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December 11, 2013


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Part 4 of 4

(All artwork, I think you guys got the point from the last parts)

(Oh, and for those of you who read Equestria Girls: Spirit of the first is not officially part of my stories. It was something to keep you guys entertained while I planned my next fanfic, that is why it will not be mentioned here :D (Big Grin) )

After the wedding ended, the newly weds enjoyed a wonderful, romantic honeymoon far out in the the most beautiful and secluded place along the shores of a white, sandy beach.

They had such a lovely time: Enjoying the fresh food, walking on the beach, and even gazing up at the stars each night from their soft, warm bed.

And more...

A Surprise Attack by Silverfox057

After the honeymoon came to an end, Princess Twilight Sparkle and Prince Courageous Heart returned home. Upon their return, they were welcomed back by all their friends and family...who missed them so much, even though they were gone for just a week. They felt happy to be back in Equestria...although the newly weds would soon have to begin their training on being rulers of an entire Kingdom.

While Twilight was the most nervous, since this was a big step and change for her, but her husband Courageous promised to be by her side the entire time. This made her feel so much better.

For the next year, Princess Celestia planned to stay with Twilight and Courageous in Tambelon and help train them with ruling this majestic kingdom so that they would be ready to govern it by themselves. Princess Luna would be left in charge of Equestria in the meantime.


As the training continued on over the next year, many things occurred with some of Twilight's best friends and others. While they did miss her and Courageous, they promised to see each other as often as possible...

Rainbow Dash continued to train hard at the Wonderbolt Academy and do her very best to prove herself to the other Wonderbolts. Eventually, Commander Soarin worked up the courage, with the help of his best friend Spitfire, to ask Rainbow Dash out on a date. The tomboyish pegasus was surprised that the stallion she had a crush on would ask her out like this. Without a second thought, Rainbow accepted.

After the first date, the two would see each other often and go out on occasions. Soarin even gave Rainbow some private lessons...which was just an excuse to spend some alone time with her, which she didnt mind at all. The two ponies were falling in love, and were very happy.

Months later, Soarin finally took a big risk...and proposed to Rainbow Dash some time before her final test to become a Wonderbolt would arrive. The mare was in complete shock and it made her heart beat so quickly. Rainbow Dash answered with a big "OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH...YES!!!"

With that, a month later the two were married...and some time later, Rainbow Dash graduated the Academy as a full Wonderbolt. All their friends and family were there for both events, supporting their friend who has been loyal to the end as they were to her.


Sweet Apple Acres continued to flourish with hundreds of such sweet red fruit; Plenty of apples were harvested and lots of apple cider was made for the entire town. The Apple Family were very proud for this booming year of business.

Applejack continued to work on the farm, but she missed Twilight very much. But, her mind was taken off the thoughts of missing her best friend by bucking apple trees, hanging out with her other friends, and making plenty of money for the family.

Applebloom would spend time with her friends to find their cutie marks.

Granny Smith would continue to help out, despite her age and bad back.

Big Macintosh however, would spend his free time with his marefriend, Cheerilee. They would go on many dates as possible: Picnics, movies, and even a nice restaurant now and then. 

Eventually, after a few months of saving and planning, Big Mac purchased a ring...and proposed to Cheerilee. She accepted without a doubt in her heart, and they were wedded the next month. Many members of the Apple Family and young ponies from Cheerilee's school all attended.

It was the happiest moment for them both, as well as for the Apples for welcoming a new member to their great Family.


Rarity continued to create such lovely fashion designer clothing whenever she could. She had plenty of help from her new number one assistant: Spike. Since Twilight was busy training in Tambelon, this was his chance to spend more time with the most beautiful pony in the world.

While the two enjoyed their time working together, Spike would never expect the unexpected to happen to him: The potion he once drank to make him older, was having some side effects on him. It caused him to age a bit faster in the next few days. This shocked and worried most.

Fearing that he may age too quickly into a fully grown adult dragon, Spike sought help from Zecora. Luckily, the zebra herbalist knew of a potion that would counter the aging process. However, the preparations would take a few weeks, and Spike would continue to age slowly during that time. In the end, he had nothing to fear...mostly.

With the aid of some ingredients that Princess Luna collected, Zecora was able to mix them all in and give Spike what he needed to stop aging. 

Spike drank it all down, and the aging process stopped. But...he was now an older dragon; Pretty much as old as Rarity and Twilight. He was as tall as them, had wings, and could walk on all fours. He was older now, but much more handsome and just the right both his eyes and in Rarity's.

It took a little while to get use to, but Spike felt happy being like this. The others, including Twilight, were surprised, but accepted what Spike wanted. Rarity happily accepted too.

After that, Spike and Rarity spent more time together...and soon it led to the young adult dragon asking the beautiful mare out on a date. She accepted and their first date was as perfect as they both hoped it would be...thanks to a little help from Twilight and her friends. (Much similar to "Twilight's First Date.")

After a few months of dating, the dragon finally asked for Rarity's hoof in marriage. He even had a ring, made by the dragons themselves, for the occasion. Rarity accepted and they would plan their most perfect wedding.

A month later, the two were married and they would soon begin their new lives together, making unique outfits for all of Ponyville and beyond.


Others found romances of their own in other places:

Subira, Zecora's twin sister, had been spending much of her time with Chief Thunderhooves. The two had been in love since they helped save Equestria from the Darkness ("Light of Equestria"). Eventually, the two were married and planned to raise a family together

Elsewhere, the reformed Queen Chrysalis, now called by her true name Chrystala, helped unite the Changelings all over the world. Her clan was not the only one. She eventually fell in love with a Changeling king from a rival clan, and together they married and brought the two together...strengthening their kind with love. 


The rest of Equestria continued on with their lives, as did the rest of the world. 

After a years time, Princess Twilight and Prince Courageous had officially finished their training...and were ready with the responsibilities of ruling an entire Kingdom. Princess Celestia knew this was one place her authority would have no say; Twilight and Courageous were the ones that restored Tambelon to its former glory, so it was in them that the ponies and others would look to for leadership.

The two were a little nervous, but they knew they would have the backing of their friends and families to see them through at the start...and would be around for when they could run this Island without any worries.

Now that the Island of Tambelon (means "Harmony" in an old forgotten language) had official rulers to govern it, it became time for creatures from far and wide to move to this paradise out in the middle of the vast ocean. 

There would be much to do: towns to be colonized, crops to be grown, homes to be settled. It would take some time to rebuild some areas and improve this new continent, but it would all be worth it.

This new Kingdom would soon become the center where different species from all over the world could live and thrive together in peace...and harmony.


(Click map to see more details of the towns and such :D (Big Grin) )

Map of the Island Kingdom of Harmony by Courageous-of-Light

Over the course of ten years, the Kingdom Island of Harmony expanded and became one of the most beautiful paradises in all of the world. It was even considered greater than that of Equestria...since it was more of a home for all species, not just ponies.

This island became so much since, and over time many miraculous well as some malevolent ones...occurred over the course of the ten years since the island was restored:


Shortly after the first year passed when Princess Twilight and her husband Prince Courageous completed their training, the beautiful alicorn...became pregnant...with Courageous's foal.

All their friends and family came to the hospital on Tambelon to witness this miraculous moment, as Twilight gave birth to a beautiful baby filly. They were both so proud and happy this day to become parents of this precious little foal. They placed a little locket around their daughter's neck, with a picture of this blessed day.

They named her...Starlight.

A New Generation is Born by CurlyMane

The bells of Tambelon rang as word of the birth of little Starlight spread all over the Kingdom. This was a day that no pony, dragon, buffalo, zebra, Changeling, or other would ever forget.


While Twilight Sparkle and Courageous Heart did have a new home and kingdom to rule, they missed their friends and family greatly. Even back home in Equestria, the two ponies were missed just as much; To everypony there, both Courageous and Twilight made a great impact on all their lives...even the ones far off in the world. Knowing that they were so far away made it harder for any of them to bear.

While many wished to move to Tambelon so that they could not only be close to both Twilight and Courageous, but could make the most of this new paradise. Equestria was still their home...but it did not feel like that when so much as one piece of it was missing. Or two in this case.

With the feeling to great to passed or ignore, the decision was made: Since Tambelon was in need of new residences, it was a good a time as any for most to move to the Island. Many would pack their things and move to their new home to help build a grand empire where all can coexist together.

Everypony would miss Equestria and always think of her...but the Magic of Friendship would not keep them apart any longer. It was time for friends and family to reunite with the two ponies that they love so much.


Applejack and her family have lived on Sweet Apple Acres in Ponyville for years, and it was their home. But...when Twilight sent news about northern Tambelon having rich soil and plenty more qualities that would make it ideal for starting a farming community, the Apples jumped at the opportunity.

Leaving Sweet Apple Acres in the hooves of their local relatives, Big Macintosh, his wife Cheerilee, his sisters Applejack and Applebloom, and Granny Smith moved on over to Tambelon. They were given a warm welcome by Twilight...who presented them the land they could settle on.

While it was vast with plenty of resources to build a new farming community, it would take a lot of work for more than just the family there. Luckily for them, more help came in no time. Soon, there were plenty of ponies and more ready to help build their new homes and start growing a rich crop of apple trees.

They immediately got to work.

Within less than a year, plenty of apple trees were planted and grown; Housings and barns were installed and built up high; Cows, chickens, and sheep were brought in to provide milk, eggs, and wool. Soon, the farming community was finished and livable.

But the completion of the town was not the only thing that occurred: Cheerilee Apple gave birth to Big Mac's foal: a beautiful baby filly...whom they named Candy Apple. A new life born along with a new home. This was another miracle to be found on Tambelon.

Big Macintosh was later appointed as the Head Farmer by the other farmers, including his own family. Because that he was the pony that helped lead them through the construction, showed great strength as a farmer, plus his foal that was born during the creation of their new home, he was the ideal candidate for the job.

Big Mac accepted with a big "Eeeyup!" and soon the town, which they named Applelulu, was ready to thrive and prosper for many years to come.

The Next Generation of Apples by AJfive


After graduating the Wonderbolt Academy and marring the dashing stallion of her dreams, Rainbow Dash wanted nothing more than to see Twilight again. But soon, a much greater opportunity had arrived that would bring the fastest flyer in the world to Tambelon Island.

Soarin, Rainbow's commander and husband, brought news of a new location for the Wonderbolts: Cumulai, the sky city that looms over the Island, is in need of a training academy...and Captain Spitfire has promoted both Rainbow and Soarin to the rank of captain, and to take charge there.

Jumping at this great honor given, the two new captains moved to Cumulai.

It was still under construction by the other pegasai, griffons, dragons, and pretty much any other creatures that could fly. But they already had a nice home to live in, which was nearby the soon-to-be finished Wonderbolt Academy. So, in the meantime, the two ponies would spend their days flying, racing, and talking about starting a family.

in less than a year, Rainbow Dash gave birth to a little blue colt. He was the most precious thing to both Soarin and Rainbow, and it made them both cry happily for now moving into the role of parenthood.

They named their son Gust; Their "Little Wing". This proud and loyal family of Wonderbolts were going to live a happy and strong life here in the clouds above the Paradise of Tambelon.

A Loyal Family of Wonderbolts by AJfive


Fluttershy saw the chance to make a home for herself on the Island...though it would be sad to leave most of her animal friends in Equestria. But they understood, and knew that there were animals there that needed her love and care more than the ones here. She packed her things and traveled to Tambelon.

She then founded a wonderful cottage to live in on Six Element Resort, which was a smaller island right next to the big one. There was plenty there, including many woodland creatures that she became friends with after spending time with them.

Fluttershy found much happiness there, and would always visit her friends whenever she could.


The Cakes have always been known as the best bakers in all of Ponyville. They saw a chance to expand their setting up a shop in Tambelon City. 

However, they could not leave their home to run it, so they gave the store to a very special friend of theirs whom they knew would be the best choice (Plus she wouldnt stop begging and pleading for the job Giggle so they finally gave in): Pinkie Pie.

The fun loving pink pony moved on over to Tambelon Island and got started at her new job: Baking and selling sweets to all her customers. She even planned to bring her sisters, Inkie and Blinkie, into the business. She believed this would be a good opportunity  for the three to spend time a family.

Pinkie Pie and her sisters soon named their shop Sugarcane Lane, where they would bake and sell all the treats they could to anypony that wished to partake in their delicious sweets and cakes.

(I named it after a street that I happen to live nearby to. I think it fits perfectly :squee: )


As for Rarity and Spike, Twilight had given them a very generous gift: an open shop in Tambelon city where they could sell their wonderful designs for many ponies to buy. This was a chance for the two married couple to make it the big city. They packed up and moved to the Island.

Upon settling in their new home, Rarity and Spike got set up with trade with the Dragons of Tambelon. Since they had plenty of gems that were up for trade, they got the best bargains and would now have jewels coming in often to help make the new outfits that the beautiful mare planned to create.

Within the next year, their sales hit pretty big...and the two became rich. Rarity even conceived something more precious than all the gems and money in the world combined: a beautiful baby filly.

Rarity and Spike were so happy to have a daughter of their own to love and raise. She was a pony like any other, but with some dragon traits, like eye color, teeth, and they could have sworn she burped up a little fire once (Shrug). They named her Delicacy...and knew their lives were going to be special and wonderful from then on.

A Generous Family of Designers by Strawberry-Pannycake


The southern area of Tambelon was unsettled, and this was a good time for some other species to make their homes there.

The buffalo and zebras came together and made a nice, little settlement for themselves and other that wished to follow old traditions and not rely on modern day items.

They named their home and group...the Southcape Tribe. Here, new traditions as well as old would grow and forge a new history for these mighty creatures.

Thunderhooves and his wife Subira took up the roles as Chief and Shaman of the tribe, and would lead their kind into a bright future on this Island that their great ancestors once shared with other species over 4,000 years ago.

Eventually, the two became parents of a wonderful bundle of joy they named Shani. Their little zebra filly would be loved by her parents, and follow in their hoofsteps win the days to come.

Commission: The Joyous Southcape Tribe by fleurescience


As for other areas of Tambelon Island, the Dragons and Changelings founded the mountains to the south quite acceptable to make their homes in.

The two would coexist together, as they would with any other creatures of the island. They would share food, friendship, and more.

Queen Chrystala quickly turned into the leader of that area, and the dragons didnt mind at all. She ruled well, and later gave birth to a foal of her own...which she named Tyke. She loved him dearly and would care for him like she would her own kind. She became both a good queen and a good mother.

A Reformed Queen and her little Tyke by AJfive


As more ponies and others moved onto the island, both familiar and new, the Kingdom Island of Harmony became a true in friendship, love, and peace.

The Step Family was offered a home and dancing academy on Tambelon by Courageous. They took up his offer, plus they wished to be near him as well, Tap and his wife Grace moved to the Island. Shammy moved there too...since her best friends were moving there as well.

Soon, Shammy and her best friends: Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, would continue their crusading and discover their special talents here in their new home.

They even began bringing more fillies and colts into their club. In no time, they had a huge club...which would soon become noticed by those that had ideas to expand it into something greater.


Some of the upper class ponies moved to the Island when they saw the opportunities to further their businesses and strike it rich.

One family in particular moved there, and quickly became one of the top rich families on the Island: The Rich Family.

Filthy Rich, along with his wife and his daughter, Diamond Tiara, acquired a lovely mansion and would continue to make a name for themselves. But soon, Diamond Tiara became surprised one day when her parents announced she was getting a sibling.

Filthy's beautiful wife, Emerald Brooch, gave birth to a beautiful baby filly they named Crown Jewel. She was a unicorn like her mother...and she would be raised well and given everything her parents could to make her future as perfect as they would for their first daughter.

These two sisters were going to become a hoof full in the days to come.

Sisters of the Same style by Strawberry-Pannycake


The Mane Six would meet often as they could, usually at the Tambelon Spa...which was much bigger than the ones they had back home in Ponyville and the Crystal Empire. Princess Twilight even gave her best friends a wonderful gift: Unlimited access to the spa without ever having to pay.

This made all the girls so happy, especially Rarity...who was bouncing with as much joy as Pinkie Pie. To thank Twilight for this incredible gift, Rarity gave the princess a Royal Makeover. She would put her absolute best into this.

After finishing, Twilight looked far more beautiful than any pony could ever imagine: Her mane, her makeup, and her eyes were so perfect, that the girls saw Twilight as the most beautiful and fairest pony in all of Tambelon.

This new look even made her husband, Courageous Heart, go wide eyed and his jaw dropped. He had never seen his wife look even more beautiful than she already was.

Twilight felt very happy and thankful to Rarity...and to the rest of the girls for moving to her kingdom. Even though they were no longer in Equestria, this place was their home now, and their Friendship would continue on...especially in that of their foals.


The future of Tambelon, as well as this time of peace, was looking bright for all. However, a dark cloud fell over the Kingdom...and it brought with it a figure that would change the future for a certain family within a great, golden castle in the heart of the island.

The Prince and Princess were allowing those that wish to perform their talents for recognition an audience. After a few well talented performers came and went, a mare in a black cape came forth.

She said her name was Grenadier Apple. She was a member of the Apple Family...well, more of a black sheep since she was a unicorn. She had many magical powers that she wished to show to the Royal Family. So, she was allowed to begin.

However, after performing some tricks and spells, the Prince and Princess noticed a dark presence within the magic used. They quickly saw it as...Dark Magic.

Insulted that such evil power is used in front of the Royal Family of Light, Courageous ordered Grenadier to cease at once. He called her a witch for the dishonor she had brought into his home. He demanded that she relinquish her powers at once.

Grenadier quickly became angry. She was already shunned by the entire Apple Family because she was a unicorn and not a proud Earth Pony like the rest of them. She summoned her magic and tried to attack the Prince. However, because her magic was not as strong as the Light, Courageous was able to deflect it and knock the witch back.

Baby Starlight got scared from this and started to cry. Twilight held her frightened, crying foal in her arms and tried her very best to calm her little foal. But she was crying so loud and it made the mother so sad.

Grenadier rose back onto her hooves, but found herself getting surrounded by the Tambelon Royal Guard and the Prince. She was going to be imprisoned or banished for committing such treason.

However, as she listened to the foal crying, Grenadier swore this "You will all pay for this! I will have my revenge on all of you...starting...with your precious, little daughter!!"

Refusing to allow this witch anywhere near his foal, Courageous charged...but Grenadier teleported away.

Begone from My Kingdom, Witch! (Comm.) by Shiverix

The guards were sent out to search for the witch, but she was no where to be found within the city of Tambelon. She had vanished without a trace.

With Grenadier on the lose, and fearing the threat she made against them, Courageous and Twilight sadly agreed to keep Starlight inside the palace at all times. She would not be allowed to leave...under any circumstances. She was still young, and she would grow up under her parent's watch...until the evil witch could be found and brought to justice.

Any plans Twilight had with her friends and their own foals, would have to end before they would begin. She feared for her daughter's Starlight would be kept under close care and protection at all times. It hurt her to do this, but it had to be done. By order of the Princess of Tambelon, it was decided.


As the next 7 to 8 years passed, Tambelon became a wonderful place for all.

The Mane Six continued with their new lives, and met up often; Courageous's family would visit often, and the now teenage Shammy would foalsit her niece whenever she could.

The Elements of Harmony were kept safe within the Palace, placed inside a secure vault. Since they were in a time of peace, the Elements would rest inside until they were needed again.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders club had been transformed into a scouting unit called the CMC Scouting Unit. This spread all over the world and became something that would be a fun group for young fillies and colts to hang out, make friends, and take part in activities that may earn them their cutie marks.

It was all thanks to the three founding members, and those that followed after. While they may have grown up and earned their cutie marks, those that join the CMC would do their best to be like them...and discover their special talents.

Most of the foals born on the Island began attending Tambelon Elementary within the city. Years ago, they all talked about allowing them to go to the same school and become friends.

Twilight liked that idea back then, but after the events from the evil witch...she pulled back and chose to homeschool her daughter, in order to protect her.


Little princess Starlight grew up in the palace, raised by her loving...if not a bit overprotective...parents. She loved them dearly, and obeyed them always.

Starlight would receive tutoring from private homeschooling lessons from teachers her parents would hire to further her education. Her mother would teach her a few things as well, since she is a teacher and was tutored by the best in the world during her younger days.

Although Starlight enjoyed her life in the palace with her parents and all the royal treatment she could get, she would soon feel that something is missing in her life; Something that she longs for in her own heart. Whatever that feeling is, it is the same that her parents once felt so long ago that made their lives all the more grander.

That feeling Starlight has, is what she now seeks to make her life that more exciting and special:


The End


Story by: Courageous-of-Light

Artwork by: All the artists of the art used


Stay tuned for the next fanfic series:

My Little Pony: The Future is Magic

Commission: My Little Pony: The Future is Magic by Shrineheart

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although when i did read the finale to volume 1 I was disappointed with Courageous giving up the light and the Mane 6 giving up their elements of harmony. But I know they had a reason to do that.

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Yep :blush:

I was inspired by a lot :D
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