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 Well, I just finished watching "Twilight's Kingdom" and now for the first time ever...since this episode was special (Mainly because of it's villain)...I am now going to give my thoughts on the matter that will address what myself, and possibly others who may agree, think to what this episode is to us.

    Just note, this is just my thoughts so no need to defend the episode or anything if you like it a lot. What I am specifically going for is the villain: Tirek. He first appeared in the G1 MLP episode back in the 1980's, and is considered to be the first and darkest villain of them all. The fact they brought him back into G4 is both a good thing as well as a bad.

    Tirek has a strong reputation for what he is and what he has done. From what I saw in "Twilight's Kingdom", these are my thoughts:

    I honestly thought the episode was excellent and that Tirek seemed almost as evil as his G1 well as to the Tirek I used back in 2012 when I first started writing here on DA.  However, there were a FEW things wrong with him that brings this version down lower than the original and the revised (Mine). 

   So in short, I think Hasbro could have done slightly better with him...and while I am thankful they brought Tirek back and waited a good amount of time after my own stories revolving around him and the Mane Six had come and gone, I still think they could have made him better. But then again...if they did, then I would have nothing bad to say and would make my "Tirek" look like a flea compared to what I just saw.

    So to conclude my thoughts and review of the episode, I loved it...but thought Tirek could have been better. Hopefully we will see him again in the future and that he will come back better than ever!!  (Wouldn't be surprised if they brought something from my own fanfics into the mix. Doubt it...but always hoping)

    Now that the review is over, time for something fun to add: A Comparison of events and that took place in the episode "Twilight's Kingdom" (2014) as well as to G1 "Escape/Rescue from Midnight Castle" (1984) and the popular fanfic "My Little Pony: The Light of Equestria" (2012). Not to mention comparing the villain Tirek to his past counterparts:

1. Appearance:

    FIM: Tirek was a centaur, but started out scrawny until he absorbed enough magic to become bigger and more muscular. However, he did look like he was on steriods or something. His voice was a little weak, but acceptable. He is voiced by Mark Achenson.

    G1: Tirek was a baphomet demon with elements of a centaur with red and blue fur. He was muscular and has a booming voice that was terrifying. He has no remorse and is pure evil. He is voiced by Victor Caroli

    LOE: Tirek was a demon Centaur with red and black fur. He is as tall as Cerberus (Standard) but becomes as tall as mountain in the final battle with the forces of Light. His voice is dark and booming, and is the most powerful and greatest evil that ever existed. He would be voiced by Jim Cummings or Leonard Nimoy.

2. Powers:

    FIM: Tirek has the power to steal magic and become bigger and more powerful. His stomps are great and can cause tremors, cast powerful spells, and block some attacks.

    G1: Tirek has a black bag that contains the "Rainbow of Darkness" which corrupts ponies and transforms them into dragons.

    LOE: Tirek has dark power coursing through his body. He can corrupt anypony, manipulate and control them to his will, his stomps cause trembling, can levitate objects and manipulate storms...and shoot a dark beam of dark power out of his eyes. His power comes from the Darkness and can resist any magical attack as well as the Elements of Harmony alone. 

3. Origins:

    FIM: Tirek was imprisoned in Tartarus by Princess Celestia and Luna long ago when he tried to take over Equestria

    G1: Tirek was the ruler of Midnight Castle and had no origins to speak of.

    LOE: Tirek was once a young centaur of a time long ago, but turned to evil when he was betrayed by his own kind. His anger and hate was discovered by the Darkness and he became it's chosen one. He used his power to build an army in order to spread Darkness all over and remove all traces of Light. But he was defeated by Courageous Heart and an army of his friends and family, and later imprisoned in Tartarus for over 4,000 years...until his power would return slowly over time and break free once more...thanks to the evils born over the coming generations...and the ones he reached out and corrupted with his mind and voice (Which includes King Sombra and Nightmare Moon. Also, Celestia and Luna had no knowledge of Tirek or the past).

4. Close Resemblances: 

    FIM: Tirek resembles Darth Vader I suppose, or perhaps I am wrong.

    G1: The Devil or something- Cruel, evil, and very dark.

    LOE: Tirek resembles Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars- Cunning, manipulative, intelligent, patient at times, and more powerful and evil than any other that has come before or after him. He would wait over 4,000 years to finally strike and rule all of the world...similar to how the Sith planned for 1,000 years to wipe out the Jedi and rule the galaxy.

5. Encounters with Discord:

    FIM: Discord tried to stop Tirek himself, only to be convinced to work with him in order to rule all. Discord was later betrayed, but he later asks Twilight and her friends for forgiveness and is welcomed back as a friend. 

    G1: Discord did not exist back in the 80's

    LOE: Discord was captured by Tirek's pony servants whom he controlled and was disgusted by how pathetic he saw the former Master   of Chaos. Tirek offered Discord one chance to return to the side of evil, but he refused to; Because of his friendship with Fluttershy and her friends, Discord refused to betray his friends. His answer forced Tirek to corrupt him with the Darkness and serve him...until the Mane Six freed Discord along with all of Equestria. Discord helped the Mane Six, Courageous, and all of Equestria to defeat Tirek once and for all in the final battle.

6. Weaknesses

    FIM: Twilight's power and the Rainbow of Light from the Box from the Tree of Harmony

    G1: The Rainbow of Light hidden in Megan's locket.

    LOE: The Rainbow of Light...which can only be summoned by the combined power of the Six Elements of Harmony and the power of the Light...which comes from the Light's chosen champion: Courageous Heart. No other power or magic can harm him except for Light and the Rainbow of Light.

7. Connections to Scorpan:

    FIM: Scorpan and Tirek were brothers and the former betrays his brother in order to save Equestria and live in peace in his homeland. How a centaur and a gargoyle are brothers is unknown to me...unless they are half brothers.

    G1: Scorpan was a demon gargoyle who served Tirek, but only because he wished to protect Spike from harm. He later turned on Tirek and helped the little ponies defeat him. After his defeat, Scorpan was changed back into his original form: A Human Prince.

    LOE: Scorpan was a demon gargoyle who was originally Courageous Heart's father, Stoutheart. The brown pegasus pony was captured when his son was but a colt, and taken before Tirek...only to be corrupted and changed into a gargoyle called Scorpan. He served Tirek for years until he came face to face with his son again...and was restored by the Light when Courageous vowed to save his father...which made him worthy to earn his cutie mark and the title Champion of the Light.

8. Title:

    FIM: Lord Tirek

    G1: Tirek, the Master of Midnight Castle

    LOE: Dark Lord Tirek / Tirek, the Supreme Master of Darkness

9. Story:

    FIM: Tirek escaped from Tartarus and planned to steal as much magic as possible in order to take over Equestria. He nearly succeeds   until Twilight unlocked the box and the power her friendship with her friends...defeated the Tirek. He is then re-imprisoned in Tartarus for who-knows-how-long.

    G1: Tirek planned to capture four little ponies and transform them into dragons. This way he could have them pull his Chariot of Midnight so he can use his Rainbow of Darkness to bring forth the "Night that never ends". He is defeated by the Rainbow of Light which restores everything he ever corrupted.

    LOE: Tirek escapes his 4,000 year imprisonment in Tartarus after his powers were restored thanks to all the evil he took in over the course of time. He easily captured Canterlot, and later Ponyville. More cities and areas fell under his did all the residents. Tirek knew Twilight and her friends had escaped and were off to gather an army of ponies and other creatures from all over southern Equestria...however, he saw that their plans would fail since they would need the Champion of the Light to help summon the one power that once defeated him long ago...whom he had imprisoned in the amulet around his neck (A coup he pulled long ago to prevent his demise at the hooves of Courageous and the original bearers of the Elements of Harmony). But thanks to Twilight's bravery and courage that she found from Courageous, whom she encountered in her dreams on a few occasions during her quest, she and her friends use the Elements to set him free. Together, all of Equestria banded together and helped the Guardians of the Elements and the Champion of Light summon the Rainbow of Light...banishing Tirek forever into Darkness...never to return again.

        ...OR WILL HE? ;) (Wink)

10. Famous Last Words:

    FIM: "Soon every Earth Pony, Pegasai, and Unicorn will bow to my will!!" / "I am Lord Tirek!"

    G1: "Behold the Power of Darkness" / "Oh Rainbow of Darkness, the Dark begin the Night that NEVER ENDS!"


    Well, that is about all I can think off. I hope you all enjoyed my review and the fun comparisons. So, while the FIM Tirek was pretty good...I still say he is nowhere close to the original or my own. But, it was still wonderful to see him returned and used again...despite his few flaws.

    ALSO, KNOW THIS: Just because Tirek was used in the series now, does not mean my story that has existed a year and a half BEFORE "Twilight's Kingdom" is over and obsolete. True it is now an alternate universe...which it has been for some stories helped lead to "The Future is Magic" and that will still continue on for as long as long as the DA and MLP Community still wish for more.

    Thank you all and have a good day!! Hi! Hi! Hi!
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CornellAKABCM Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
I agree. The finale was amazing, but I felt my heart break when Tirek destroyed the library.
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah. Heh, the same thing happened in my fanfic story...but it was all restored after Tirek was defeated.
CornellAKABCM Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
Which chapter was it? I must've missed it because I don't remember.
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Well, it doesnt say it exactly, but during the final battle most of Ponyville was destroyed until the Rainbow restored it all.

Once I revise it all, I will mention it :)
CornellAKABCM Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
Flashburn37 Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I also had moments where I thought the Has Bro (Copyright avoided!) Has read my fan fiction! Congratz!
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks :D
Krysnha Featured By Owner May 10, 2014
I love the finale, the only thing that i think they could have improve is that the transform six, looks too fairy, and that Tirek was going to betray Discord was too predictable, and when Discord give the medallion to Twigligth yes thats the key, but overall the chapters were awesome, love it, like your tougths and comparison and the hard work thanks for sharing
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner May 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you, and Your're welcome :D

Yeah, now that you mentioned it: Those things did seem predictable. 
Krysnha Featured By Owner May 10, 2014
Well things that happen but the figth was awesome, and i love that power was not the solution, that was awesome, ad i love how they show it, also i was surprise that her friends have a throne that was very surprinsing
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