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December 8, 2013


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Part 3 of 4

(All art belongs to the respected artist...even those that were commissioned for me :D )

After a week passes since the world was saved from Tirek and the Darkness, everypony and creatures resumed their lives, but as friends. There was no more distrust or dislike between the six species...since true harmony was founded at the end of the great battle.

While other lesser evils were still out there, plus the other species that had yet to forn alliances with Equestria, all that would be handled in the strength and friendship of six special little ponies...and one young stallion.

Courageous Heart was given a small hut to live in on the outskirts of Ponyville. Although small in comparison to other houses, he wanted to feel at home...despite it being way passed his time period. He still had a lot to learn about this world of this time...but his marefriend Twilight Sparkle was willing to help him the entire way.

He was offered many rewards after saving Equestria: A mansion in Canterlot, a position in the Wonderbolts, and far more. but, he turned them all down...for he needed only his friends and the mare he loves.

As for the others, their lives would continue on...with the new friends they have made, plus the new adventures and friendship lessons to learn along the way.


Many adventures and more came with the passing year:

Courageous eventually told everypony of his past on how he came to be the Champion. He showed them all through the Light, which granted eveypony all over Equestria a direct vision of what happened. They were all really happy to have seen and learned what he went through that made him the pony he is today.

Later on, Courageous and Twilight were going to have their first date together. While neither of them had much experience with dating, in the end it turned out to be the most romantic and most perfect night for them both...with a little help from their friends.

They even shared their first kiss.

Twilight's heart (commission) by The0ne-u-lost

There then came the say when Twilight and Courageous traveled to Las Pegasus to visit her Aunt and Uncle. While the trip was fun, the experience was not so great for the coltfriend. While they knew of his heroism, they saw Courageous as a peasant unworthy and unfit for their niece.

However, Twilight scolded them and helped convince her aunt and uncle to accept Courageous for who he is. They saw the error of their ways and made amends. Courageous was then seen more than a hero, but a stallion that they knew would take good care of Twilight.


There then came when Rainbow Dash was offered a chance to help the Wondercolts perform in a great upcoming event. She was so excited to help take part in this. Even Soarin, whom Rainbow had a crush on, was thrilled she was up for it. However, things turned out to be too much for the young mare to handle and planned on quitting.

But, thanks to the help of the Light Spirit Firefly, her ancestor, Rainbow Dash found the strength to push on and help the Wonderbolts succeed in the Skyriders Event. She was then offered a chance to move up from trainee to full Wonderbolt status, but she turned it down in order to train herself more...and prove herself truly ready before rising to that place that she dreams of.


After a month or two, Courageous Heart began to miss his family, whom were all Light Spirits roaming the skies all over the world, and was feeling really down. 

Twilight and her friends helped cheer him up a little, then he asks the Light to help him. It guided him back to where the ancient village of Einhorn once stood...far off in the world. There, he discovered a buried amulet that his sister Charisma left there for him to find someday; She always felt that her brother would return.

Thanks to the amulet's special link, Courageous was able to find the descendants of his sister: A family of dancers that came from a far away kingdom called Shamrock. After introducing himself and exchanging conversations, the Step Family adopted Courageous into their family.

He now had a family of his own: Tap Step, his father. Grace Step, his mother. And little Shammy Step, his sister. This was truly a happy day for the young stallion.

Commission: Family Photo by Shrineheart

Eventually, Twilight was given the opportunity to foalsit little Shammy. However, her dream to follow in Cadance's hoofsteps did not go as she had first. Shammy loved her big brother very much, and felt Twilight was always taking him from her. She hated Twilight for it...and wouldn't accept her.

But, after a nice chat and understanding each other, Twilight and Shammy became friends. She came to admire her brother's marefriend, and hoped she could foalsit her again sometime.

Twilight and Shammy: Sunshine! Sunshine! by MKSfan14


Dance of the…

After so much had occurred, the Step Family held a family reunion in Ponyville for all their family members from Shamrock. While they had a fun time, their celebration was interrupted when Tap's sworn enemy and rival, Sky Marshall Don Porsha, arrived to further humiliate his family.

Unable to accept this, a challenge was set up in Canterlot, to determine who was the best dancer

Don Porsha (OC Commission) by TheShadowStone

Don Porsha was a cruel stallion who spoke more with his hooves than his mouth. His dancing did the talking, and he saw himself and his unit as far more superior than any other. His mask contained powerful dark magical abilities, and he had plans for after the competition.

The performance of Tap Step and his family won the hearts of many, but Don Porsha launched an attack and trapped everypony in the audience in a dark shield, which included the Royal Family. He then claimed Equestria as his and its new king.

however, Tap challenged Don Porsha to a dance off...and won. He broke the mask, setting everypony free, and won back the title of "Stallion of the Step" that the now-arrested Sky Marshall stole from him years ago.

Equestria was saved and the entire Step Family was honored for their heroism.

The Challenge:…  



Some time later, Courageous had a nightmare one night...which was strange since he usually never has any. This proved something involving the Darkness was transpiring. With the help of Twilight and the others, she entered his dreams with him and faced the dark power within.

He faced his fear of believing he failed his father Stoutheart all those years ago, and pushed back the Darkness that tried to bring him down. Whoever was behind it...was a dark being almost as powerful as his defeated sworn enemy, Tirek.

Some time later on, Princess Celestia and many of the representatives of the the other races were holding a meeting at Canterlot to hopefully bring the Griffons into their alliance completely. The griffons were moved by their friendship and kind words, and planned to offer the Princess a powerful amulet that they kept as one of their most valued treasures.

Twilight Sparkle and her friends felt that something was off with all this, and tried to investigate. But when they interrupted the meeting, it only forced Princess Celestia to denounce Twilight as her student and lock her and the others in the dungeon.

That was probably one of the most heartbreaking moments in Twilight's life.

Courageous Heart, who was elsewhere at the time, sensed a dark plan in motion and helped Twilight and the others escape. They then discovered that the Princess Celestia above was an imposter, while the real one was imprisoned secretly.

When they confronted the fake, it was revealed to be Queen Chrysalis...who planned to take the amulet, control the Champion, and get her revenge. 

queen Chrysalis Vs Courageous Heart by xxXBloodroseXx

However, her plans failed when her magic...even with the amulet to boost it...had no effect on Courageous Heart; He was immune from any form of manipulation...thanks to the Light and his strong will. The Queen summoned her Changeling army, who were all hidden in the city, and attacked.

Everypony and creature fought and held back the dark beings, while the Mane Six and Courageous planned to end the Changeling threat once and for all. But...nopony expected it when Courageous called Chrysalis by her true name: Chrystala.

The queen was formerly the young Changeling Princess that Courageous befriended long ago...and wanted to free her from the corruption that Tirek placed upon them. With that, the Rainbow of Light was summoned and the Changelings were restored to their original selves.

With a great victory won, plus the Griffons and Changelings welcomed fully, Courageous Heart was honored for his bravery and his wisdom. He was then made the Ambassador of Equestria, and would help continue keeping the peace between Equestria and the rest of the world.

Ambassador Courageous Heart by Amiookamiwolf


Since that day, Courageous was mostly off on Royal business in other Kingdoms and others. Twilight still kept in touch and was happy that he was never gone long. But in the meantime, the other ponies had adventures of their own:

The Mane Six and the rest of Ponyville once signed up for a major talent competition for the chance to perform in Canterlot. Twilight and Courageous came in second place, while Spike won first. They were all proud of him and themselves.

The Mane Six, Shammy, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders all eventually got together and spent an entire day at the beach. They had so much fun, and even helped thwart a rotten prank by Gilda the Griffon. Shammy became friends with Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle...and was welcomed as a member of the CMC.

When the Grand Galloping Gala arrived once more, Spike went through great lengths to develop a potion to make him a bit older so he could ask Rarity to the Gala as his date. The potion was a success, as well as the date, but in the end...Spike soon realized it was better to be himself and not something he is not. 

He returned to being a baby dragon, one that Rarity loved so very much. That night was truly the happiest both had ever been.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders continued to search for their cutie marks, but always ended up failing. Soon, Scootaloo discovered that she needed glasses, since her eyesight was going a bit. At first, she didnt want to wear them...but was convinced by her sister, Rainbow Dash, afterwards.

She dawned a pair of goggle glasses, and they made her very cool.

Pinkie Pie and Discord spread harmless pranks around on Springtime Pranks Day, but when one went awry on Princess Celestia, the former Master of Chaos helped earn his forgiveness...with the help of his best friend, Fluttershy.

Twilight Sparkle was later given a substitute teaching position for a day at the very school that she attended in her filly days. She was given a class with the least magic potential...but with a little magic and courage, she helped her students learn much and achieve the respect they have long earned.

Princess Celestia saw this as a great achievement for her student, and believed she would soon be ready for her final test.

Later days came to when the Cutie Mark Crusaders tried to earn their cutie marks in bravery, but it only got them into trouble. However, they learned from their mistakes and continued to find their very special talent.

There then came a day when Twilight and Rarity invited Cheerilee to the spa to help cheer her up after she had a slight disagreement with her coltfriend, Big Macintosh...Applejack's brother. But they eventually made up and returned to loving each other with all their heart.


The Mane Six had many adventures, but nothing prepared them for the biggest ones to come:

A year had passed since they all triumphed over the Darkness, and planned to celebrate this holiday with fireworks and partying.

Courageous spent the day traveling around Equestria quickly, thanks to the Light, to gather what he needed for something he had planned that night.

Meanwhile, Twilight and Celestia were spending time together reading, when the latter reveals that Twilight's final test is coming soon, and she will become a Princess once she passes. The little unicorn is shocked and surprised...and wonders what her final test would be. Celestia only says that it is something Twilight will need to discover...from within her own heart.

Later that night, Courageous and Twilight sat together to watch the fireworks. As the finale came up, Courageous turned to Twilight...and popped the question: "Will you marry me?"

Twilight was so happy and accepted. Word quickly spread all over Equestria, via the fireworks, that the two heroes of Equestria were soon to marry.

Courageous proposes to Twilight by DJcandie106


The Day of the Wedding arrived three months later. Every pony and creature all over Equestria and beyond were invited to witness this event, taking place on the outskirts of Ponyville.

Everypony was happy...including the Bride and Groom. Soon, after so many tears and preparations...the wedding began and the two were soon to be married in only a few moments.

Commission: The Wedding of Magic and Light by Shrineheart

However, the wedding was interrupted when an army of evil goats, led by their leader Grogar, crashed the wedding and kidnapped Twilight. The wedding was ruined, and Courageous vowed to save his beloved unicorn. 

With the help of many friends, they all traveled by the Light to the dark island of Tambelon. 

The island itself remained hidden over the course of 4,000 years. Even the evil residents were in a state of sleep...until the Master of Darkness returned a year ago. But now, Grogar was left to run things himself after the fall of Tirek. He planned to succeed where Tirek could not: by removing the Champion.

When Courageous Heart and the others arrived, Grogar forced him to surrender...or Twilight would be turned into a statue of dark everlasting stone; This was a dark spell that not even the Light could restore. Not wanting to lost his beloved, the Champion surrendered.

Courageous Heart was about to be turned to stone in Twilight's place, but she pleaded to the Light to save him...even going as far as giving up her magic and many other prized possessions she had if it would save him. The others did the same...and the Light answered their prayers.

The Light granted Twilight its power...and turned her into an alicorn. She had passed her test and became the Princess of Magic and Light. She then freed Courageous and her friends...and the final battle with Grogar and his goat army began.

After a long battle, Grogar was weakened when the ancient bell of Tambelon rang, which held great power. With the help of the spirit of Firmhoof, who saw the error of his ways long ago, Grogar was turned to stone and vanquished by the Rainbow of Light.

The effect of the Rainbow restored Tambelon to its former beautiful glory...and restored all who were ever turned to stone by Tirek and Grogar.

The battle was won, and the ancient island of Harmony was in the hooves of the Light's chosen once more.


The Wedding took place once again, but this time on Tambelon...and was a success. Twilight and Courageous were married and rose up to Prince and Princess of Tambelon Island.

This was truly a miraculous day for them, plus all their friends and families.

They would have much training to do in order to be ready to rule an entire kingdom, but they would do it together...with their friends, and the Magic of Friendship, to guide them every step of the way.


Two hearts, one soul by CigarsCigarettes

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