stories of what they went through earlier, but how they are just sitting in the sandbox like motionless leaves awaiting to be blown away by the wind. However, Starlight may just have an idea that could help cheer them right up and remove any remaining traces of bad luck:

    "Why don't we go explore the park and try to find a four-leaf clover?" The little princess suggests while hoping this may help bring their spirits back up to before all this happened, "If we find one, then we can cure the bad luck you guys have."

    While the idea of finding the one source capable of bringing good luck sounds like something worth trying for, the odds of finding one anywhere on the island are slim to none. It makes a few question their best friend's plan:

    "There may be only a few four-leaf clovers anywhere on the island, Starlight," Gust implies while he brushes some of the sand off his hooves as he sits on the edge of the sandbox, "What makes you think we might find one here in the park when there are already a few adults looking for them before us?"

    The streaked maned alicorn gives a mere shrug and says, "It may never hurt to look. Besides, it's better to try and find one than sitting here in the sandbox doing absolutely nothing. So come on! Let's have ourselves an adventure and make the best of this day while there is still time left!"

    They are not sure why, but Starlight's words of encouragement ring into their ears louder than all of the bells of Tambelon combined. With nothing to lose since they have lost quite a bit today as it is, the gang known as the Yearling Six set off across the park, looking in every low bush and up every tall search of a rare set of leaves that may help cure their bad luck in time before the evening parade.


    For the next hour or two, the search for one little rare four-leaf clover turns from a fun start into a hopeless cause since so far nopony has seen a clue or even a tiny hint of where one could possibly be. Since Tambelon Park is not known to be wide as the forests of the island, the odds of such a rare gift to be here just seems impossible.

    Starlight, Gust, and Tyke fly around the park looking through the branches of the trees...just in case the clover may be hiding somewhere in a place that is highly unlikely where such a plant may grow. However, so far the three flyers find nothing except leaves, birds nests, and tree sap that happens to get on their coat when they get too close.

    Candy, Shani, and Delicacy search around the bushes and other low places. So far, they only find the usual things one would find in a park: Picnic ants marching towards a family eating lunch on a blanket nearby, some rocks, and a few candy wrappers that the gang throws away in the nearby trash can.

    While the six foals continue to search around, both Oath Sworn and Fluttershy keep a close eye on them from a nearby park bench. Even though they already get the feeling the little ones are searching for the four-leaf clover, all the two mares can hope for is that they will have the luck and determination to find what they seek.

    Finally, after so much frustration and false leads, most of the group gives up and slumps down in distraught next to a big tree with a hole that resides in the middle; No doubt it was made to be a home for some critters like raccoons or squirrels. With a great big sigh released from their little lungs, the six all sit near the tree...and hang their heads low in disappointment.

    "All this hopeless searching for a mere just another case of bad luck all over," Shani admits with a heavy sigh, feeling that this activity Starlight came up with was nothing more than just a waste of time as well as false sense of fun. The zebra filly blows upward into her mane and slumps down into the ground.

    "I...I have to agree with Shani..." Tyke confesses as he tries not to look at anypony for fear of embarrassing himself for what is about to say, "I...I feel that maybe...I should have...stayed home today..." 

    "Me too..." The other three agree with the youngling at the same time. So far, their day has been down deeper than the dirt they now sit upon underneath the big tree that blocks the sun above from shining on down on this little group of saddened little group made up of ponies and relatives to ponies.

    Starlight sees how let down her friends are over some bad luck and tries to think up with another way to cheer them up. There is one thought in her mind that she has without a doubt will bring a definite smile to their faces, "Hey guys. I have something else that might turn your luck-"

    "Eh, don't be goin' and wastin' yer time, Starlight..." Candy interrupts politely while she lays down on the ground upside down, moaning for reasons even she cannot understand, "Our bad luck just ain't gonna get better with another "fun" activity..." Even though Candy dislikes what she is saying, she cannot help herself when it comes to being honest like her family taught her. This eventually brings the "downer-in-the-dirt" filly to ask the next question, " is it dat yer da only one here who ain't been cursed with bad luck?"

    Gust, Delicacy, Tyke, and Shani all wonder the same thing upon hearing this question be asked by their big sister figure as well as leader of their little group. Sitting up from the distraught positions there were in a second ago, the five turn their attention to their little alicorn friend and hope she can answer why she is in such a good mood when they are clearly not.

    Starlight sighs as she leans back against the bulk of the tree to sit down and face her friends...and gives them the truth of the matter. First, she reveals something that happened around breakfast that almost put her in the same situation as her friends: "You see...when I was climbing into my chair to eat my bowl of cereal, I slipped and fell out of it and the bowl somehow fell over and the milk and cereal spilled all over me..."

    The gang feels sorry for Starlight's little accident and are a bit relieved to know that they were not the only ones suffering bad luck...which is still a mystery to why just them and nopony else. They then ask what happened next.

    "Well...while my mommy and daddy were getting me cleaned up, I worried on how such an unusual occurrence could happen just like that...and if I was going to be cursed with bad luck for the rest of the day..." Starlight continues, then takes a breath a fresh air into her lungs, and then lets it all out as she resumes, "...but then my mommy assured me that there is no such thing as curses or bad luck."

    "What?!" The five react to this at once and don't quite understand why Starlight or her mother, the Princess, would think that bad luck isn't real. After everything they have been through today, it is pretty obvious that bad luck and curses do exist. Before they can try and defend their own point of views on the subject, they all agree to let Starlight finish first since they wish to hear what her mother has told her.

    "Mommy told me that the only way bad luck exists is if we believe it..." The bright and smart little alicorn reveals, "She once thought curses existed when she and her friends experienced something unexplainable to them, but it turns out the answer behind it all was just a plant called "Poison Joke." 

    Candy, Delicacy, and Gust recall hearing this tale some years back. Even Shani knows of this tale since it was her Aunt Zecora who helped cure their "curse" with a special brew that is well known to zebra well as to any who have great knowledge of potion making.

    "So...bad luck is the same as a curse: It doesn't really exist." Starlight continues to speak with the knowledge she has learned from the smartest pony in all of the world: Her mother, Twilight Sparkle. "So think about it. How many times have the six of us gone through a situation involving unlucky situations all day long?"

    The five look at themselves, then briefly think on the question Starlight has just asked. The answer is but a simple number to be spoken, and each of them say the same number at the same time:


    Seeing as her point is proven right then and there, the young pink coated princess smiles and nods her head, "There! You see, we each had one experience of "bad luck" today, but because my mommy sat me down and told me about all this, I was able to see the truth in her words and resume my day without a worry. guys need to do just that!"

    "Do what exactly, Starlight?" Delicacy asks her best friend who apparently knows more about all this than she or the others sitting around her.

    "You just need to stop believing in bad luck, otherwise it will continue to bring you guys down," Starlight explains this important lesson that she learned from none other than her mother, "Everypony makes their own luck and should never allow so much as one misfortune to make them feel like nothing is going to get better. Sometimes bad things happen, but it is up to us and us alone to turn it all around and find a pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow of Friendship and Light."

    With those moving and inspiring words spoken by a smart and good friend, Candy turns to her four other friends and suggests they listen to no longer believing in bad luck and focusing on the fact that they can still have a fun Lucky Leaf Day even without having to find a four-leaf clover that probably isn't anywhere near them nor could give them any amount of luck when the only luck they really needed were some help from a true friend.

    Shani, Gust, Tyke, and Delicacy all listen to Candy and remain sitting where they are while relaxing and letting go off all the worries and recent troubles. With their eyelids shut and their lungs taking in slow breaths, the Yearling Six all sit close together as they use a special form of calming taught by Starlight's Aunt Cadence.

    However, as the little foals sit together with their eyes closed and in a relaxing state, a small green glow illuminates from within the hold in the tree. The Yearling Six are unaware of this, but the warm glow continues and shines brightly around the them all...and then fades away shortly after.

    "Wow...I feel...I feel a lot better all of a sudden..." The youngling confesses upon ending his relaxing state, "I...I don't know what to say...except...thank you Starlight."

    The other four all feel the same once they come to, and thank their little friend for helping them when they truly needed it the most. This brings a redder than a red apple blush to the pink cheeks of the little alicorn princess, and appreciates their kind words of gratitude, "Thanks everypony. But...I think my mommy is the real one to thank for all this, otherwise none of us would be able to recover from everything that happened to us today."

    They agree without question and will need to thank Princess Twilight Sparkle the next time they see her. The only question that does need to be asked is: When and how will they?

    "Perhaps you can all thank the Princess properly...when she welcomes you to ride along with the Prince and the Royalty of Equestria this evening in the Lucky Leaf Parade finale!" Oath Sworn suggests, while revealing the big surprise that Starlight was planning to tell them of sometime ago.

    The five young yearlings do not know what to say to this; Completely speechless at this great honor that the Princess has come to bestow upon them is unimaginatively majestic and grand that the little ones have no words to say...except to thank Starlight for asking her mom to allow them this.

    With both their worries of bad luck gone and an evening worth looking forward to, the Yearling Six are now ready to return to the festival and rejoin their parents in an afternoon of fun and games, along with great amounts of apple cider, and let nothing come between them and that which awaits them at the very end.

    But even as the group of six foals and two mares set off from the park, they notice not the green glowing that comes from within the hole in the big tree...where a single four-leaf clover sitting in the very middle among a small patch of green grass resides. It's once bright glow begins to dim similar to that of a setting sun...which means that the power of luck that it holds has now been used up, and sinks back into the ground until next year for another luck pony to find it.


    The sun slowly begins to set over the great island of Tambelon, ready to bring forth the night and an end to one of the most celebrated holidays of the worlds. But before the curtain can be drawn on this greener-than-most-days event, one finally parade begins to move down the golden road within the great city...with so many to watch and wave to the ones riding them.

    After so many that pass by at the start, one float in particular is that of a a giant jar of Zap Apple Jam. Riding atop the float, wearing the fanciest garments and outfits money can buy, is the richest family in all of the Kingdom of Tambelon: Filthy Rich, along with his wife and two daughters: Diamond Tiara and Crown Jewel. Standing side by side, this wealthy family wave to everypony down below on the sidewalk and smiles to those that admire their float and what helps them earn the money to keep them rich.

    Diamond Tiara and Crown Jewel fake their smiles and see nothing but a bunch of ponies that should be groveling to their magnificent status and adoring attire that most cannot afford to have the privilege to even glance at. The filly looks up at her big sister, and they grin wickedly to all the popularity they are gaining so easily.

    "It's the way it should be...right, little sister?~" Diamond asks with a snobbish attitude towards the "lowly peasants" who she sees as unworthy.

    "Oh absolutely, big sister~" Crown replies as she does a mane flip to show off her beauty and style to all below her.

    Even as these two ponies continue to revel in the popularity that they deserve and more, they have yet to notice a new float approaching from behind them. It causes the attention towards the Rich Family's float to turn away and towards that which follows behind them. Candy and Diamond gasp as they adoring audience is no longer looking at them in awe. They turn around to see what is so much more important than them...and they are given the answer:

Sisters of the Same style by Strawberry-Pannycake

    A massive float shaped to look like the six Elements of Harmony is being driven by two ponies while three different groups of elite guards march beside it: The Canterlot Royal Guard in their shining golden armor, the Crystal Empire Guard in their crystal armor that sparkles the same as their coats, and finally the Tambelon Royal Elite in their silver-gold armor marching side by side that is made up of both stallions and mares. They march in proper formation and order as they stay close to the ones they vow to protect always.

    Riding on the top of the float in a small stand made for just them is none other than the Princess and Prince of Tambelon Island: Twilight Sparkle and Courageous Heart. slightly below them are their good friends and family: Princess Celestia and Luna stand side by side as they wave to all the good citizens of this paradise; Shining Armor and Cadence stand with their daughter Melody on the other side waving to everpony they see; Rarity, Fluttershy, Spike, Applejack, Pinkie Pie all stand together at the front of the float while Rainbow Dash and Soarin fly together right above, since they prefer to ride on the wind; Applebloom and her best friends Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo ride along the corners of the float and wave to everypony.

    Even as the great float that represents the Elements of Harmony, the Light, and Friendship holds these many ponies, there is still room enough for six more: the little princess Starlight, Candy Apple, Gust, Delicacy, Shani, and Tyke all stand together as best friends, while waving to everpony below with such warm smiles that bring joy to the hearts of those that see them as the future of this great kingdom of harmony.

Teenage Cutie Mark Crusaders by Mufflinka

    "Why....those....!!" Both Crown jewel and Diamond Tiara snarl with a snort which feels that they are breathing the fire of an angry dragon. They cannot believe their own rivals, aka the older Cutie Mark Crusaders and the Yearling Six, are getting more attention than them. Even though there is nothing that can be done about it, they vow to ensure those losers get what is coming to them.

    Starlight and Applebloom notice the angry glares from the two ponies in front of them, and with the support of their best friends, spit their tongues out at them as an act of payback for all the bullying they have endured up until now. In all honesty, doing just that feels so good and is considered to be the luckiest moment for anyone of them.

    Afterwards, the gang all return to waving to the public as the parade continues to move down the street and all around the city for every citizen to see and they celebrate the luckiest of holiday's ever.

The future is magic photo time by Dewdrop-210


    Far from the city of Light where the citizens of many species continue to celebrate, deep within a wicked forest where the blackest of fog roams unending and unchallenged, where no sunlight may ever shine, lie the home of many dark creatures who hide in the shadows and only their piercing eyes can be seen by those that dare not to venture far into their lair.

    Out of all the scariest places that lie in this forbidden area known by many to be the Black Fog Forest, a cavern of dark crystals rests at the edge of the black mountain near the edge of the island overlooking a great cliff. This place is home to one who's heart knows only power and cares not for anything that is made up of harmony.

    The Black Fog Forest is home to many wicked creatures...but none more terrifying than the one who crowns herself the ruler of these lands:

    "'s looks like my Bad Luck Spell was countered by that four-leaf clover..." The witch snorts as she watches all that occurs in Tambelon via her magic mirror, "Their friendship is stronger than I thought..." As the queen glares into the mirror, a small hissing sound of sorts can be heard coming from the mirror. It only startles Grenadier a little, but still sends a small chill down her body, "You need not worry...for in time everything will play out just as planned."

    The mirror falls silent and the images of the city swirl away in a whirlpool of dark magic. The witch snorts softly and steps away from the mirror, no longer wishing to look upon the very ponies that drove her into living in such a dark and grim place...even though it suits her perfectly.

    With but the cloak on her back flowing as the cold wind blows down into the cavern, this wicked mare of Darkness cackles with such a tone that implies her heart holds no kindness to any, "Everything is going just as I planned: Soon, the young princess will slowly fall into my gasp...and then...this kingdom, plus all who reside within, will bow to me as their most fairest and most powerful ruler...THAT NOPONY HAS EVER KNOWN!!!!"

    The roaring echo of her laughter spreads throughout the deep cavern, ringing through the dark crystals that causes them to vibrate. Even the Dark Mirror itself shakes a little, but only just enough before it becomes still again. Once the echoing comes to an end and the witch walks away to rest up, a pair of piercing, dark eyes appear upon the mirror...belonging to a malevolent spirit that glares deep as the crystals fade away and the darkness returns once more....

Crystal Queen - For Courageous-of-Light by NorthernSleipner




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The luckiest holiday of the year has finally arrived: Lucky Leaf Day. During this time of celebration, apple cider, and parade floats, the little princess Starlight is looking forward to this day with all her family and friends. However, when her best friends are having a case of bad luck, can she help turn things around and bring their spirits back up in time to celebrate this holiday? Find out!!!

Lucky Monkey HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY Lucky Monkey 

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