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December 4, 2013


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(Note: This is a combination of both my own fan made story and the official. No Copyright Intended here :D )

The reason I am writing this is to give you all (including those who have not read my fanfictions) a summary of everything that has transpired in MLP: Light of Equestria; The MLP: Short Stories (Which were like episodes in story form); and the prologue of the upcoming story series: My Little Pony: The Future is Magic.

Enjoy the story I tell, plus the pictures I will be using to give you guys a visual on some things.. This will be divided into four parts, so stay alert for the next sections to come.

Thanks and Enjoy!!!

(Oh, and B.F. means Before in before the adventures of Twilight Sparkle and her friends began)



    Our story begins FAR BACK to a time when the two greatest forces in the world were the dominating powers: LIGHT and DARKNESS.

    The LIGHT served as a source of hope, peace, and love for all creatures throughout the world. The DARKNESS was the opposite: A source of all hate, cruelty, and destruction. Both powers agreed to never fight and always remain in balance. However, in time the Darkness grew bitter and full of hate; It became longing for more power, and to rule without the Light to interfere.

    Eventually, the Darkness began to plot in secret. Since Neither the Light nor Darkness could control the wills of the many creatures of the world alone, the dark power would need a host; a wicked monster that has no heart nor any care for any life at all. Only with the desires of one so willing to want everything before him, the Darkness would wait for the time when one such creature would come forth.

    Until then, the Darkness made it's home in the largest mountain in the world...that many would later name THE MIDNIGHT MOUNTAIN. It would continue to spread Darkness as usual, but with the Light still present, it's plans for a world covered in eternal Darkness would never come to be. waited for the time to be right.

    The Light however felt what the Darkness was plotting and knew it could not reason nor stop it alone, since both stand on equal grounds. So, the source of all good decided to wait until the time would come...when a creature with a heart like no other would come into this world and rise up to become the LIGHT's CHOSEN CHAMPION...


4,000 B.F.

    A REALLY LONG time passed, and a new age had arrived.

    It was a time where nature and magic ruled the world, while the Light and Darkness remained a mystery to most. The time where metal and paper was just invented and the many creatures of the world were divided due to their differences and disagreements:

    The Unicorns were the most magical creatures with few others to equal them. They would learn the basic spells of magic and work together to raise the sun and moon each day and night. They saw themselves as the most superior of all ponies, making them the most stubborn of them all

    The Earth Ponies were masters of the earth. They could grow all kinds of food and had strength that made their lives full of hard work and plenty of play. 

    The Pegasai roamed the skies and were the ones that would maintain the weather for themselves and others to enjoy. They lived in the clouds and were one of few creatures that could walk on them.

    There were many other creatures out there that stayed clear of each other...but the most vicious of them all were the barbaric Centaurs.

    The Centaurs were a race of creatures that had the upper bodies of Minotaur, but the lower bodies of a Pony. Their pride and strength made them see other creatures as weaklings. They would always try to be better than others. Their love of power...made one of them the perfect target for the Darkness.

    In time, a young centaur named TIREK rose to power by fighting his way to the top, defeating all his opponents in simple duels and proving his strength. However, his anger and cruelty towards others made him appear to be to unworthy of his right to become chief of the clan.

    His father, NIREK, striped his son of his rights and exiled him. With that, the outcasted centaur left...vowing revenge on those who betrayed him.

    Exiled and with no home or clan, Tirek wandered the world...until he came to the Midnight Mountain. A dark voice began to call him to the top. So, he climbed and founded a cavern that was blacker than a starless night. There, the Darkness chose him to be the one that would shroud the world in an eternal night of evil.

    Tirek accepted and became the Supreme Master of Darkness, vowing to take everything and anything he desires. With such power in his body and claws, the now demonic centaur made the mountain his new seat of power.

Tirek Commission by andre-ma

    His first move was to move onto the centaur clan that betrayed him. When he arrived, fear spread quickly to the others who were once his friends and family. With no heart to hold him back, the DARK DEMON turned all his kind into stone...including his own father. He then became the last centaur...but cared not.

    With his revenge complete, he began to plot and prepare for his conquest for world domination to begin. Because of the Light at bat, plus Tirek cannot do this alone without more evil to his calling, He will spend the next years to come gathering armies and servants...and putting the fear in others that refuse to bow to him.

    His reign...was only beginning.



    Some time passed since that dreadful day, and life continues on despite what the forces of evil are planning in the shadows that hide them. But one blessed morning, when the sun rises and the Light shines bright for the first time in ages, a little foal is born.


    A young foal is born within the unicorn village called Einhorn. His parents, Stoutheart and Elegancy were very happy to be blessed with a little colt. Even their daughter Charisma was happy too. They named their newborn foal...COURAGEOUS HEART.

    Courageous was born differently than any other pony ever: He had wings like a pegasus and the horn of a unicorn. He was the VERY FIRST pony to ever have the features of the three pony species. He was truly a miracle that his family would love and protect always

tall and proud by RlCK-C137

    Courageous grew up in Einhorn happily with his family. While things were wonderful most of the time, the other unicorns did not take kindly to him because he was he could not perform any form of magic. They saw him as a "horned pegasus" and an insult to all pony kind.

   There came a time when the young ponies of Einhorn would pick on Courageous. They called him names and kicked dirt at him. This scared the young colt and he would run and hide in the shelter of his family's hut.

Not one of us by Drawing-Heart

   Refusing to accept this cruelty to his son, Stoutheart planned to take his family out of there and settle elsewhere; Perhaps in the cloud settlement that he came from. However, fate was even crueler that following night. A small clan of gargoyles attacked the village and kidnapped Stoutheart. 

   Elegancy, Charisma, and Courageous could do nothing but watch as the great pegasus was taken from them.

   Some years later, Courageous and his remaining family were still living in the village...unable to leave and unable to see any sign of his father's return. Knowing that he has no future here, and that he misses his father dearly...he plans to set off and find him.

Flying In The Clouds - Commission by Lizzyoli-Ravioli

   After many tearful goodbyes from his sister and mother, Courageous promises to return home with his father and discover his destiny. He then sets off...and begins the journey that will change his life forever.


What followed from there were the many places he traveled and the many different creatures that he met and became friends with. He experienced hardships, struggles, friendships, and romance. Plus, the skills and strengths that made him a greater stallion than any had ever seen:

He first ran into the Changelings, who were a benevolent and majestic race of shapechangers. He stayed with them for a while and befriended the young Princess Chrystala. 

However, their time together was cut short when the evil gargoyle Scorpan arrived and captured Courageous. He planned to take the pony to his Master at the Midnight Mountain.

Courageous was later saved by a tribe of zebras, who did not treat him well at the beginning. But the young stallion eventually became friends with the Chief's daughter, Makena. The two became close and did so much together...including falling in love.

.:Two hearts from long ago:.Commission by YingerySharpclaws

Later on, Courageous soon had to face a difficult choice: While he loved Makena, he still had to find his missing father. So, after a long tearful goodbye, the young stallion parted ways with the zebras and his beloved mare. He promised he would see her again soon...which she hopes for the same.

As he resumed his journey, Courageous Heart took some time to learn how to fly, since his father never showed him how...and he was always nervous. After some time of practicing, Courageous succeeded and flew through the skies as he continued to search for his father, Stoutheart.

However, Courageous encountered a female pegasus named Firefly, and was brought before the largest cloud settlement in the sky: Cumulus. This was where Stoutheart was born and won the "Best Flyer of the Sky" event years ago, before he moved to Einhorn to be with the unicorn he fell in love with.

Courageous would later help Firefly compete in the upcoming competition, and help prove that mares have what it take to be great flyers...since they were forbidden to participate. She won and was honored for her triumph.

Later on, Firefly and Courageous trained many flyers together for a short time, then when they heard that a tribe of zebras were captured by a clan of Gargoyles not too far from there, the young stallion rushed to save them.

It turned out that it was Makena's tribe that was captured, and Scorpan's clan was the one responsible. Courageous came to their aid, but was no match for the great gargoyle. But thanks to Firefly's team, she and the others swooped in and saved Courageous and the zebras.

They got them far from the gargoyles, and Courageous was honored as a hero for his bravery...even though he never saw himself as hero; He saw himself as a pony like any other, even though the rest say differently. 

Courageous Heart would then resume his journey, but not before saying goodbye to his friend Firefly...and his beloved Makena. He would see them again someday, just as he promised.


Courageous Heart's path later took him to a farming settlement of earth ponies. He would then meet a stallion named Appleseed, who showed him the ways of planting and harvesting apples. The two became friends and learned so much from each other.

Some time later, Appleseed and Courageous set off to find a new land for all the earth ponies to live and grow new food on. The journey took a while, but the two stallions founded a new land and brought every other pony there to settle. Apple trees were grown, hut were built, and Appleseed married a beautiful mare that he had been in love with for a long she was with him.

With so much done, Courageous bid farewell to these honestly, hardworking ponies and resumed his journey.

Further long in his travels, the young stallion came upon a young buffalo and baby dragon trying to escape from a pack of timberwolves. He helped rescue them and returned them to their tribe. The female buffalo named Whistling Wind thanked Courageous for saving her and her friend Scales.

The tribe of Buffalo were thankful for Courageous saving them, and welcomed them to their home. He was grateful, but that was short lived when the biggest and strongest of the timberwolves, The White Timberwolf, attacked the village. Courageous lured it away and was able to trick it to falling off a cliff...where it broke into many wood chips. 

Courageous then recovered a rare gem from the debris...which made him a hero to not only the buffalo, but the mighty Dragons who were happy to have one of their great treasures returned. The young stallion was welcomed among both tribes and spent the next few months with them...learning much of their ways.

Courageous was later shown a vision of future events by the buffalo: a great battle between good and evil will take place...and that a pony like no other will lead the forces of the Light against the Darkness. At first, he did not know if he was the one in that vision. But if he were chosen to help protect those he loved...he would do it.

Courageous Heart then felt that it was time to return home to Einhorn...for he missed his family and knew the answers he sought were there waiting for him. He bid farewell to his friends and took off.

He flew all the way home, through storm and rain...snow and sun. He would not stop until he was home again.


Courageous Heart returned to the village of unicorns, only to find the wicked clan of gargoyles already there. Even Scorpan was with them. He has just made a deal with the village leader, Firmhoof, to turn over their strongest spell caster...who turned out to be Charisma.

Refusing to let this happen, Courageous intervened. 

Charisma and Elegancy were so happy to see him return, but there was still Scorpan and Firmhoof to deal with. Even with the strength to defend his home, Courageous was still no match for the wicked gargoyle...especially when he revealed himself to be Stoutheart.

He tells that Tirek, the Supreme Master of Darkness, changed Stoutheart into his second in gather armies and spread evil all around. While the good pony that was Courageous's father trapped inside the wicked monster, the young brown stallion refused to give up or give in. He swore that he would protect his family and all the villagers...and any other from the forces of Darkness.

With that promise sealed, The Light appeared before Courageous Heart...and granted him it's power. The stallion received his cutie mark, his eyes changed from blue to golden, and he was empowered with the be used in the greatest of times, which was now.

Courageous Heart by AJfive

Courageous Heart, the Champion of the Light, summoned forth the great power to remove the dark taint within the evil gargoyle...and return Scorpan to his previous form: Stoutheart. 

Courageous and Charisma were so happy to see their father returned. Elegancy was thrilled also that her husband was back where he belonged: With his family. Southeart was so sorry for the things the Darkness made him do, but they needed no apology; They just wanted him.

Firmhoof however was angry that they dared to defy Tirek the Supreme. He states that he is the future and their master. The other ponies in the village, even his own son Wishy-Washy, refused to believe that...especially after he sold them all out...including Stoutheart all those years ago.

Courageous banished Firmhoof from the village forever. The angry unicorn ran...vowing revenge.

With the village saved and his father returned, Courageous was honored as a hero for his deeds; He was welcomed back as one of the villagers at long last. He was truly happy to be home again with his family...and friends that he now had.

Although, the Darkness was still out there...preparing to strike soon, Courageous spent the next few months with his family, catching up on all the years they have missed together.

PC: CourageousofLight by ElectriCookie


Firmhoof, now an outcast and exile, ran to the Midnight Mountain to beg for Tirek's favor. 

The Dark Demon only saw a weakling, but turned him into something stronger: A Demon Ram called Grogar. With Scorpan gone, Grogar became the new Second-in-Command...and obeyed his new Master.

Quest for Infinity - Grogar by SkyJagged

Grogar was then tasked by attacking a remote island out in the middle of the ocean. This place he was to go and claim was the home of many different creatures that were living together in harmony.

This island was the only place in all of the world where many species lived together in peace. It was called Tambelon, and it was protected by powerful magic...and watched over by the Light itself; This place was said to be the center of hope and start of a bright and beautiful future.

Tirek saw this as a threat to himself and his power. While the newly risen Champion of the Light was a threat as well, he would not allow the friendship and harmony of this island continue...nor rise to challenge his might. Therefore, his greatest servant went forth to remove this problem forever.

Tambelon was attacked by the Armies of Darkness. The many creatures were either turned to stone or fled the island in boats; It was too late to call forth the protection of the Island. Tambelon fell to the Darkness.

Grogar became the island's Emperor...and would rule over it in Tirek's name.

Word spread across the world of what had happened...and that the forces of evil were ready to spread Darkness throughout the world...and make all that resist, slaves to the Dark Demon.

The battle between the Light and the Darkness...had begun.


As the Darkness spread, those that would fight were rounded up by Courageous Heart: The unicorns, the buffalo, the zebras, the earth ponies, the pegasai, and the dragons. While their numbers fewer than most, they had to stay strong and be ready to fight for their future.

The six great species did not see eye to eye, but after seeing what is at stake and hearing Courageous's truthful words, they put aside their differences to fight; They all knew him as a hero and a pony worth to be the Champion of the Light: The voice of reason.

While they had an army of over the hundreds to fight, there was something else that was needed: a symbol that would represent each race and what they stand for. 

With what metal they had, and with six rare gems that the Dragons forfeited for the cause, they forged together five necklaces and one crown that would hold the essence of harmony that would push back the Darkness and summon the Light to their aid. The gems were empowered with the Light and they changed shape into the cutie marks of those that were chosen to wear them:

Whistling Wind wore the necklace that represented Kindness...which is what the great buffalo share with all the animals of the land.

Scales wore the necklace that represented Generosity. The dragons gave up their most precious treasure, the ones that the Timberwolves once stole, and gave them to their new friends and allies to battle the Darkness.

Appleseed was given the necklace that represented Honesty. Because he and his kind were hardworking and honest ponies, it made sense that this element was theirs.

Makena wore the necklace of Laughter. She and the zebras were always cheerful and wise. They made great potions and medicines...but they once said that "laughter is the best medicine there is." Makena was full of laughter and happiness, so it was hers.

Firefly was given the necklace of Loyalty. She and the other pegasai were loyal weather maintainers, and always fought and protected what they believe in. The young mare proved that once and now she was to be the chosen bearer of this power.

Finally, The crown of Magic was given to Courageous's sister, Charisma. She was gifted in the magical arts and was a unicorn like no other of this age. She would be the one to lead the other elements and unite them whenever the time calls for it. She accepted this role proudly and happily.

With that, the Six Elements of Harmony were founded...and now they had the power to defeat the Darkness.

The Battle of the Midnight Mountain:…

With the Darkness covering most of the world, the time for the final battle had begun.

Courageous Heart led the Army of the Light to the slope of the Midnight Mountain...deep in the Heart of the Darkness...and there, they fought for their freedom.

But already a larger army of many evil creatures were there waiting for them: Goblins, Trolls, Changelings, Rock Ogres, Gargoyles, Hydras, Timberwolves, and so much more. Even other races that were slaves of the Dark Demon were there. Their numbers were beyond counting...but that did not scare the Light's chosen.

As they charged upon Tirek's command, the six great races unleashed all they had: Magic, Strength, Speed, and their own weapons that would knock back the forces of evil. Even with their smaller numbers, the Army of Light was winning. Victory felt close.

But when Tirek had enough of this, he stepped forward. Waving his might scepter, he attacked and pushed the army back. Courageous however helped keep his friends strong and continue to resist this mighty evil. They did so and did not runaway.

The time had then come for the Six Guardians and the Champion to summon forth the great power to banish this evil forever. Each of the Elements of Harmony lit up, and Courageous summoned the Light to merge with the rest. Soon, all together, the most powerful weapon of the Light appeared: The Rainbow of Light.

The moment the Rainbow hit the Master of Darkness, Tirek fell weak and his power fell. The Darkness cleared all over the world and many creatures that fell under his power were set free. His own army fled when they saw that they could do nothing to help their Master.

Evil lost that day...but it was not over yet.

Tirek was still there, weakened by the blow of the mighty Rainbow of Light. IT was time for Courageous and his friends to summon the Rainbow one last time to remove the Dark Demon from this world forever. However, Tirek would not allow himself to lose like this...and had one last resort to use against his mortal enemy.

The demon centaur summoned the Darkness from his amulet and blackened the whole area, so that no one would see what he was attempting to do. A vortex came forth and sucked Courageous Heart inside the amulet; A prisoner of the Darkness for all eternity.

Once the Darkness cleared, everypony was in shock to see their beloved Champion and friend there no longer. They demanded that Tirek tell them what happened, but he refused. Without their Champion, summoning the Rainbow of Light was impossible; The Elements of Harmony alone could not finish the Master of Darkness.

The battle was won...but at a great cost.


After the battle was won, the Dark Demon was imprisoned in the Ancient Prison of Tartarus...where he would be chained and caged for all eternity. As was placed there, so was Courageous...who fell into a state of sleep, protected by the Light within the dark amulet. He would awaken when the time would come for...and when he would be needed again to end the war between the Light and the Darkness.

The other creatures returned to their lives, but the friendship they gained began to slip away. Without the one that brought them all together to help guide them into the future, the six tribes went their separate ways once again...and the Elements of Harmony disappeared. Where they ended up was unknown.

Time would move on, yet the Harmony that was once there was gone...but not forgotten.


   Thinking of you - Commission by xCraftie


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ArtisticNinjaCat Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
What's the order of the full story? I don't where it starts! But it sounds like it'll be really interesting!
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Well, all this is just the summary of my past stories that you can find in my gallery.

Light of Equestria came first...then the Short Stories...then Equestria Girls...then Future is Magic.
ArtisticNinjaCat Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Oh Boy!
Digigex90 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Alright I read the full story. As i do personally enjoy this I'll make a few details about some of these things with the story.

1. The centaurs- I have been hearing from :iconcrisostomo-ibarra: that your main antagonist plus the ultimate evil in your fanfic universe had turned everyone of his own species into stone. I didn't get it at first but after reading this, I see that Tirek tried to fight simple duels and such but he got angry because he wanted power over the clan.  His father Nirek decide to ban him and he wondered the world till he came to midnight mountain. There he uses the Darkness to turn them into stone for revenge. I do want to ask why is Tirek's father name Nirek? you couldn't come up with a better name at the time?

2. Courageous's birth and his events towards getting the Light- I really like this part. It is sad how courageous keeps on getting rejected by everyone calling him a freak for being different. when i first read your bio about courageous heart, It was unexpected to find that the gargoyle clan captured stoutheart. I thought it was during the day but nope it was at night. I did seen all the events when i read your Bio like meeting Appleseed, Firefly, Etc. But after reading this, I'm glad there was some detail like courageous made the white timberwolf fell off the cliff, saving scales who si like G1 spike to my opinion. I also love the romance between courageous and Makena. It remains me of Applejuice and his first love, fire heart but the romance wasn't as much as impacted as Makena and Courageous Heart. Also I love the plot twist where firmhoof was the one who plan the capture all along. XD when i first read your bio, I first thought courageous fought scorpan in a cave or something but nope it was in einhorn which is a good name. :3 And the light reaching courageous' Spot was awesome if you ask me.

3. Grogar invading Tambelon- I see that after firmhoof was banned from einhorn, he eventually went to midnight mountain and beg Tirek to work on his side. I probably think he either uses the darkness or his magic to transform Grogar and became his new second-in-command.  He ordered grogar and part of his army to tambelon. I do want to ask, how did they get to tambelon? Did grogar use his own magic or did Tirek created A portal for Grogar?

4. The Battle- I personally love the battle, and it was cool it was based off of Lord of the rings (I'm not much of a fan but heck it's a good addition) Also I did like how Tirek uses his cane to push back the forces of Light. But courageous didn't give up. :3 the forces of the light tried to fought of the army of darkness as much as possible. But Tirek refused to lose so he covered the whole area of darkness and made a vortex to trap courageous heart. I find this really disappointing but It makes sense how courageous was alive since he doesn't have immortality. I think the others that were covered with the darkness were frozen like Tirek can manipulate time.

Anyway, this is Really Awesome courageous. 4.5 out of 5/ 9.5 out of 10. :hug:
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much! I am happy you enjoyed this backstory :D
Digigex90 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer

But there still those questions you haven't answered.

1. why is Tirek's father name Nirek?

2. How does Grogar and part of Tirek's army get to tambelon?
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
1. Sound alike.

2. They took boats.
Digigex90 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I almost forgot, I liked how you made your tirek have a backstory like that of g4's. G1 Tirek never managed to have a backstory.
Courageous-of-Light Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Digigex90 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
you welcome.
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